39 thoughts on “Caption Time #169

  1. It doesn’t matter how big the tie is. You can still tell he is working with plantains in his banana hamock.

  2. I am Super Happy Sexy Time Man! We will for sure do the makings of the fun time in the bed! There will be the multiple discharge! Oh! and Yes! THere will be too much of the sexy-ness.

  3. If you check out his knees, you might see the reason for his —- eating grin.

    As for the sheep link: Hi-i-i-i, my na-a-a-a-me is Ba-a-a-a-rba-a-a-a-ra, a-a-a-a-re you my da-a-a-a-a-dy?

  4. Sheep that is 15% human …. what is so special about that? There’s lots of people with 85% sheep in them.

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    Absolutely. In the UK, 85% of sheep have a little Scotsmen in them. 😈

  6. is that a mink pudding in your nut-huggies or are you just grad to see me?

    ps. hey mikeb, let’s not be prejudiced here. some of those 85% could have well endowed scotsmen in them!

  7. A young Roy Orbison discovers that more pretty women prefer him with dark glasses.

    15% human ain’t much. My boss is nearly 20% human.

  8. It’s like the perfect superhero pose minus the costume… i supose you could call a scarf and dodgy pants a costume but he’s wearing glasses see! … so it’s not πŸ˜›

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    My thoughts exactly. That seems to be the best and most referred to post ever.

    In regards to the picture, this guy probably won’t be joining the justice league any time soon, huh?

  10. I know exactly what this is. He is a French Canadian tourist in the Florida Keys. Having grown up in the Keys, I saw a lot of those guys. The only thing missing are the tube socks under his flip-flops.

  11. Don’t you have a thong scarf to go with my thong and thong sandle ensemble?

    Celebrity Public Intoxication: Scooby Doo’s Velma Exposed.

  12. Maybe he’s waiting for the Mothership to beam him back up. What the heck is that in his hand? A meat thermometer? If so, put him back in ’cause he’s half-baked! Wonder why he looks so pleased with himself? Just cut a really big, satisfying (I beg your pardon in advance) fart?

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    Looking for Emma Watson?

    You can see a lot of this in Chattanooga, TN on any
    Saturday in spring. :limp: :dead: :wtf:

  14. This is a shot of Hiro from “Heroes” in a “before they were famous superheroes” TV show clip.

  15. Yet another poor Asian knock-off of Tarzan the ape-man… His cry of ‘Arrrrri Arrrrri Arrrrrrr!’ just didn’t cut it… 😈

  16. Ya know, that fence looks familiar… I think I’ve seen it in…pretty sure it’s in Cleveland…so this could be…can it be?…[OopsI just did a little vomit in my mouth.] :puke: Gotta go.

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    What … like a pic of you? Chill. Everyone was kind of having fun with it.

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