Might want to rethink that name…

Might want to rethink that name

Someone sent me this, but I cannot recall who. Please remind me.

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  1. sledge

    I’ll trade 1 boy for 2 girls

  2. Chris S


    I KNEW cosmetic surgery was getting out of hand.

    I guess this is what you get when there are regulations on genetic engineering.


    Wow think of the problems this will solve, have 4 girls always wanted a boy?

    Looking at how tight the bracelet is I wonder if the hand will come with it…

  4. Bjorn Freeh

    You can’t change your Ex, even if she’s just a kid.

  5. harley

    [Comment ID #194186 will be quoted here]

    I could not agree more. :wtf:

  6. Tater Salad

    for What?
    Does it have something to do with
    the Greeks????

  7. Iris

    That ebay ad is the most hilarious thing ever. Disgusting, but hilarious. πŸ˜†

  8. Iris

    That ebay ad is the most hilarious thing ever. Disgusting, but hilarious. πŸ˜†

  9. Iris

    That ebay ad is the most hilarious thing ever. Disgusting, but hilarious. πŸ˜†

  10. Iris

    That ebay ad is the most hilarious thing ever. Disgusting, but hilarious. πŸ˜†

  11. [Comment ID #194192 will be quoted here]

    No, the Greeks like them just as they are… ❓

  12. Rufus G. Garvin

    [Comment ID #194197 will be quoted here]

    Now, kiddies, play nice or Uncle will have to spank you. Or exchange you all for chipmunks. πŸ˜• πŸ™„ 😳 :wtf:

  13. Natalie

    That hand is Thing’s evil cousin, and I mean nasty evil, not mildly evil in a cute Addams Family kind of way.

  14. spicydolphin

    :lol:i don’t want to exchange my kid but i sure would like to exchange the idiots πŸ™„

  15. spicydolphin

    πŸ˜› that is the idiots in my life!!!!

  16. Myra

    Can I exchange mine? He’s 22, tall dark and handsome but drives me crazy — please? Any ladies out there like bad boys?

  17. Myra

    As for the hand model – OMG!! Who does her nails – Dracula?

  18. Spud

    If this is real, I find it quite amusing and amazing that it got that far.

    Let’s see, how many people were involved in the creation of this sign…

    1. The graphic designer
    2. The customer
    3. The shopping centre/mall who approved it
    4. The work shop that produced it
    5. The workmen who installed it

    And none of them picked up on this? :wtf:

  19. Drusky

    [Comment ID #194218 will be quoted here]
    Depending on the State/County/City that this is located in, They all could have been in on it with malice aforethought… πŸ˜†

  20. Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC

    Who took this picture? You’re going to blow my cover for my next story… πŸ‘Ώ

  21. tinamarie

    They’re going to open another shop soon:

    “Wife Swapmart”

  22. Lake Effect

    re the Link o’ the Day…

    How does she pick her nose?
    Pull on pantyhose?
    Tie her shoes?
    Use pockets?
    Put in contacts?
    :limp: :puke: :wtf: ❓ :limp:

  23. Fai Sheng

    scarymiriam :limp: would be a more fitting name for the seller!

  24. Think of all the cool toys they sell:

    Mistresses of the Universe
    The Harriet Potter Series
    The X MaÒ€ℒams
    The Little Mermale
    Tamara the Tank Engine
    The Mario Sisters
    My Little Implant

    The list goes on and onÒ€¦

  25. Spud

    Lung lung lung, where will it all end…

    😈 :boob:

  26. AnnieB

    Well, I guess this would be popular in say … China! πŸ™„

  27. junkman

    well everyone knows you can get kids to do just about anything for a little pocket money. :wtf:

  28. Sweet T

    The sign that was an big oversight. I had to read it twice to see the mistake. πŸ™„ πŸ˜• :wtf:

    But those nails are nasty dude. They are soo long. It make me wonder how she does anything. Like house work, wait let me make it easiler for you all. How does this person shower, and does something else that Iam not going to mention but just think and you would know what I am talking about. Yuck! :puke: :wtf: 😳 :dead: :puke:

  29. Does little Sammy want to be Samantha? Patricia wants to be just Pat? Well, come on down to KIDSEXCHANGE to let their inner trannie out today! Now offering workshops for boys who want to learn how to tuck it back and for girls who want a wee wee of their own! :wtf:

  30. Just imagine the manicure that vampire hand could have if the nails continued to grow. I’m thinking black nail polish would make it look even deader. :wtf:

  31. *I’d warn all the little children to take caution when playing dress up in front of overzealous parents who want to be their kids “friends”.*

    “Look mom, I’m daddy!”
    “Not yet, honey, but you will be! Let’s go for a ride, I have a surprise for you!”
    …”It’s a simple procedure ma’am”
    “She just loves her daddy’s tie so much I wanna do what’s right for her.”
    “But mommy, I don’t wanna be a boy!” sobs
    “Shush honey, can’t you see mommy’s talking to the nice doctor man?”


  32. Mandy

    [Comment ID #194167 will be quoted here]

    so wait. is that, “have 4 girls always wanted a boy?” answer = yes.

    or “do you have 4 girls and want a boy instead?”
    answer = no. stick with the girls. much less mess.


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