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  1. Jim S

    I love how the other 9 cities in which the devices were planted haven’t reacted to the signs like Boston.

    They’ve been in Philly for a few weeks already to my understanding…no over-reactions from people here.

    Oh but wait…that’s right…in Philly we actually use our BRAINS.

    At least we know now where the intimdation factors of the Bush administration are taking root…


  2. Mikeme


  3. Look out Boston! It’s SpongeBob Squarepants! He’s on the attack! RUN FOR YOU LIVES!!!

    Idiots. 🙄

  4. If the Russians during the 60’s had said “We will make your country obese, we will make your children fat and lazy, and to top it off we will ban smoking.”, we would have gone to war. Never mind….

  5. Spud

    Oh, I don’t know, I think the location of the top sign is perfect, McDonalds on the otherhand probably not.

    On the Boston thing, a discussion about haircuts/devices is always welcome in these parts.


  6. Driver

    WOW if these two billboards together dont say good does not exist without evil I dont know what does.

    Dave I clicked on the widget button but I dont quite get it , can you give a brief explination, yes I’m fighting the ludite in me. Thanks

  7. pablo

    Skinny bitch got ma Micky Ds.

  8. swade

    :wtf: Um, I feel bad for the people of Boston that the public officials are so quick to abandon common sense and create a panic over ‘nothing’. I can understand using caution, but it seems that caution was blown to the moon with a missle launcher :dead:

    As for the billboards it seems an accurate portrayal of society’s apathy towards healthful eating ❓ Or it could be a brilliant advertising strategy to get the point across ?

  9. chinabear

    Bad spelling and grammar… Don’t take it lightly.

  10. K

    Looking at the obesity board, I’m confused about its’ claim that “food stamps can help.”

  11. Sallie

    [Comment ID #85535 will be quoted here]

    Yes Jim, people in Philadelphia DO have brains..here’s to you :java:

  12. Bigwavdave

    Somewhere in Afghanistan a terrorist in some cave is laughing his ass off at America and the folks in Boston in particular. Who’s really winning the war on terror? If you’re not sure, watch your grandma and your 6 year old taking off their shoes in the airport. Western civilization had better wake-up.

  13. starsfan

    Incredible how no one bothered to check out the one that had been up for a couple of weeks first. It makes me very happy to know my parents moved far west of those over-reacting lunatics

  14. Bigwavdave

    Oh, the billboards. Well, I like on the top, but then again I like it on the bottom as well. I can’t help it. I’m a Gemini.

  15. There’s a couple of billboards by my house, the first one says abortion is wrong (or someting like that) and the one after that says ” Exit Now”. just thought i should share.

  16. mikeB

    [Comment ID #85609 will be quoted here]

    I’m sure you’ll be quite popular in prison.

  17. [Comment ID #85547 will be quoted here]

    I’m still laughin’….

    Realizing that it may or may not be acceptable to the politically correct nazis of the world…. I chokes ma laughter back with a discreet cough…. ❗

  18. Wayne


  19. what you see is what you get


  20. bad things to think about

    this is why we have so many fat people just go back to :java: and :wang: :wang: :wang: and not eat so much it will be more kids and less :boob: :boob:

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