Imponderables #2

If you’re as young as you feel, and you feel like a kid, does that make your significant other a pedophile?

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  1. Spud

    Yes* – with a rider.

    Learning to duck would be good thing at this point.

  2. Anna

    I’ve been doing it with a pedopfile????
    i will have to report him ….. NOW!!!

  3. Anna

    Wanted: one male, young at heart …..

  4. Da Popster

    Well I suppose only if your significant other acts and/or feels like an old fuddy duddy. Otherwise, pass the whipped cream, woohoo!!! 🙂 :wang:

  5. Good lord, I can just imagine your conversation with Natalie tonight:

    N: Mooom! Dave called me a pedophile.
    D: Did not!
    N: Did too!
    D: Not!
    N: Too!
    D: Say I didn’t call you a pedophile or I’ll give you a Chinese burn.
    N: You give me a Chinese burn and I’ll give you a wedgie.
    D: You give me a wedgie and ..I’ll…I’ll….hold my breath till I turn blue.
    N: Go ahead, I’d love to see you turn blue.
    D: Yeah…well…I..just…em…aargh! No fair. I hate girls. Girls suck.
    N: Moooom! Dave said that girls suck!
    D: Did Not!……..etc. etc.

  6. sledge

    If you don’t stop that I’ll go out into the back yard and eat worms.

  7. Bigwavdave

    I guess that depends on which definition of “feel” one is using. ie: I like to feel things with my (insert body part here). Or, I feel as though I’m a kid, let’s play Doctor.

    Mandy, would you step over here…

  8. Mandy

    [Comment ID #85447 will be quoted here]

    “Doctor, do I really have to get naked to have my pulse taken?” :boob: :boob:

  9. Bjorn Freeh

    “…if you feel like a kid…”

    Isn’t a kid a baby goat? So, if you feel like a baby goat, what would your partner be?

    BTW, paper covers rock, rock breaks scissors, Bears beat Colts.

  10. Atryd

    If he is a “mature” 🙄 18 year old and she is a 70 year old with a teenage mentality 😆 that still likes to get it on, i suppose that he’d be the pedofile.

    If they are equally young at heart it’s just good boning. 😈

    But if both are equally fuddy duddy it’s just old people sex. 🙁

  11. Atryd

    That statement is parallel to the “How do you like your kitty? fluffy or bald?” 😈

    Does the amount of hair on one’s body indicate maturity? If he likes me waxed or clean shaven (or vise-versa) does that mean he is (or I am) a pedofile? 😳

    My personal opinion: When I want a mouthful of chocolate delight :wang: or he of my cherry pie :thong: , we don’t want to end up flossing with pubes! :limp:

    Kitty Korner: I prefer my kitty wet! 😈
    How ’bout you? 😀

  12. pablo

    If I feel like shit does that make my partner a toilet?

    If I felt like King of the World would I have to date Queens? (oh god no!!!)

    If I feel like a million dollars could my partner get off welfare?

    If I was the toast of the town, who would volunteer to butter me?

  13. Infernos

    What’s a little molesting between two consenting adults…

  14. Atryd

    I’ve got the the butter!
    Would you prefer it in stick form or from a tub?. 😛

  15. pablo

    [Comment ID #85467 will be quoted here]

    I prefer a creamy spread. 😈

  16. Joe-the-ragman

    [Comment ID #85450 will be quoted here]

    Mandy – I think he’s going to check your temperature and that don’t look like any thermometer I’ve ever seen !

  17. Spud

    I like your thinking Pablo, I therefore offer the additional . . .

    If I am an arsehole – do I get wiped?

    If I am a hamburger – do I get buns


  18. chainstay

    Regardless of how you feel, you will still get busted for slipping the stink piston to a seventeen year old!

  19. Only when my customers ask for the Catholic school girl look. 😈

    And can I get fried eggs and hash browns with my bacon air freshener? And some toast?

  20. Mandy

    [Comment ID #85479 will be quoted here]

    Your thermometer has quite a girth! And no numbers on it. :wang:

  21. You might be a pedophile if…you’re only as old as THE PEOPLE you feel.

    However, that has always been my philosophy… not to be as old as I feel, but to be as old as the people I feel… and since my husband’s six years younger… ah… you do the math:) 😛

  22. mikeB

    [Comment ID #85533 will be quoted here]

    At a loss for words. :wang:

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