Guide to Artists’ Models No. 6: The Dribbler

The Dribbler

Nude Model: The Dribbler

Despite his brutish, troll-like appearance, the Dribbler is an excellent model, able to hold unchallenging poses for an hour without tiring. Yes, he has more body odor and hair than a Musk Ox. Yes, he has 5:00 shadow by 9:15 am. These are all excusable and minor in comparison to the trait that gave him his nickname.

You see, unlike the Closet Perv, who gets off on being naked in front of young women, the Dribbler takes his work seriously and with great dedication. If only his body had the same attention span that his brain had. His second brain has a leak.

Not pee. Pre-cum.

Spidery threads of it can be seen dripping from his penis and puddling on the floor at his feet. The women in the class notice it well before the men do, but their incessant giggling soon catches everyone’s attention — including the Dribbler’s, who sadly excuses himself amidst a chorus of ego-shattering female laughter.


  1. “Does anyone… have a mop? Paper towel?”
  2. “I think we’ll just call it a night, OK?”
  3. “My penis … isn’t that small, is it?”
  4. “Am I really that hairy?”
  5. “Where’s that mop, seriously?”
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  1. This is the last one. I promise. Your eyes will return to normal tomorrow. 😈

  2. Spud

    Oh, I don’t know dave, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series.

    I give it a 9.9

    (I’ll keep the extra .1 just incase)


  3. Thank you, Dave. A dozen times over. 😛

    I thought I’d be repelled by the hirsute fellow, but after reading his quotes, I actually feel sorry for him. He seems like a big, slobbish dodo. Messy and slow, but also very harmless.

  4. Oh, and I am with Spud. A 9 from me, too. 😆

    I withheld the 1 just because the closet pervert really made me shudder. But all the illustrations were 10 out of 10 nonetheless!

  5. ariel

    noooo. . . i have loved being disgusted by this series
    best yet! im gonna have to agree with spud on the 9.9 thing.

  6. Dave, I love ya, yer insanely talented, but yeah, I’m kind of glad this is the last one. lol

  7. Marcus

    I knew a very large nice man with a toupee who would sweat all over everything. No drooling, but plenty of sweating. Nice guy. Just couldn’t tell him to use powder.:hurl:

  8. frisko

    Zilla, I am so saddened by the fact you were bombarded by hairey humans. Just eew. As for the watches, I now need a belt sander for my brain.
    All this and I am trying to pass Statistics.

  9. Spud

    or cement Marcus, it’d give him that permanant stoned look.

    and won’t Merth be pleased with the vomitron…


  10. misskitty

    Oh god bless the :hurl:. Although it was really needed worse for the others! But I’m sure we’ll need it in the near future.And this guy is just~~~~:roll:uh I’m speechless!

  11. Geez, I thought I was hairier than that… (and I don’t remember posing)

  12. Wendy

    Leaky penis guy, well, um, uh, that’s kinda creepy. :limp: But the watches, I’d buy one…talk about a conversation starter! Too bad they are way overpriced!:evil:

  13. Craig

    Father O’malley? Is that you? When did you get out?:twisted:

  14. :hurl:that is just uber gross…yechhhhhh!!!!!especially the spidery threa—blechhhhhhhh–d part..:hurl:

  15. mikey

    :hurl: man am I glad, gettin tired of the whole caric. thing can we get back to spewin instead of pukin…. 🙂

  16. Thanks for the :hurl: icon Dave! We needed it more on the other one’s but I’m sure it will be needed in the future as well!

    I’m left speechless on this one! Don’t know if I should :hurl: or if I should feel sorry for the guy!

  17. ariel


    thats supposed to be a person. . .hey didnt there used to be a man-shorts icon?

  18. jamie

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get barf off your keyboard?

  19. frisko

    yea, where did the man panties go?

  20. Thank you for not animating this :hurl:.

  21. :hurl: Just had to see what that felt like.

  22. Da Popster

    No TamiJo, that liiks more like John Belushi:-?

  23. Tanya

    Dave, That was too much information for my use :hurl::-?

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