Yours truly has interviewed the talented and prolific author, Molly Holzschlag for Digital Web magazine. Yes, it’s a silly read.

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17 thoughts on “Dave Shea is an artichoke

  1. Great interview, Dave! I almost spewed Dr. Pepper all over my monitor with that ‘books pushing envelopes’ comment. 😆

  2. My wife says I’m really more of a pineapple. I’m not sure who’s right. I’m not sure who I want to be right.

    (Great interview Dave, loved it)

  3. Rust, God is going to be upset!

    Great article, Dave! And from Esther’s comment, maybe you will get a Spewlizer!

  4. Could someone explain to me what the article is about?
    Never Mind … I kneel before the high commander too! (There’s that germanic trait … I’m stupid so I’ll follow any weirdo)

  5. Hey ‘zilla – fix the speeeeeling: it’s holzschlag 😛

    Wow, wow – I just found out now! Dave Shea’s wife thinks he’s a pineapple? That’s amazing, because there’s definitely a good comparison to be made between an artichoke and a pineapple. Of course, I imagine April knows his most sweet side, so the difference in our metaphors makes total sense.

  6. You’re forgiven Zilla, but mind your z’s and ch’s in the future, okay?

    I loved doing the interview with you, btw, but if those SXSW goers think they’re going to get any info about hotel thrashing out of me at SXSW no matter how much liquor they ply me with, pity those fools.

    It’s easier to spell my name.


    (oh, I just had to – ahem – insert that emoticon. It’s like a dog licking his balls. It’s a because I can thing…)

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