I saw an ad for Budweiser Select, allegedly a premium version. Isn’t this a bit like asking for Dog Poop Deluxe?

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  1. Instead of teaching the horses to pee directly into the bottles, they now filter said pee, and call it Select. :dead:

  2. Perhaps it’s full of delicious cheesy goodness.

  3. Lee

    I don’t call it “Butt Wiper Beer” for nuthin’!

  4. Sweet jeebus. I love knitting projects but I draw the line at dead animal carcasses. :dead:

  5. frisko

    Because U deserve what every individual should enjoy regulary- select.

    From one beer lover to another…..

    Heading for the mountains

  6. Oh Nikki, you know you want a Chicken Hat to wear with your tube top and thigh-high, knitted leg warmers.

  7. mikeB

    Select as in “Natural Selection”. It’s being target marketed to the frat monkeys that drink it.

  8. CJ

    Budweiser Select It’s not just for white trash anymore.

  9. Budweiser is the king of beers. Don’t be talking bad about the king.

  10. CJ

    King? I don’t remeber voting for him.

  11. Esther

    Isn’t there an actual Budweiser beer in Germany, that is supposedly an actual good beer, from which the dorks over here tried to copy (failing miserably), and then hijacked the name?

    Merth, if you think Bud is the crowning achievement in beers, please, please, get out more.:razz:

  12. no, this is more of a situation having a marginally educated — if at all — grunt on the bottling line pulling bottles out that he has breathed on.

    VOILÁ! Bud Select.

  13. CJ

    Esther I hate to be a dork however, The original Busch came over from Germany and stole the name outright. He thought it would sell more beer to the German people here confusing them.

  14. The beer in the Czech Republic which Adolphus Busch stole the name of is made in Budowice, or Budvar; thus, budvar-ser.. It’s great stuff, but generally not available in the US beacuse AB already tradmarked the name and the script used on the bottle. (Incidentally, in some parts of Europe, the AB product can’t be called “budweiser”, so the label says merely, “Bud”.) At any rate, the Czech brewery finally got aroudn the trademark issue by calling the beer “czechvar”. I’ve seen it in my local supermaket, but at 9.69 for a six, it’s for special occasions only.

  15. hmm. . . I actually find Budweiser some what useful, well it is pretty useless as a drink. But as a fizz generator for the fish-and-chip batter (a backup incase supermarket run out of any brown beer).

    In case any of you are curious here is the batter recipe:
    2 cups flour
    1 tablespoon baking powder
    1 teaspoon of salt
    Around 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper (powder form)

    Dash of:
    Curry Powder (if you have a queen on your currency)
    “J.O” or “Old Bay” (if you voted for Kerry)
    Dry rub (if you know the difference between Texas and Alabama rib)
    Five Spice (if you think Chinese invented fish-n-chip, well without the chip part)

    1 bottle beer (brown beer prefer), cold

  16. Mandy

    I’m learning so much on Davezilla today!

  17. Josh

    You’re my hero for today.

  18. Esther

    Ahh, thanks for clarifying, CJ! I knew somebody here would know the details. Now if I could only enjoy some of my Pete’s Wicked Ale here at work.

    Ospirin, thanks for the dinner recipe for tonight.:mrgreen:

  19. Pete’s Wicked is the drink of the gods. A Davezilla favorite.

  20. CJ

    Fine it’s settled Pete’s at Dave’s

  21. Lace Valentine

    As far as I’m concerned, only Triumph can give Dog Poop Deluxe

    I think Pilsner is the big beer in Czech and you haven’t lived until you’ve wissed off the Charles Bridge in Prague under starlight after a day of scouting out the Franz Kafka sites.

    I’m a Guinness Draft man myself.

  22. Guinness … MMMMMMMM … Another bit of heaven. If you ever are in Chicago, they have a wonderful local brew called Legacy Ale. Good stuff. Austin’s Shiner Bock ain’t bad, either. I need a :beer: icon.

  23. TinaMarie

    Personally, I vote for the good people of Canada who have blessed me with Labatts, my absolute favorite summer “heat killer.” And here in Phoenix Arizona, that is quite a statement.

  24. Esther

    Shiner Bock is good stuff. Mmhmm.

    Damn, stuck at work for another 4 hours.:sad:

  25. Esther

    Hey TinaMarie, didn’t realize you were a fellow desert dweller. I know it’s not the same brew as overseas, but I do also appreciate a good, ice cold Heineken on our very hot summer days.

  26. Poofles

    More posts about beer!

  27. You are just bunch of big mean beer snobs! 😈

    I really don’t have any valuable insight into the history of beer. I choose to waste my brain cells with other means of trivial knowledge. But, thanks for the background on Czechas-stuff. 🙂

  28. frisko

    Beer and Martini icons please!

  29. Esther

    As Homer would say, “Mmmmm…beer.”

    I second the vote for beer and martini icons.:lol:

  30. Mandy

    I’m surprised no one asked for more girls drunk on beer. Off come the :undies: :boobs::boobs:

  31. Steppenwolf

    At the risk of being abused, I like Miller High Life myself.
    Gotta drink something here in the midwest where this week they arrested 3 women for showing their bare breasts at a local bar’s promotion of ‘Girls Gone Wild’. Glad Big Brother is protecting my morals.

  32. Mandy has confused the hard stuff with just normal beer… For a real good time you need some pant-remover. Like Southern Comfort.

  33. mikeB

    That’s terrible, Steppenwolf. Those poor :boobs::boobs: just want to be free!

  34. Steppenwolf

    Yeah mikeB but that’s how it is in the Bible Belt. Drives me to drink…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

  35. Heh … I knew there was an effin’ reason why I prefer Labatt’s Blue as “my Bud Lite”!


    Oy, I’m on vacation in D.C.-ish at the moment, got a confrence and gonna re-stomp my old stompin’ grounds while I’m down here for a week or so … and so I say to my friend’s boyfriend when he picks me up from the Metro(read: “People Mover”), “So, howzaboot some brewskis, eh?”


    OK, so not only does he make fun of my “Michi-Canuck-Midwest” accent, but he says, “Oh, I got BEEEEEEEEEER at home …”

    … and so, what am I stuck with drinkin’??


    No, my friend’s boyfriend is not gay … he’s just … uh … un-edu-mah-cated when it comes to GOOD BREW.


    Oh, and you wanna know what ELSE is effed up aboot dis almost-Southern place called “VIRGINIA”??

    They don’t sell ALCOHOL past MIDNIGHT … anywhere!!

    Can we say, WTF?!::wtf::wtf:

    You can take the Bad Kitty outta da Midwest, but …

    … ya can’t take da MIDWEST outta da BAD KITTY!!

    Oy …

    Here’s some B:boobs::boobs:Bies for yas!


    Yeah, I get a little farklempt when I revisit my old favoUrite places on da Internets …

    Tawk amongst yaselves!


  36. Tom

    I thought Bud was meant to be “premium” anyway :S

  37. mikeB

    Yeah, that girl looks just stupid enough to do anything in bed very intelligent and charming

  38. mikeB

    Where’s that beer and martini icon, Dave? You’re slipping.

  39. toad

    noopy bloggz so check dat sheeyatz mf

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