Caption Time #92

Caption Time #92

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  1. Duker

    I knew eventually we would carry interracial sex a little too far! 😈 HONK IF YOU”RE HORNY :wang:

  2. tinamarie

    Strange, but that horny guy kind of looks like Nixon.

    Considering the fact that Nixon is dead right now, and knowing the kind of man he was…that actually could be Nixon. :wtf:

    As long as he doesn’t run for President in 2008…

  3. hippychick

    The rarest of rare, the 2 headed devil twin coming soon to your nightmare!

  4. frisko

    The Satanic dude farted and is calling “safety”, the other dude has to touch a door knob so he doesn’t have to smell the fart. Thats what I have been told by teens.

  5. Spud

    Psssst, this is your conscience speaking, I want you to touch your nose if you can hear me…

  6. The young Samuel Alito (left) seals the deal that will get him nominated to the Supreme Court many years later.

  7. Anna

    Been thinking of this insightful comment ….. but can only come up with: “that guy looks like Jack Nickolson” and “he doesn’t rock my goat”.

  8. Forget the devil, look at the glare off the other guys head..

  9. mitch

    George W. Bush: The Early Days.

  10. Spud made me laugh πŸ˜† Is there an angel on his other side who got cropped out of the picture?

  11. JFLY

    I guess I shouldn’t bother patenting my “Leash Your Penis” invention…sigh :limp:

  12. bhamm

    “Any time a Demon honks his nose, a loser thinks he’s cool.” 😈 :mrgreen:

  13. Beaner

    Satan: “Ok, Timmy, Satan says to touch your horn(um ear), gooood. Ok, now touch your nose…” Timmy: “YOU didn’t say Satan says!!!” Timmy is winning this round of “satan says” πŸ‘Ώ

  14. Brad

    Darryl de los muertos

  15. Patrick

    Devil “I’m gonna shove this finger right up his ass and boy is he gonna be surprised”! :wtf:

  16. Dennis Bookhart

    “mom, I told that my new boyfriend and I have a devilish good relattionship.” 😈

  17. prtyprincess7104

    Dude, I am sooooo high!

    What did you say this was…K.B.?

    Dude , this is some good shit πŸ‘Ώ

  18. prtyprincess7104

    Man, I’m so high I can’t even feel my nose…

  19. Jeremy’s Angel on his shoulder was found murdered by his Devil. Details at 11

  20. Bjorn Freeh

    Hey, looky-here. I got me a gen-u-ine Texas hood ornament… I think he’s from Pakistan.

  21. Ace

    Hey, man, I’m good to drive, I can pass the test and everything. Look I can touch my nose and still look cute while I’m doing it!

  22. Ace

    Why does my finger smell so- oh, right, Fernando.

  23. ziggy

    [Comment ID #20412 Will Be Quoted Here]


  24. Marcus

    Caption? … What’s that you say six hundred and sixty-six, but I don’t want to die a virgin. Ok, sorry, not a good caption. Let’s see… Tom Cruise plays the devil in part two of Legends : I’m Funking Angelina Jolie…. Bastard πŸ‘Ώ

    Ok, but I think I need the leash more than a woman does. Actually, it would be better to put me locked room. :wtf:

  25. Steppenwolf

    The devil went down on George
    He was looking for a soul to steal
    And he was in a bind
    ‘Cause he was way up his behind
    And was willin’ to make a deal.

    When he came upon this young man playing
    with his penis and playin’ it hot
    the devil jumped up on a hickory
    stump and said,
    “Boy let me show you what.” :wang:

  26. Jane

    Hopeless Victim: Are you sure it won’t hurt?

    Satan: Ssssshhhh, You won’t feel a wang :wang:

  27. fuck the red states!

    The real George dubya without his makeup on!

  28. Kalee

    It’s the horny devil :wang:

  29. MandyLocke

    you’ll never guess where this nose has been :wang: :thong: :wtf: :dead:

  30. JFLY

    “Hmmmm…..could it beeeeee……SATAN?” SNL Church Lady πŸ˜›

  31. DaPopster

    Bad part is, I know it’s nowhere near Halloween and it scares me. :wtf:

  32. Spud

    Not too bad at all Steppenwolf, anymore lyrics? it has that air of a No:1 hit.


  33. Steppenwolf

    Sorry but I can’t comment until my lawsuit with Charlie Daniels is settled.
    All together now:

    He played Fire on the Mountain
    Run boys, run
    The devil’s in the House of the Rising Sun
    Chicken in a bread pan picken’ out dough
    Granny does your dog bite
    No child, no

  34. cbatdux

    Steppenwolf –

    I guess you didn’t know if but I’m a fiddle player too…

  35. “I knew I should have listened to that dude on the other shoulder. Now it’s time for church and I’m stoned out of my mind…. huhuhuh… Mmmm is that peanut butter?”

  36. mikey

    fellow eskimo.. he he he lets rub noses im horny :wang:

  37. Roach

    Can you guess which one’s the bitch and which one’s the butch?

  38. nick

    i think i met the guy on the left πŸ‘Ώ

  39. nick

    right too. :wtf:

  40. buffy

    [Comment ID #20430 Will Be Quoted Here]ok timmy satan says touch my


  41. wayne

    the impitant devil has found a new way to please

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