Overused Movie Clichés #2

  1. “You don’t look so tough to me.”
  2. “It’s not much, but I call it home.”
  3. “You can’t prove a thing!”
  4. “Are you kidding? She’s slept with the entire team!”
  5. “I never kiss on the first date.”
  6. “Is this how you treat a lady?” Which is always followed up with, “When I see one, I’ll let you know.”
  7. “What’s that smell?” “Not me!”
  8. “I-I’ve never done this before.”
  9. “My family moved around a lot. I never made too many friends in school.”
  10. “This doorway leads … to Hell!”
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  1. Daniel

    “What the hell is that!?!?!?!”
    Usually heard in most horror, sci-fi, and some action movies, occassionally in some pornographic films(or so I’ve heard, indirectly of course).

  2. Cherish

    Sadly #9 sums up the first 18 years of an army brat’s life quite accurately…

    /speaking from cliche’d experience.

    That’s alright… we learn not to horde people for friendship to be happy. 😀

  3. Your next assignment:
    Overused Movie Trailer Clichés

    And a couple to start you off:
    “It was a love that was never meant to be…”
    “In a world ruled by _____”

    You know, the usual. 🙂

  4. Anna

    In Dutch movies it’s always something like:
    “you don’t have to take of your clothes, I’ll f*ck you silly with or without”.
    “F*ck, I want to f*ck you”.
    “Where can I find some good f*cking”.
    And these are PG movies!!! Nothing to do with porn.
    Now I know you all want to emigrate here, but please don’t , we have enough degenerates of our own.

  5. shannon

    How about all the horror movies where instead of running away, paople alway go towards the strange sound, scream, ect. only to be the next victim. 😈

  6. It’s a million-to-one shot but it just might work…..(it inevitably does)

    I can assure you that the security system here is impenetrable ….(it inevitably gets penetrated)

    Or men are outnumbered (x) to one….(they will still inevitably win)

    I could never feel that way again for anyone else …(she inevitably will)

    The one thing I don’t need right now is a serious relationship.. (he will inevitably end up in one)

    I’m retiring from the force next month, my boat’s all paid up and I’m going to spend the rest of my days just fishing….. (black actor who will inevitably die in the next scene and whose death will have to be avenged by his white partner)

    That bellhop trapped in there with the terrorists is actually a disgraced ex-marine trained for special operations… (stupid but inevitable premise)

    ‘It was a day like any other day, Bob Herman was a guy just like any other guy….’ etc.

  7. Marcus

    Yes, go Lung go.

    1. “Who was he/she/it?” answer “He/She/It was the ancient ….”
    2. “Is it/he/she dead yet?” Ofcourse not, you idiot.
    3. “What are you doing with that knife/gun/thing?”
    4. “I can’t find my keys… Where are my goddamn keys?” Arghhhhhhh Help :dead:
    5. “This belonged to my (someone important).” Hey, you can do complete a sentence with this one. LOL 🙄
    6. “I’m running away with my boyfriend/girlfriend/axe murderer.
    7. “Can the killer/alien/bitch get in here?” the answer is usually “No. We are safe.” Then they proceed to be slaughtered. Duh.. How did it get in?
    8. On an airplane the flight attendent usually says “Everything will be okay.” Right before the plane crashes. Can be applied to any situation in movies. ie cancer, boat trip etc.
    9. “I think I hear something.” No shit it is that murderer behind you door.
    10. ” It’s all in my mind.” Sorry bud there really is a fucking 8 ft demon in your room. You can also use “I must be dreaming”

    Okay, that website… :wtf: The animation in the TV is hilarious. I’ve never seen a man wearing a pink shirt holding a rifle. :wtf:

  8. JFLY

    What always gets me is how they give some lame excuse in the movie plot trying to explain a foreign actor’s accent…happens in almost every movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Jackie Chan.

  9. mitch

    1. What’s that noise? It’s coming from the basement, let’s check it out.
    2. I’m getting too old for this shit.
    3. This is a quiet town, mister. We don’t want no trouble.
    4. Freeze, motherfucker!
    5. I gotta do, what I gotta do.

  10. MandyLocke

    It’s sooooo hot in here.(strips slowly shaking hair like a shampoo ad) :boob: :boob: :thong:

  11. mikeB

    “Don’t move or make a sound. The CGI monster can’t see us if we all just hold still.”

    “We can sneak in through the airshaft. It appears to be large enough for all us actors in this POS to crawl through without mussing up our hair.””

    “Its DNA is comprised of chemicals found here on earth. We’ll use a computer to find a chemical with a ridiculous name that will defeat it!”

    “Who knew the aliens could be destroyed by something as simple as a Paris Hilton DVD.”

    “Misty! Take off your shirt so I can repair this gun. And your bra, too. Better give me your panties as well. Hurry up. It’s for … American troops.”

  12. 1. Hasta la vista, baby.
    2. Go ahead, make my day.
    3. Yippie-kai-yay, mother f*cker.

    Yeah, they can stop running those into the ground anytime now.

  13. “I don’t need a partner. I work alone.”

    “Now… it’s personal.”

    “I don’t ___ any more. I gave it up after the accident. I can’t… I won’t… It is just too difficult…” (this could be dancing, singing, skydiving, it is really pretty universal.)

  14. Jodi

    “That’s right, it was me all along. Now before I kill you, let me tell you how I did it and if anyone else was involved.”
    Everytime something terrible happens, like natural disasters or alien invasions, other countries don’t act until America leads the way.
    “I’ve always wanted to ______, but it’ll never happen now.” Just give it about an hour……

  15. Lace Valentine

    Horror movies:

    “Did you hear something?” naw the monster is just having a Slurpee

    “It’s always the quiet ones you have to be careful about…” versus the Loud violent types

    “We are the children of the night…” whatever happen to the children of the afternoon?

    “That’s sick!” well don’t look at it

    Yelling of the missing protagonist’s name: “Sally! Sally! Are you there Sally? Where are you Sally?”


    “I’m gonna cum.”



    “Oh GOD!”

    Cowboy Movies:

    “I’ll drink to that!”

    “She’s a good-hearted women.”

    “We don’t want no trouble here.”

    “The next stagecoach won’t be in tilll…”

    “I’m looking for a good horse/saddle/gun.”

    “They’re gathering up a posse.”

    “That pretty girl? Why that’s Miss Nellie, a widow, and she’s raising her young son on her own…”

  16. hate the blue states

    Yeah, and I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!

  17. Here’s something you never hear in movies:

    “Hmm, the door’s unlocked. This is normally indicative of a strange or psychotic person breaking into the house, wanting to do me harm. I’m going to turn around very quickly, get in my car, lock all the doors, drive off, and call the police. Oh, it appears my phone’s battery is getting low, so let me plug in my car phone charger, which I always keep handy for emergencies. “

  18. franklito

    to be continued….

    when they never reload the gun and shoot like 100 people and never get graised.

    you killed my brother… now you must die, whaaah!!

    they can never run fast enough or not fall. in any movie

    the rebel without a ca

  19. franklito

    to be continued….

    when they never reload the gun and shoot like 100 people and never get graised.

    you killed my brother… now you must die, whaaah!!

    they can never run fast enough or not fall. in any movie

    THE NEAR DEATH MISSES. all action movies have them, there goes the car over the cliff, but hes holdin on to the root comin out the ground good thing that was there phew!

    or my favorite “im too old for this sh..”

    the dumb blonde chick, everymovie has her.

  20. franklito

    sorry about the double, stupid keyboard @#*&%$^, ok im good

  21. Bubbles

    And now, from the chick flick aisle….

    “I’ve never felt about anyone the way I feel about you”

    “I’ve never gotten over the death of my mother/father/brother/sister/aunt/dog. Every morning I wake up and he/she is still gone”

    Girl: “Do you love me or not?”
    Boy: “I don’t love you.” (Really he does, they’ll be in bed in 20 minutes)

  22. Thanks Lung! Just followed your lead.

    Horror: “Sussy is missing, let’s split up and…”

    “I just need to hack into the mainframe…” (hacking looks so easy in movies)

  23. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #20507 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ummm… I kinda like that cliche.

    Unless, of course, it’s PG-13 and the girl’s father breaks in the door just before things really warm up.

  24. I’ll add a cliche movie scenario.

    It’s always Mardi Gras in New Orleans, especially if the scene involves a chase.

  25. shelley

    “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

  26. Bjorn Freeh

    1. Fruit carts (other than in movies, I’ve never seen one)
    2. Stacked cans in the grocery store
    3. Boxes in a warehouse
    4. Guys in utility company cherry pickers
    5. People on ladders in libraries
    6. Thousands (millions?) of carefully placed dominoes

    Each of those will get hit and knocked down in any kind of chase scene. Guaranteed.

    Oh, and the cop always just takes his first bite of his coney when the radio call comes in or the bad guy squeals out next to the restaurant.

  27. Spud

    I’ve always been taken with this scenario…

    The bad guy/evil type always explains the “plan” to our hero when a quick shot would’ve ended all his problems, especially when our hero is all tied up and gone for all money.

    Somehow, some way, you just know that information will be used after our hero gets away to thwart the bad guy/evil dudes plans.

    Oh and another one…

    People in movies “always” find a car space.


  28. mikey

    Hey how about the honda that sounds like a pan head flyin down the road, or the
    get-away car bangin gears and when it shows the guy inside its a automatic 😀

  29. mikey

    but of course all the women that get killed are in the shower

  30. mikey

    oh yea I always like the one where they shoot the monster then throw down the gun

  31. mikey

    hey Anna where do you live lol

  32. ben

    The Evil Mastermind’s (EM) lair, as huge and complicated as it is, has been built in complete secrecy underneath a bustling city, accessable only to those who know the secret branch to twist on a tree.

    The hero will follow a bad guy down there, and of course there isn’t a guard watching the way in.

    There is always a single button that will self-destruct the entire complex, just in case.

    In another direction, cars that don’t ever need gas, and airport escapes where they don’t have to wait three hours on the tarmac for a clear runway to take off.

    They can walk through a subway tunnel for thirty minutes, and suddenly not one but two trains come (from different directions), and they suddenly get their foot stuck in a hole.

  33. Personally, I love the fact that you can take down an alien spaceship/mothership/civilization using a Mac powerbook. And, that you get great screen graphics with viruses. 🙄

  34. Marcus

    [Comment ID #20521 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yes hacking does look so easy. Reminds me of a few movies. Such as, “Hackers” what a god awful movie and “Swordfish” gee… all you need is some good music and a fantasy computer… you’re all set.

    I guess they can’t make a good movie about hacking because no one would understand.

    🙁 🙁

  35. JFLY

    I loved “Swordfish”. Anything with Hugh Jackman. Who cares about the movie? The man should sell his DNA. Woo-Hoo!!! :boob: :wang: :boob: :wang: :thong: :wang:

    Sorry…I got carried away there…ahem.

    What was the topic? 😛

  36. [Comment ID #20598 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hugh Jackman was in Swordfish? I guess I didn’t notice. I just remember Halle Berry’s :boob: :boob: played a prominent role. 😈

  37. Poop

    Have you noticed that when attempting to defuse a bomb, they always cut the red wire and save the goddam day. 🙄

  38. Roach

    [Comment ID #20600 Will Be Quoted Here]
    and the shit always stops with 1 second left…just enough time to kiss their own ass good bye

  39. Roach

    [Comment ID #20603 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Don’t hate on dave, yo! The only reason they made that movie was to expose halle’s :boob: :boob:..seriously though…have you met anyone that saw the movie ’cause they heard that it was good??…come on now! 😛

  40. Master Solace

    Here’s one: “Follow me.”

    To what, to where….to safety or to the feeding ground of whatever lurks around the bend.
    Personally, I will stay right here.
    And by the way, this is Daniel. I just decided to use my new moniker, Master Solace. Double meaning. Solace means to console or make feel better. And solace sounds like soulless which means to be without a soul, zombie-like. Like most people in front of their computers at 2:15 in the morning. And I thought it just sounded cool.

  41. Master Solace

    No offense to those who either work at a computer at this time, to anyone who plays games at night on their computer, anyone that posts to this site(anytime’s a good time), or anyone who does feel like or really is a zombie. I guess you really don’t know someone until they open their minds or their mouths. On that note, I think it’s time to gooooooooo tooooo beeeeeeeeeeed noooow and stop putting myself at the scene of the crime. 👿 😛

  42. arnifinnlanderman

    I always know which sports team is going to win. It’s the disadvantaged one, that in the real world wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.
    After the halftime pep talk they always make an incredible comeback, and win the big game.

  43. Marcus

    [Comment ID #20599 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yes Dave. She is Catwoman. I just loved watching her in tight leather. I would like to be her cat toy. I only watched “Swordfish” because of her and her eye popping beautiful…

  44. Master Solace

    [Comment ID #20642 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What about the skintight costume that she wore in the X-men movies!?!?! :boob: :boob:
    I could bring myself to watch Catwoman, I won’t, and you can’t make me. 😛

  45. Master Solace

    😳 that’s supposed to be couldn’t bring myself. To much caffine
    and too little sleep and I’m starting to see things.

  46. Paige

    Overheard on Road House starring Patrick Swayze:”I thought youd be bigger” What exactly did they mean by that?????????

  47. Burnsy

    Don’t forget:

    “I’ll be right back” which inevitably dooms you in a horror film. . .

  48. ben

    I thought of one more —

    “Not on my watch!”

    Applies to any movie, any time.

  49. nicnic

    “They don’t know, they don’t show, or they don’t care about what goes on in the hood.”

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