35 thoughts on “I can see your future, and it is…

  1. Great news, honey, I got the job as spokesperson for Acme Toilet Brush! Can I cop a celebratory feel?

    What’s that? Oh no, the whole campaign will be done by Campbell-Ewald, so I know it will be totally tasteful and not exploit my appearance in any way…

  2. I can see your future, and it is filled with adoring men if you will only try my 100% guaranteed breast enhancement technique. It is very simple, I place my hands here and…

  3. I can see it now, I was junked into the spam bin.

    Doesn’t that white wig just wanna make ya break something, or maybe take a swing at with a baseball bat?

  4. “I can see your future, and it is…”No, I can see your future, and it’s got red all over your whites!”

  5. [quote comment=”432962″]Ah the good ol’ US of A, where a simple farmer’s* son can hope to become president and where even an albino Ompah-Lumpah can cop a feel.

    (*or war profiteer)[/quote]

    Or, by golly, a maverick pit bull with lipstick. You betcha.

  6. [quote comment=”432942″]Some people actually take this whackjob seriously???
    Yes. He used to run hundreds of commercials on television in the 90s.

  7. Dave, during his all white phase, tries to get another client by working with her ‘power points’… :boob: :boob: 😉

  8. [quote comment=”432430″]Rosie O’Donnel keeps busy while she takes the Tegrin challenge.[/quote]
    Good lord someone jumped in the wayback machine there. I can’t even remember the last time I SAW Tegrin in a store. :wtf:

    I can see your future, and it’s filled with Q-Tip flavored lovin’!

  9. I could have said:

    Is that his hair or am I tripping out on the Percocet I’m on ’cause I got busted up in a car accident?

  10. It’s a scene from the 2008 remake of 16 Candles.

    “I can’t belive I was felt up by my (transgender) grandmother!”

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