You’ll what?

So good you will suck dick

Allegedly real. The station made a mad dash to remove copies of this from YouTube claiming, “copyright violation”. Next time you steal art from Google Images, make sure you look at it before using it on national TV.

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  1. Spud

    Finally, some truth in advertising…


    um, this is da womens version right…


  2. cbatdux

    Kreme me up, Scottie!

  3. aurora

    ok then i did not know there that good

  4. StevieC

    We’ll have to grab some of those for our road trip.

  5. Bigwavdave

    Mandy – I have the 100% Kona coffee…

  6. Mandy

    So we need donuts as a bribe? :wtf:

  7. Itรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs not the first time we’ve heard someone imply that the police are a bunch of cocksuckers. But on network news? Thatรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs groundbreaking journalism and no mistake.

  8. Testing again…

    (Obligatory explanatory note: My comments haven’t been going through since yesterday, for whatever reason. So, I am testing with different e-mail ID, and such. Sorry, guys)

  9. Hmpf. OK, so I guess I had to switch to a different e-mail to get it to work. Strange. ๐Ÿ™„

  10. Russ

    This must be Krispy Kremeรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs latest (or lamest) attempt to boost their sagging bottom line by marketing to the young, dumb and full of cum. Maybe if they included references to the “swallowing” article ( they could use it to defend the unhealthy image they project.

    Damn! So that’s all I need? Not only are they good but my health and the health of my (insert sexual orientation (girl/man)) will improve so we can buy more donuts. We have a Krispy Kreme in town. YES!
    :wang: :wang: :wtf:

  11. StevieC

    [Comment ID #126909 will be quoted here]

    Not a bribe Mandy, but energy food. After all, between Beaver Lick and Tingle, our roadtrip will take us through eight different Climaxs. We want to make sure we keep our energy ‘up’.

  12. Avalon

    I wondered where the creme came from…

  13. They should have Krispy Kreme Kleenexes. You know, the crunchy kind you find under your bed.

  14. Cynical Villain

    Forget Spanish Fly. Screw the date rape drug. Just a dozen donuts and BAM! You getting laid for real.

  15. StevieC

    Apparently, they weren’t able to kill all references. Check it out: :wang:

  16. Drusky

    Krispy Kreme had just beat Starbucks to the punch.
    Starbucks was going to release their version saying “Starbucks: So good, you’ll pay 10-20 bucks a cup and then suck OUR dicks…” ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  17. H. R. Gerrard

    Well now, We finally know what that hole in the doughnut is REALLY for!
    Actually, there are some people out there who do suck the cream out of the Long Johns first!
    Kinda makes you wonder about the Chocolate Icing now, doesn’t it?
    Does that make coffee an aphrodisiac?
    (There! That’s my quota!)

  18. Well Ladies, I guess if you want to give a hint to your man that you want to be um…. “snacked on”, buy a Boston Creme or filled doughnut to get his licker primed for uh, “down time”. ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. Mikeme

    You don’t want to know how they put the holes in the donuts!!! :wang: ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  20. Lake Effect

    “Actually, there are some people out there who do suck the cream out of the Long Johns first”

    It’s 10 F outside and I work out there, and I’m dressed for it..Krispy Kreme shop is about 5 miles away. I gotta go now and get the creme sucked outta my Long Johns. ๐Ÿ˜›

  21. Atryd

    [Comment ID #127046 will be quoted here]
    Good thinking a head… ๐Ÿ˜›

    Wow!! Health food I can enjoy…Finally!!

    With health food and exercise like that I’ll finally actually ‘want’ to stay fit!!

  22. scamper

    Them doughnuts are so gross, they’d have to suck my dick before I’d buy one

  23. pablo

    I always thought they were saying donut holes.

    Now I know they were talking about Donut Ho s.

  24. re:

    Dave! These past few days have been so educational, informative and relieving for me. All this time I’ve been worried that because I’m not health concious I’m gonna die at the age of 25 from a frickin’ heart attack, but you have opened my eyes and helped me realize that I am extremely health unconcious…or is it unconciously healthy…

    Any way, I love Krispy Kreme so I’ve been keeping my blood pressure low, getting great nights sleep have an abundantly healthy sex life…

    I feel like the weight’s been lifted from my shoulders!
    Thanks Dave, you’re the best!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  25. This comes directly from Chris Rock’s stand-up act which was on HBO a few years back. Did no one else here recognize it?

    If your first guess was that it was derived from Ptolemy’s Almagest, that was incorrect.

  26. The most popular man at the naturalists club was the one that could bring doughnuts for four, without using his hands.
    The most popular woman, was that one that could eat the last doughnut, without using her hands.

  27. [Comment ID #127571 will be quoted here]

    You sure that’s what the hole is for? ‘Cause it seems kinda small.


  28. clop

    :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong: :thong:

  29. Wayne

    [Comment ID #129679 will be quoted here]

    awww dude, thats a great one there! :wang:

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