Wow, just wow

Telekenesis as used in witchcraft

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  1. tinamarie

    Oooh, first comment.

    First off, that Zeloot stuff is wierd shit.

    Second, anyone who believes that crap about “witches” is stupid. I have yet to meet a single Wiccan who is ‘satanic’. On the other hand, I have met a few Satanists, and not a one of them was a Wiccan.

  2. tinamarie

    Ooooh, second comment. 🙄

    On the other hand, it would be cool to have ‘satanic witch powers.’ The first thing I would do is order Mocha or Mochebacca or whatever his name is to grant the poor dude in that picture a decent looking crotch, since he seems to be missing one (and he’s bowlegged, too.)

  3. Yeah, I’d like to order a mocha too.:java:

  4. CroneWynd


    I am a witch, but I’ve never levitated a table. Well, okay, I’ve had the strong males in my family move tables “at my command,” but none of them are named “Mochua.”

    I’m real curious about what website THAT lovely piece of “education” came from.

  5. Spud

    I’d one case of mocha please.


  6. Lisa

    Did that witchcraft nonsense come out of a Jack Chick publication?

  7. mitch

    Jesus and Elvis are alike in a lot of ways. The biggest? I like alot of their work, but their fans drive me crazy. 😈

  8. mikeB

    What can we learn from this diagram?
    1 Witches are proportionate but filled with halftone dots
    2 Demons have perforation lines for easy tearing
    3 Non-witches are flabby and gullible

  9. And all this time I’ve been lifting tables using direct telekinesis. What an insight! WOW!

    Now if only I could use my powers to get it up. :limp:

  10. Patrick

    Now, I could’nt find that diagram in my “Witchcraft for Dummies” book, what page was that on?

  11. Spud

    I meant to say, I’d like a mocha, but that was obviously too much spelling at that time.

    However, why do witches feel the need to lift tables with their minds?

    I prefer the :wang: method.

    much simpler and hardly any willpower required.


  12. cody

    hee hee hee. i have a witch book.(it says “wizard” actually) and mostly it tells about how different plants and objects are related spiritually. nothing about spirit moving tables. or gullibying cartoon drawings.
    which, by the way, did you know they took the word gullible out of the dictionary?

  13. Marcus

    It works!!!:twisted: However,when I asked my spirit body to clean my room, it laughed at me and went to the local pub to have a few beers. I think it was ignoring me. I will try again later. 😈

  14. Craig

    OOOOOOOOOOOOH, 16th comment…

    I got nuthin’:limp:

  15. Wendy

    Which witch is whitch? LOL!:eek::wtf:

  16. This is a vulgar display of power. Everyone knows the real money is in bending spoons.

  17. cody

    the spoon doesn’t bend, the mind does. haven’t you seen the matrix?

  18. No, and Zilla has not yet let me live it down. Don’t get me started on the list of cinema homework I have to do before I’m allowed back outside at recess…

  19. coley

    I used to get accosted daily by a co-worker because I had never seen Fight Club. Now, I occasionally get ribbed for not seeing any of the Star Wars movies made in this century (I work with software developers- it’s like a religion). :geek:

  20. Bubbles

    Apparently I’m a type “A” witch. I don’t like to delegate my levitating to demons. They’re so unreliable and lazy. They’re union, you know.

  21. tenderflower

    If I were the mochua, I’d be pissed as hell at being dragged out of my rapture to lift a damned table. Someones getting a curse for that one.

  22. jayray

    the force cant stretch that far, it usually takes 2 demons:twisted::boobs::boobs::limp:

  23. net-surfer22

    🙄 🙁 😮 ❗ Accually, The body without the spirit will seace to funktion. So, it might rather be a thought pattern, or maybe acreep devil doing it all. crappy wiches.

  24. net-surfer22

    dang, can’t spell ciece? I meant stop tp be active 😛 😛 😛 sorry

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