How to photograph a cat

How to photograph a cat

  1. Place cat on sunny spot near a window
  2. Focus camera
  3. Move cat back onto sunny spot near window
  4. Focus camera
  5. Look for cat under sofa
  6. Call for cat
  7. Get out can opener
  8. Put cat back on sunny spot
  9. Focus camera
  10. Marvel at beauty of cat
  11. Praise cat for sitting so still
  12. Take photo
  13. Look at preview window
  14. Notice cat is conspicuously absent from photo
  15. Look for cat
  16. Put double-sided tape on sunny spot by window
  17. Drop cat on tape
  18. Focus camera
  19. Take photo
  20. Marvel at photo of cat clawing your camera in two
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Show 31 Comments


  1. family jules

    Step Number 784: when cat is finally asleep and in perfect pose, snap photo
    Step Number 785: notice in preview window picture of cat with her back to you, hunched into an unidentifiable lump
    Step Number 786: smack dogs for laughing at you behind your back

  2. Marcus

    Step 1. Give cat some valium.
    Step 2. Wait for cat to get stupid.
    Step 3. Take as many pictures as you want.
    Step 4. Wait for cat to wake up.
    Step 5. Watch cat snarl at you for a few days.
    Step 6. Cat goes to police and files charges against you.:twisted::evil:

  3. hippychick

    The guy in the video definitely needs a job. Way too much time on his hands! 🙄 :dead:

  4. #20 sounds more like the result of #17 😛

    The video clearly states that it is pointless and I can honestly admit to watching that whole video, just not proudly. His fingers are sick and he stinks. :hurl:

  5. Step one: Kill the cat.
    Step two: ??????
    Step three: Excellent Post!

  6. Anna

    You lucky :wang:. It ususally involves more steps an lots more blood at my place.

  7. mikeB

    Dave has a lucky penis? :wtf:

  8. Spud

    Hard act to follow mikeB

    Q – has anyone, anywhere, anytime trained a cat to do something on cue?

    our cat is a rather bored, regally amused creature who may deign to grace us with her prescence, or not, as the case maybe.


  9. Spud, my cat is trained for everything except photography. She can (on command) sit, heel, lay down, etc. Her best trick is turning on the sink when I leave for work. I don’t mind that she prefers to drink from the faucet, but she leaves the water running all day.

  10. leigon of discord

    Oh sure, the video seems silly, but its important, very very important.

  11. Spud

    Ha!, a cat turning on a tap let alone do tricks, that I’d like to see.

    Grace would be most amused.

    how did you train your cat to do things?


  12. Simple. Throw out the following myths:
    1) Cats cannot be trained
    2) Cats do not want to learn
    3) Cats have their own sense of rules
    I did not begin training Jade until she was five. Unlike dogs, cats can be trained at any age and learn as many tricks as you want to teach them.

  13. mitch smith

    :twisted:I’m thinking a largem catnip, laced with Quaaludes and then some soft music and candlelight and then…oh wait that’s how I get my girl to love me. Sorry I misread the quote.

  14. cody

    my fifth grade teacher had a cat that would go to the bathroom in the toilet and then flush. it’s fine and dandy and a nice trick but it doesn’t wash it’s paws with soap after. just licks clean. eww. cat pee smells.

  15. It wasn’t the cat that was reacting, it was its daemonic spirit…

    Bri-i-i-i-ing the ca-a-a-a-an o-o-o-opener-r-r-r-


  16. jeffro

    I don’t get cat people. Best case scenario, you have the world’s smartest cat… it still shits in your house.

  17. coley

    Looking at puictures…
    how come nobody told me our fearless leader is a cutie??? 😀

  18. coley

    😳 Too early, can’t spell (I meant pictures).

  19. chainstay

    my cat asks to be let out to potty other than that she is an obstinate b****

  20. My aunt’s cat once called 911. It was quite a scene. Cops all over the place…the cat was meowing into the phone and they thought it was a woman or a baby crying. It was quite funny afterwards. 😀

  21. My imaginary dog and cat know how to drive, change the A/C filter, cook some tasty fried chicken, and have the ability to teleport. It’s pretty damn amazing.

  22. Mechelle

    step no. 2376 set up video camera (focus on sunny spot).
    step no. 2377 leave the room.
    step no. 2378 watch 6 hours of digital video in which said cat never once sits on sill of said window.
    step no. 2379 get a dog.
    step no. 2380 take many pictures of said dog who only wants to please, wondering all the while why your cat just wouldn’t love you.

  23. Sarah

    “…best case scenario, you have the world’s smartest cat…it still shits in your house.”

    aah yes, but does your dog shit in a litter box? nope…the dog shits all over the yard 🙄

  24. kattonic

    Um, Jeffro, don’t you shit in your house? Oh no, are you my neighbor? The one that got arrested for crapping in his front yard?:roll:

  25. jeffro

    If my dog can crap in the yard, why can’t I?

  26. bo

    😛 what a Catastrophe!

  27. jeffro

    Hey dave,
    hows this for a post. Rash generalizations about cat & dog people.
    All dog people__________.
    All cat people__________.

  28. Yeah, that’s about right. Cats don’t sit still very long do they?

  29. Daniel

    I have a cat that I swear has to be schitzo. In the middle of the night, his activity of choice is to run full speed, head first into the wall, collect himself and do it again. That’s a good picture-he looks high afterwards. As long as the vet says that he is fine, I’m gonna let him half his fun, I just wished he’d be more quiet, maybe a different wall somewhere else in the house.

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