Words you can’t use in Scrabble

Seriously. We checked.

  1. Barfz, as in, “He barfz a lot”.
  2. Uepoxy, as in, “Can uepoxy this together?”
  3. Uquité, which Natalie insists is a Spanish word yet to be invented.
  4. Taintzo, as in, “Say it t’aintzo.”
  5. Z-Slap, 3 bitch-slaps in a Zorro pattern
  6. Rootzen, Natalie insists this is German. Apparently my German dictionary is out of date.
  7. iLarge, New, from Apple.
  8. Eau de U.S., the smell of the United States
  9. Got any other words we should have tried?
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  1. Furder: the vicious act of killing a stuffed toy. For example, “Like the woman in that video, my puggle Kaia has committed furder many times, her most recent victim being a purple stuffed weiner dog.” :wtf:

  2. Spud

    Narfaling, as in – “narfaling the garthok”


  3. cbatdux

    Ferndockle – of, or pertaining to the German sport of schplitzfeldkrieganzeidererhausen (check the spelling on that…)

  4. Irish

    [Comment ID #71472 will be quoted here]

    Damn you took mine! 👿
    Then ill go with garthok, and we can share it. 🙂

  5. Randy

    Trinstant (one third of an instant) as in, He will be back in a trinstant.

  6. mikeme

    Turdzzz, what happens when you shit the bed! 😀 :wtf:

  7. I thought Taintzo was a wrestler, wreaking havoc in the Lucha world with his partners in crime, Nutzo and Buttzo.

  8. “melk”: “I would like a glass of melk, please”
    ambliance: the ambliance showed up to provide first aid.
    tayger: the tayger is from the jungles where it eats people.
    nuffink: i ain’t done nuffink wrong.
    summink: is summink wrong?
    hizzoner: All rise for Hizzoner
    *everything out of a rastafarian’s mouth: I an I is gwan tek you fyeace off, bombaklat*

  9. Lace Valentine

    I’ve used the word “Davezilla” in a game and got lots of points with that “Z”.

    I once tried “Zavezilla” but that didn’t pass. :wtf:

    I still don’t know how to spell that instrument Tiny TIm played. Wold love to see that word used in a game…

  10. Arnifnlm

    Quoquoa: chocolate milk made with lots of Nestle’s Quick

  11. [Comment ID #71472 will be quoted here]

    What’s a garthok?

  12. alaskan_passion

    Pickleweasle——— no deff just sounds cool when said out loud. :wtf:

  13. Dennis Bookhart

    edufication – an education tool used by our President

  14. Irish

    [Comment ID #71577 will be quoted here]

    A garthok is a :wang:
    You can guess what narfaling is…… 😈

  15. Timm

    Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis – it’s too long.

  16. Spud

    *Irish Punt*

    In answer to your question Megan, have you not seen “Coneheads” the movie from some time back?

    Dan Ackroyd starred in the film and also did a SNL sketch of “Coneheads” for quite awhile I’m led to believe.

    Imdb has this excerpt …
    “In the scene where Beldar is “narfaling the garthok”, you can see that Beldar has a clean cone. As he is pulling the garthok down after incapacitating it, ”

    The Garthok is a fearsome creature that would rip you to shreds and have a munch on your bones as a pre dinner snack.


  17. Dan Ackroyd starred in the film and also did a SNL sketch of “Coneheads” for quite awhile I’m led to believe.

    Oh fine, Spud. Make all us Gen X kids feel old. :dead:

  18. Spud

    [Comment ID #71612 will be quoted here]

    Ah, you young’uns, Gen X huh? and before Gen X there was my lot where Dobie Gillis, The Honeymooners etc ruled.

    Ah the memories…


  19. franklito

    buzit- as in thats my name dont buzit

  20. [Comment ID #71598 will be quoted here]

    I’ve only seen the movie once and that was a loooonnngg time ago. And I don’t think I’m old enough to remember the SNL skits.

  21. Spud

    That’s the cue for Dave to come in with his Gen X thing Meagan… :geek:

  22. Well at least there’s one thing to be happy about being born in the 80s.

  23. Arnifnlm

    Ypu’ll never know all the fun you missed!

  24. Arnifnlm

    Ypu’ll never know all the fun you missed!

  25. nickname4anne

    is mi really a word?- my ex tried to use that one all the time and swore my dictionary was just too small. maybe he said it was some type of measurement?

  26. I’ve found that you can’t get away with using “floofy”.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to clean out my Bassomatic, and play around wth a bag of glass. 🙂

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