19 thoughts on “What will you wear to graduation?

  1. I can only imagine the conversation that occurred that resulted in that poor bastard wearing a Pooh cummerbund. I hope to God she was swallowing his sausage when he agreed. As to the Princess Leia wanna be’s– my wet dreams come true! “Let me show you my light saber. I will impale you with it”.

  2. And my folks thought “Enchantment Under the Sea” was a bad prom theme. Sure was better than “Lesbos in Latex”.

    Is it just me, or does Pooh look like he’s taking a leak?

    1. dirty little guild wars necro sluts. mmmmmm. 😈

    2. someone’s gonna get the piglet in the ole eeyore tonight! or maybe she’d prefer his kanga in her roo! or the ole tigger in the heffalump! or the woozle in the winnie! but say…is that Pooh Diddy and Beyore?

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    Truth be told, I prefer the Lesbos in Latex theme myself. That is, unless the other choice was suppose to read Enchantment Under the Sheets

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    Or are they ELE sluts? Hard to tell. 😆

    Ehm, ‘scuse me but you have some Pooh on your dress…

  5. [Comment ID #342075 will appear here] true. we’ll probably have to go pvp on their asses to find out. i’ll bring my smiting rod.

  6. uhhhhm. shouldn’t it be What will you wear to PROM? I’m pretty sure everyone wears the same thing (at least on the outside) to graduations. 🙄

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    Maybe they’ll play a little ‘Pooh stuck in Rabbit’s hole…’

    or to quote Mr. Pooh: “I wasn’t going to eat it. I was just going to taste it…” :wang:

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    Perhaps he’s just making sure it’s safe, what with all the “wild and crazy” women around.

  9. The girls are dressed like characters from Sailormoon Stars. Not Leia wannabes, though it’s a nice thought.

  10. DAMN!!! I thought for sure no one would be wearing the same dress as me!!!! And if you must know Pooh is not peeing, His 8 foot long dick is porking a huge pot O’ honey at the end of the train on the dress. So that must be why her date has that terrible look on his face knowing he will never be able to compete.

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