My new hero

I know this has appeared on a few sites already, but it never stops making me laugh. And it’s all about what makes me laugh, isn’t it?

Mr. Cool Ice


  1. Drusky

    President Bush announces a uniform change for Immigration and Customs Enforcement to allow the agents to pursue illegal immigrants who work in nudist colonies or try to land on a nudist beach…

  2. Lake Effect

    LotD: I’ve never understood the fascination with Sarah Jessica Parker. Witness pics 3, 7, and 11. That website is degrading and insulting to horses by comparing them to her.

  3. J

    I wanna know the story behind that-was it a dare or what??

  4. Chris S.

    ehhhmmm… that has got to be one of the largest dumb tattoos I have seen. ICE ICE BABY!

  5. tinamarie

    What’s with the bow tie on the back of his head?

    OHHHHHHH! That’s supposed to be shades….hmmmm….that makes it sooooooo much cooler.

    Do you think he’s compensating for something? I’d hate to be the chick that has to have sex with that loser. If he thinks he’s so great that he’d wear that tattoo, I’ll bet you can’t get him to hear you when you say “No, it wasn’t good for me.” πŸ˜•

  6. julesOdeNile

    Another attempt at being actually hip n cool gone reeaaally reeeaaally bad! o, well, there’s always “next life”, right? :limp: :puke: πŸ˜• :dead:

  7. The tattooist should have had some fun and put Γ’β‚¬ΛœMr. Coo LiceÒ€ℒ on his back. Buy the time Thag had noticed, the tattooist would have been miles away.

  8. The dude in the lower right does NOT look thrilled to have the Mr Frozen Vanilla Popsicle tat so close to his face

  9. julesOdeNile

    [Comment ID #340370 will appear here]
    mr. coo lice just want’s to fit in….can’t any one just accept him for who he is…..
    πŸ˜• πŸ™ :limp:

  10. Lice, Lice, Baby.

    It’s nice to know that I wasn’t the only one wondering about the snap-on bowtie on the back of his head.

    Here’s a video of him being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest:

  11. Nik

    The horses are more attractive than Sarah… :puke:

  12. patrick

    Could be a bowtie, or it could be the top half of a bikini for a little girl.
    He’s got the same tat on him at least five times. You’d think he could be a bit more creative or original. Identity crisis? Or maybe too stupid to remember his name. “Who am I? All I gotta do is look at my left wrist, or my right wrist, or my left shoulder, or my right shoulder, or maybe strip off my shirt, look in a mirror and try to read backwards. Oh yeah, I’m Mr. Cool Ice. Ice, ice baby. Cool”. :limp: :puke:

  13. Oh yeah, he’s so hot, he needs cooling down. Loser. πŸ™„

  14. :wtf:

    Why the fuck would you do that to yourself on purpose??

    Somebody is crying out for attention……

  15. scamper95

    Well theres an idiot born every minute. He was the idiot born at the minute of his birth. Both parents were slaped by the Dr. after delivery.

  16. Bigwavdave

    I’m bettin’ he’s got a black monster truck parked out front with 6′ high tires. All tat – no dick.

    SJP looked pretty good when she was a youngster. Now, she might as well wait 20 or 30 years and start doing “character” roles…like Ma Kettle.

  17. Lake Effect

    [Comment ID #341051 will appear here]

    That was a terrible thing to say about Ma Kettle. πŸ™

  18. Spud

    What a complete fucktard, who in their right mind would do that to themselves?

    One can only hope that it will wash off, even in time.

  19. ICE must stand for I C Everything… except perhaps himself in a mirror.

    More like ICK!

  20. Timm

    [Comment ID #340457 will appear here]

    That guy’s got more graffiti than a truck stop restroom.

    The first time I saw S.J. Parker was when I was a movie extra for the pilot of the tv show called Equal Justice. I “played” a prisoner in a jail cell. I was looking at her and thinking, “Maybe she has a influential relative that got her into show business.” when the guy who was my “cellmate” was looking and said, “Nice body, Too bad about the face.” I said, “I was thinking almost the same thing.”

    For the first season of the show, they used part of the prison scene in the opening credits. Every week, the back of my left hand was on national television. (haha)

  21. Rufnkdnme

    He went with “Mr. Cool ICE” because the tatoo artist couldn’t spell “Mr. Douche Bag”.

    What a fuck-stick.

  22. look at it this way. his tattoo is warning us from a distance that he is a walking darwin award :dead:

  23. yucca

    Ohhhhhh, He’s German…nuff said.

    I think Sarah has a face like a suede buck, or maybe even a hightop converse allstar.

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