21 thoughts on “Captiontime #236

  1. As for the pic, weird things happen at starbucks in your area. The personal adds just prove that there are some really desprate people out there, and why you ask? cuz their STUPID. and as for the video, I guess the ad didn’t work for him.

  2. Sorority gurls on a scavenger hunt? “We found a stuffed deer head. Now where do we find a stuffed Polish sausage”? Right here ladies! Come and get your love. :wang:

  3. Sorority coeds on a scavenger hunt? “We found the stuffed deer. I wonder where we can find a stuffed sausage”? Right here ladies, come and get your love! :wang:

  4. If this doesn’t work, I don’t know HOW we’ll ever be hipster enough for the cover of NYLON.

  5. Even though Roger had severe side effects from the deer hormone he was taking to make him run faster, it didn’t stop him from being a hit with the ladies.

  6. “Oh deer!” “What is it?” “No, deer!” “Oh, OK.” “No, right there, a deer!” “I thought you said there was no deer?” “It’s right there!” “Where? To our left?” “Right!” “Oh, right? Where’s the deer?”

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