What the—?

Way too young for leather

Color me provincial, but I don’t think girls should start wearing leather chaps until at least their eigth birthday.

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  1. |nSan|ty

    Hrmmm, could be a harley child…. or maybe this was taken in Texas? :mrgreen:

  2. Spud

    nor talk with a lisp…

    Young girl, there’s no need to feel down
    I said, young girl, pick yourself off the ground
    Young girl, there’s a place you can go
    I said, young girl, when you’re short on your dough

    It’s fun to stay at the Y.W.C.A.


  3. alex.r.

    … and men should stop taking pictures of 8 year old girls in leather chaps to post them on the internet 😛

  4. Kirk

    At what age does she lose the jeans underneath the chaps and go bare? I’m guessing probably in her teens…..today’s youth, jeesh!

  5. I agree with the Texas comment…..but still this isn’t right at all…

  6. Coleman

    So this is what happens when Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man have kids… their little girl is growing up so fast (sniff)

  7. Amanda B.

    That’s Creepy! :wtf:

  8. DaPopster

    Biker chic has hit the Oshkosh set ! :wtf:

  9. you must admit she’s got style though, with her hands on her hips and everything.

  10. bhamm

    – “But, Daddy, I really really wanna wear my assless chaps!”
    “Okay, but only if you wear pants under them this time!”
    – “Either of you fellers lookin for a good time?”
    – “Daddy, I hate wearing these things!”
    “Shut up, I think that guy’s interested!”
    – “C’mon, honey, get dressed, we’re going to the store!”
    “Yipee! That means I get to wear chaps!!”

    I could go on for days with this one, Dave.

  11. Craig

    What’s a girl in assless chaps gotta do to get a fuckin $8 cup of coffee around here?

  12. Amanda

    [Comment ID #47641 will be quoted here]

    Golly gee willikers – You must be hangin out it Taylor-tucky again Dave! 😛

  13. Bob

    That’s just wrong on so many levels. Her parents must be democrats.

  14. Moxie

    I ride ,so actually if her parents *are* responsible they will have her in chaps so she doesn’t burn her leg by accident on the exhaust pipes or rip up her flesh if the bike takes a spill. And all chaps are assless, if not they are called PANTS.

    What I want to know, is how is the dude in front of her holding up his pants?
    He has an assless ass.
    I want me one of those. 😆

  15. As recently reported, there is a lot of money in the domantrix business. Maybe she is an apprenticeship program?

    Equally frightening is seeing 7-year-olds in tank tops and skimpy shorts with the words “hot stuff” scrawled across the butt.


  16. SweePea

    [Comment ID #47659 will be quoted here]

    Right on, Moxie. I ride also, and our group is very family oriented. Its more of a safety precausion rather then her just wanting to wear them. Although, whos to say she’s not just trying to be like Dad.

  17. evilqueen

    When I was a kid, I had a horse. I had to wear chaps like that when we went riding on the trails due to my ability to always come back with scrapes, cuts, and poison ivy. (it’s no fun if you just stay on the trail)

    Maybe her horse is parked out front? I would never leave my horse like that. I always rode through the drive through window when I needed get something to eat. Pickle liked french fries.

  18. tenderflower

    Today Chaps. Tomorrow a leather thong.

  19. starhealer

    are you at starbucks agan dave? you know better 🙄

  20. Paige

    Is that like the Breyers ad, only its Starbucks for kids. “For when Junior needs his java.” :java:

  21. Flash Gordon

    Awww, that’s cute! Obviously, that guy with the low-slung pants is
    a Mexican. 😈 😕 :thong:

  22. Craig

    [Comment ID #47745 will be quoted here]


  23. Cara

    Cute picture bad pose. She looks like a beginner biker chick. the whole hands down the pant may be a sighn of an accident or something. Like when my baby cousin had an “accident” she used to stand like that. 🙄

  24. Meagan

    Leather chaps are like so out of style! (That’s me doing my valley-girl voice.) 🙄

  25. Lena

    I’m soooooo confused. what does a 8-year old wearing assless leather pants have to do with a mexican? Will a feng-shui phone make my phone calls in harmony with my well-being?

  26. Drusky

    [Comment ID #47671 will be quoted here]

    Almost as frightening as the parentswho let them…

  27. M'LadyOfDiscipline

    Ok, an official “Pffft” to the fucktards here…c’mon folks…to those who saw something inappropriately sexual…well, there’s a story…Man goes to a shrink…shrink begins to administer inkblot tests, and each response is more obscene and pornographic than the last. Finally the psychiatrist tosses up his hands and declares the patient to be the most sexually perverse human on the planet. The offended patient glares and retorts “Me??? YOU are the one with all the dirty pictures!”

    Ya’ll remind me of that story.

    To those who commented on the rising profit margins of being a Professional Domina? *smiles* Yup….and the work is FUN, not for the faint of heart, and at times….totally takes My breath away.

    For the young (or not so young) ladies…relax and branch out girls….or it’ll be *your* boyfriends/husbands paying Me for the spankings. People wear leather chaps for various reasons. Personally, I sometimes wear leather chaps because clients enjoy it…as do I. I also wear different leather chaps when I’m “knees in the breeze” on my Harley.

    Most likely from the rest of the photo, the child was either on a motorcycle, or playing dress-up…both valid reasons for an eight-year-old to wear chaps.

    *cherubic smile*
    Ms Discipline

  28. harry faque

    [Comment ID #47730 will be quoted here]

    too funny b’gosh

  29. I LOVE provincial! That’s the color I did my living room walls in… very Spring!

  30. Marcus

    One word. Nabokov

    My dog Feng Shuit on the floor.

  31. Susanne


  32. Kinyou

    “Mah Mawmah said ah lookeded sexy in loose leather, and said that when ah turn eight, I can wear tait leater insted”


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