A sickness of the mind?

Replace the word “homosexual” with the word of your choice. Video suggestion by Teri A.

(If YouTube is down at the moment, the video might not display. Just check again in a few)

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  1. Spud

    Without a sound card, I can’t hear a damn thing, so I can only guess at what this is aboot.

    And the guessing doesn’t sit right…

  2. Drusky

    “If he seems overly friendly and tries to gain you’re confidence too quickly…”? Methinks ‘Ralph’ was more likely either a telemarketer or a recruiter… 😕

    He had such a shiny head… I wonder if he can’t see what’s in hismedicine cabinette, either 😈

  3. Anna

    Like Spud I have no sound card and no idea what this is about. I don’t think that old guy is introducing the younger guy to his daughter though (?)

  4. Kirk

    Dang, being homosexual myself….I never find ball players hitch hiking. And now I know that I have to re-think my gay pimp-mobile maybe I should go that 50’s route. And finally, I didn’t know that being homosexual was contagious like smallpox…..hmmmmmm, is hetrosexuality contagious like the mumps?

  5. It amazes me that in this day and age there are Davezilla readers who still use PCs do not have soundcards. C’mon, kids. It’s not 1997 anymore. 😈

  6. Anna

    [Comment ID #47483 will be quoted here]
    Go talk to my boss (I only look you up on company-time …. I’ll even confess that I don’t have internet at home, don’t own a cellphone and take the bus to work — as in backward person).

  7. Paige

    Homosexual or pedophile???I didnt get the whole point behind that film. :wtf:

  8. Spud

    Well my sound card got fried when the cpu chip fan decided to stop.

    I mean to get it fixed, no really I do, one day soon even.

    I can lip though.


  9. Spud

    Oh alright, I’ll admit it, I’m cheep.


  10. bhamm

    – I think the film would be better if it had been narrated by Jack Nicholson.
    “If he seems, ah, overly friendly, heh heh…”

    – Sadly, after this film, ‘Ralph’ was neither heard from, nor seen, ever again.

    – Does this remind anyone else of those “Duck and Cover” filmstrips?

  11. Boy howdy, they had some righteous facial hair back in the old days, didn’t they?

  12. Craig

    You never know when a homosexual is about? ‘Ralph’ needs a hair piece.

  13. Mandy

    Replace homosexual with Republican and it’s 10X funnier. :kiss:

  14. Bjorn Freeh

    The word of my choice would be “Republican”.

  15. Mandy

    [Comment ID #47509 will be quoted here]

    [Comment ID #47510 will be quoted here]

    Echo! 😛

  16. Bjorn Freeh

    [Comment ID #47511 will be quoted here]

    I typed it in, was pulled away from my desk, returned and hit the “add” button. 😳

  17. Ian

    [Comment ID #47503 will be quoted here]

    Used to be one-in-the-same. Sadly.

  18. MrDoug

    Well I am relieved that Sam Davis made that film! All this time when I have been hitchhiking home after baseball practice in my tight white t-shirt and pegged pants I thought all those overly friendly and personal half bald men were good guys who really liked by big bat.

    Listening to this the second time and using Scientologist or Environmentalist, make this much more enjoyable!

  19. MrDoug

    Based on the link of the day I see a lot of Davezilla tattoos being requested…

  20. DaPopster

    Hokey flick, same genre as “Reefer Madness” but swell shots of some great old cars. :mrgreen:

  21. replace homosexual with… Jon Stewart. Now, that is good stuff. ❗

  22. Meagan

    Interesting video. Unfortunately, since I’m using dial-up (it’s my mom’s computer not mine), the damn video kept stopping. Like that video, my mom needs to get with the time.

  23. Pappy

    I’m guessing homosexuals were really scary at some time.. Funny to watch though. 😆

  24. dougieace

    what if father ralph was just looking to minister to young jimmy?

  25. swade

    Hmm – now I understand how homosexuality got confused with pedophiles. It’s too bad that the film didn’t discourage hitch hiking all together. I think it would actually be funny if homosexual was replaced with Body Snatchers :geek:

  26. Spud

    I do remember films like that being played when I was at school, except over here they were done like the old Movietone news reels with some ponce putting on a thick pommie accent.

  27. Flash Gordon

    Replace homosexual with Republican or Mexican. :kiss: 😕

  28. Driver

    I cant stop laughing at the video’s , I think Kev had a sickness of the mind and is now brain dead . :dead:

  29. Patrick

    I’ve seen this film before — you’ve linked to a heavily edited version of the original film:


    If you watch the whole film you’ll learn that homosexuals are given to off-color humor, sharing pornography with teenagers, hanging out in public bathrooms, and life-threatening violence (though no specifics about this violence are ever offered).

  30. Marcus

    [Comment ID #47556 will be quoted here]

    Meagan, press pause when the video starts. Then the video will load as normal and when it is finished you can watch it.

    That video brings back memories. I think that if you thought this was good, you should see the documentary ‘Inside Deep Throat.’ It is a very funny, serious, and sexy movie about ‘Deep Throat’

    The word I chose was ‘Davezillain.’ Common pervs, try it.

    Now a pet peeve of mine. Please forgive me if this doesn’t apply to you. The following really annoys me.

    I have the internet at home. (Gee, I wondered where it was).
    I have internet. (come on! you make it sound like a disease).

    I have an internet connection at home. or I have internet access at home. (this is acceptable)

    I found it on the Internet. (capital ‘I’ when you are talking about the Internet in general because there is only one)

  31. Spud

    Picky bastard…



  32. Timmmy

    I’m using moms Webtv. I complained to webtv (using my user-address) about recent problems. They started the reply by saying, “Dear Bynaditch” which means “Dear Bitch”.
    In the reply they admitted, flat out, that Webtv is 1980’s technology (just as I suspected) and that is what is causing problems, and suggested I get “Super(something?) Webtv which is (only) slightly better.” It’s out of my hands, I have to use whatever comes my way. I guess Bitches can’t be choosers.

  33. [Comment ID #47559 will be quoted here]

    I was thinking the same thing…

  34. Gleeson

    Holy crap the link of the day “Kev” is funny. Touched…truly touched.

  35. mary

    Well, I
    live so far back in the woods and the only choice I’ve got is dial up… and I only got 3 seconds of the film every 15 to 20 seconds…. So I just gave up after what seemed like forever, and went to my hokey little games. “Sigh”…. Just another little aggravation caused by living in the “big woods” at the foot of a mountain in Texas. I live such an exciting life…sigh 🙄

  36. Timm

    Webtv told me to toss my cookies, I said “But I don’t feel sick.” (just kidding)
    But somehow I feel something is missing.

  37. Kate

    thats fucking insulting what the hell is wrong with being a homosexual i may not be there fully but i am bisexual and this movie is just wrong who the hell made that thin!! 👿 :dead: :kiss:

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