What I Learned About Italians from 10 Days in Naples

    Budding Banksy? Nah. Cool, though.

  1. Their local motto is, “If you can drive in Napoli, you can drive in Hell.”
  2. At the outdoor cafés, pigeons are smarter than waiters.
  3. The pizza really is 10 times better.
  4. Pulcinella is either good luck, bad luck, an evil clown or a sex god, depending on whom you ask.
  5. Napoli is full of budding Banksys.
  6. Stone-washed jeans are still alive and well in Southern Italy.
  7. Children not only openly use professional grade fireworks in the streets, they are encouraged to do so by adults.
  8. Texting while driving gives you the right of way.
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  1. I had a similar experience in la Bella Napoli, Dave and can concur with everything you say:

    – Right of way is directly proportional to diameter of testicle.
    – There’s nothing that can’t be done while seated on a fast-moving Vespa.
    – Young Neapolitans ALWAYS wear their sunglasses up on their heads, even while showering.
    – The proper way to dispose of your garbage is to chuck is off your fifth-storey balcony roughly aiming for the container. And if it accidentally lands on the Fiat that’s parked beside the container?…weeellll, whadayagonnado.
    – What I would call a half-inch of delicious tar served in a thimble, a Neapolitan would call a coffee.
    – Indeed, the pizza is to die for…and being Naples, somebody probably has.

    But what beautiful chaos Italy is. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

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