Welcome to New Mexico!

Welcome to New Mexico!

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  1. Hurry folks! It looks like auditions are open for the Nuclear Energy Institute’s production of the ‘WIZARD OF OZ’.

    When a man’s an empty kettle he should be on his mettle,
    And yet I’m torn apart.
    Just because I’m presumin’ that I could be kind-a-human,
    If I only had heart.

  2. Spud

    I am ready now for the sex.

  3. Test subject for the “Nuclear War Strength” Trojan Condoms….now “It broke” can never be an excuse…

  4. rosebuddls

    Dave, loved lol prez, but you should give more warning for videos of people getting Darwin awards

  5. sledge

    Thats one hell of a sauna suit

  6. [Comment ID #183302 will be quoted here]
    I wrote “Disturbing” by the link. Not enough? 😳

  7. StevieC

    [Comment ID #183310 will be quoted here]

    Nope, not enough Dave. Take a look at the second shot again and decide based on that. I stopped watching at that point.

  8. StevieC

    Actually, I thought the clip came from Jim S. Disturbing. Apparently, the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

    I recognize the pic! That’s George Bush in the suit. They’ll let him out as soon as he can say ‘Nuclear’

  9. [Comment ID #183312 will be quoted here]

    ‘Nucular’. Why, Jimmy Carter spent a career as a Navy Nuclear Power officer, then made it to the White House and a full 4-year term without ever learning to say ‘Nuk-Clee-er’ correctly.

    Hazardous Waste cleanup technician ‘Steve’ arrived at the scene of the mercury spill today in Redmond, WA. Reports describe how the residents of the residence were engaged in ‘sex play’, with Mr. John Doe playing ‘an infant’, and Mrs. Doe checking his ‘temperature’ using a rectal thermometer. In ‘an excess of energy’, Mr. Doe ‘rolled over’.

    ‘Steve’ reported that most of the mercury was deposited on the bed where the incident took place. The small amount of liquid metal that leaked from the thermometer was ‘mixed with a small amount of blood’ and ‘other bodily fluids’. The balance of the ‘spill’ was retrieved from the toilet with a ‘minimum amount of other matter’ including minute shards of glass.

    The remains of toilet and bed have been removed to temporary environmental waste storage pending chemical analysis. Mr. Doe was treated and released at Red Eye Butt Hospital and Cleanup Clinic. Mrs. Doe had no comment, except to say “That is the last time I put up with that crap. Now we don’t have a crapper, John can’t sit worth shit, and I am *not* about to let him sleep on the couch when we don’t even have a bed. That asshole may end up living with the hound on the back porch.”

    ‘Steve’ claims ‘I dunno. Weird shit happens, I guess.’

  10. Now radiation free! Though sterile… :limp:

  11. Bjorn Freeh

    A berka made outta duct tape. What will those cwazy Afghans think of next?

  12. junkman

    big deal…you put the suit on. now clean the fucking basement you retard before i go los alamos on your ass with that plastic volkswagon.

  13. “He was turned to steel
    in the great magnetic field
    When he traveled time
    for the future of mankind”
    — Ozzy

    No music note smiley?

  14. AnnieB

    I am ready now for the radioactive bees. 🙄

  15. Beaner

    I am really concerned, four of the toys in the pic are ones that we have in our home! I suppose that i should check the house and make sure there are not any prepackaged men lying around.

  16. StevieC

    Shake over a hot stove for 6-8 minutes and you’ll have enough popcorn to fill the basement!

  17. Guy

    Honey… Now I’m ready for your mom’s visit!!!!!

  18. Guy

    You said it was my turn to change the baby’s diaper :thong: :wtf:

    Skiddi-merinky dinky dink
    Skiddi-merinky doo
    I love Yoouuu
    Skiddi-merinky dinky dink
    Skiddi-merinky doo
    I love youuu
    I love you in the morning and in the afternoon
    I love you in the evening and underneath the moon
    Skiddi-merinky dinky dink
    Skiddi-merinky doo
    I Love Yoooou

    Ok, done. Are you horny now?? Please???

  20. Mikeme

    My avatar loves this one! 😛

  21. pablo

    So many choices, so little ambition:

    Bert shows off his new Disco suit. He had heard that the chicks there were totally hot and he was damned if he wasn’t going to be prepared.

    Being a proctologist is bad enough, but when your first patient of the day works in the Jalapno factory you better be ready.

    Everybody thought Howard Hughes was wierd until they met the heir to the Reynolds wrap fortune.

    The Pilsbury Dough Boy finally gets oven proof.

    This convict thought he was going to beat the system and used his last request for a heat proof suit and rubber shoes. Unfortunately for him he was scheduled for the gas chamber

  22. Flash Gordon

    Demon Robotz R among U, corrupting UR Chirren. 🙄 😕 :wtf: 😈

  23. pablo

    [Comment ID #183297 will be quoted here]

    When aren’t you?

    [Comment ID #183347 will be quoted here]

    Is that another way of expressing Spud’s idea?

    [Comment ID #183291 will be quoted here]

    Again, is that another way of expressing Spud’s idea?

  24. Lake Effect

    I bought this exact same suit to enter my 17-year-old son’s room. (Should’ve spent the extra bucks for the better one, tho.)

    [By the way, little Jimmy Disturbing Jr. is one of his buddies.]

  25. Mandy

    “Welcome to my Safe Sex Video Series” :wang:

  26. Drusky

    Hey, Astryd, I know you said you were hot, but did you have to take a picture of your man in his ‘Honey, I’m ready to go to bed with you’ suit? 😆

  27. [Comment ID #183341 will be quoted here]

    Yes, ma’am!


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