Allergy Remedy

Nikki: “I was too tired for movies last night. Allergies are kicking my ass.”
Me: “Why do allergies have to kick our ass? Why can’t they lightly pinch it?”
Nikki: “Seriously.”
Me: “Or grope it.”
Nikki: “Hehehehe.”
Me: “My allergies are really groping my ass. And it’s kinda nice.”


  1. junkman

    -if lloyd were allergic to these types of women they could kick his ass even worse as they float in and out of his life like dirty ragweed pollen.
    -bush pretends to care about everything. the troops just happened to enter his beady-eyed range of vision today.
    -nog fuckin’ rocks!:puke: :java: :puke: :java: :puke:

  2. StevieC

    Every day is Bush Pretends to Care About the Troops Day. We should send Dave in to challenge him to a ‘nog contest and kick his ass!

  3. [Comment ID #183267 will be quoted here]

    Oh Christ, I’d lose that one. I can’t stomach nog. Now if it were Guinness or strong coffee, I could whoop his assรขโ‚ฌยฆ

  4. sledge

    I’m allergic to guinness but I ‘m ok with Johnny Walker Black. I guess it’s better than having an allergy clawing my throat

  5. AnnieB

    I don’t have allergies but I sure could go for some of that ass groping! :thong: ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  6. family jules

    As a nice girl, I never understood the attraction men have to crazy, sadistic, scary women. Everyone’s looking for love, to be accepted and to feel like they belong somewhere, to someone. I’d much rather be bored and safe in a good strong relationship that lasts 60 years than in a 6 month rollercoaster ending with moving to another state, years of intense therapy and arguing with my insurance guy about why my house “accidentally” burned down. (Tried that once, HATED IT)

    Jeez guys, is it really that much fun to be abused? And on the other end of the coin, is it really that boring to be loved well?

  7. Driver

    No allergies here but I’v got beer and I love groping.

    Is it possible to have a relationship with a woman without drama? [no offence to the Zilla gals]

    Nog without booze…thats just wrong man, no wonder the guy barfed.

  8. Spud

    I guess I’m boring, 30 years of life’s ups and downs and still going strong, keep on walking.

    And has any politician really cared about sending pawns/troops into battle?

  9. armymn205

    damn now i’ve been reduced to a pawn… see u guys only see whats on the media.. let me tell u they lie out their ass.

    we like helping these ppl out.. yeah its a pain in the ass… but unlike the media says.. we are winning

    its slow and some times really bad shit happens but in the end, we are comin out on top.

    anyway enough of politics… dave your story is twisted and maybe just a tad sick. lol

    and im all for the groping… :wang:

    and jules yes guys like the punishment but we dont marry those ppl. well at least i hope not… ๐Ÿ˜•

  10. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #183281 will be quoted here]

    As far as I’m concerned you’re a Knight not a pawn. You up for a game of “chess” big guy? :wang: :boob: :boob: :thong:

  11. Lake Effect

    to armymn205…

    Well said, soldier. I thank you for what you do. I’m not buyin’ what the media is sellin’. I tend to believe the friends and others who have BEEN THERE and have essentially said the same things you have. Hope you stay safe (unless AnnieB launches an action – then you’re on your own!! Be strong!!)

    I salute you.

  12. Feeling Nikki’s pain. I wish allergies would kiss my ass.

  13. [Comment ID #183272 will be quoted here]

    I willingly oblige to that….anything else that needs groped….. :mrgreen:

  14. If only MY allergies would grope my ass or give Betty and Bertha a handshake. Mine are just sneezing my brains out.

    And Lloyd, the neon sign on my forehead says, “Go away, you freak!”

  15. Ronica

    A few years ago I could have happily applied for Lloyds “dream woman” but I got off the stuff and kwit drinking so damn much so today I am “normal” or so the Dr. tells me every week.

  16. [Comment ID #183276 will be quoted here]

    You drink the beer, sign me up for the groping…Shall I lay across your lap, bend over the armrest or stand in front of you, legs spread apart so you can watch the game? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  17. Drusky

    [Comment ID #183338 will be quoted here]

    Is that what they mean by opening the ‘Pearly Gates?’

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