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    Better to wash before going solo, no? And going solo doesn’t necessarily mean you’re alone, right? After that, it slurpee time! Open wide… :wang:

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    Did you mean to say thinking of head?

  2. could someone please lightsaber etch my meat? it would luke cool when i get leiaed. hey…it’s almost the weekend…..punch it chewy.

  3. Re “funny Japanese game show”: In 1989, I spent six months working in Japan at the Yokohama Exotic Showcase (YES ’89),
    a theme park celebrating the 100th anniversary of the city of Yokohama.
    Every Friday, at 8 PM, I and various other American performers would assemble in somebody’s hotel room to watch what one of my Japanese friends said was “Prince Valentine’s Castle”- but what we more accurately called “The Beat-Your-Face Game Show”.

    The format? A photogenic Japanese man in a military uniform (tremendously overladen with faux-medals and decorations) hosted
    a show in which ordinary Japanese, from all walks of life, would run various types of obstacle-courses or physical challenges.

    The bonus? You were assured that every broadcast would show somebody getting incredibly smashed up (if not, indeed, hospitalized!).
    [My personal favorite challenge was where people walked across an un-railed rope-bridge, 40 feet over a trapeze net, while insane men shot them off the bridge w/ volleyballs blasted from an air-cannon.]

  4. I usually neck at night, too. :wang: :thong: :boobs:

    I’m hungover, and I approve this message.

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