Barbarian Repellant

Barbarian Repellant

Image via Jason Macemore. I know I can’t go a week without worrying if the barbarians will be storming the gates of my fair city. This shit outta do keep those bitches at bay.


  1. Memphisbandman

    Capitol One card didn’t work…I guess I’ll try it.

  2. Char

    This might work, unless the barbarians have on their safety glasses.( I love the new Spring Potpourri scent!)

  3. [Comment ID #237709 will appear here]

    Or depressing Goths

  4. Hey, that’s my cousin Sven on the label!

    Now, if they only had librarian repellent…

  5. Drusky

    The Democrats wish they had it when Ahnold ran for office in Caulifornia.

  6. Drusky

    As far as words that women hate, I’ve always found the king of the heap, nuclear weapon strength, end of days word that sets just about any woman off is the word ‘cunt’. Yes, that’s right. The ‘C’ bomb. “‘C’ u n Toledo”. Or just plain “Let me at him. I’ll kill him. OOhhh I HATE that word!” πŸ‘Ώ

    Funny thing is, it’s not quite as bad when ANOTHER woman uses it. Let a man say it, tho… :wtf:

  7. Dave, I fear that our fair city is already filled with barbarians. That’s what makes Detroit so much fun. I especially enjoy listening to the gun fire every New Year’s Eve.

  8. Lake Effect

    If this stuff really works, it’d be a bargain at 10 times the price!

  9. Lake Effect

    Primary election day is 2 days off, and my doorbell is ringin’ off the wall. Please rush me 2 cases.

    I’m apprehensive, and I approve this message. <

  10. Spud

    Does in come in ‘Clown” style?

  11. Mjaz

    Moist is a pretty bad word, but I can stand it in context (ie: the cake is moist). The word that makes me nuts is “nipple”. Arrrrrrggggh!!!! My ex-husband used to call our daughter’s pacifier a nipple, and it drove me bananas. When the plumber was here and had to change the “nipple” on my leaking pipe, I thought I would have a coronary. Give me moist panties :undies: any day, but don’t say the “N” word please!

  12. J

    Someone did mention Arnold but f-it Bring it on Conan! Ha ha ha that would never stop a Barbarian..It may cut grime though-woo hoo!!

  13. Spud

    Okay, I’ll play, wtf is ‘Anti Robot Fluid’ πŸ™„

    Maybe I should just hace another bottle of ‘Professor Clutterbuck’s Relaxer’

  14. Supercharged_goddess

    [Comment ID #237736 will appear here]

    I have to say, the “c bomb” only sickens me when used in a derogatory manner towards me (not other women, just me), and truely ANY time I hear the word twat:puke: I get ill. My MOM calls it that, and honestly, I’d rather eat pussy:cool: than twat:puke: anyday. Twat:puke: feels oogey in my mouth, pussy tastes good. However, moist and panties are good; but moist, creamy panties are the best! :wang: 😈

  15. My mother always swore by the brand ‘Viking-B-Gone’.
    Said it was the only product that cleaned all the way under the rim of the galley.

  16. Drusky

    From the picture on the bottle, it might work on Minnesota Vikings players and their fans as well. πŸ˜€

    [Comment ID #237902 will appear here]

    The act of getting the panties there is even better.

    :wang: :wtf: :limp: πŸ˜›

  17. [Comment ID #238009 will appear here]

    My mother said I’d be but a gleam in my father’s eye if it weren’t for ‘Viking-BO-GoneÒ€ℒ …

  18. TimM

    I can’t stand that Barbarian Repellent, for some reason I always feel sick when I’m around it……… OH Shit, I just realized something.

  19. We’d better buy twelve cases of that stuff for around here because those barbarians go crazy for moist Zillagirl panties! :wtf: :undies:

  20. J

    Keep talking about panties-I dont have a fetish or anything…Anyway Happy Monday if there is such a thing!

  21. I don’t hate any of those words, btw. moist, np. panties, nothing. cunt, twat, nipple, none of them bother me.
    I suppose the only word that comes close would be isles, when used in place of aisles to mean aisles in a supermarket. that BUGS me so bad. πŸ‘Ώ

  22. patrick

    Damn the price. See how well it works. When was the last time you saw any barbarians around here?

  23. junkman

    i don’t like the word pussy. i don’t mind it for a kitten or a wussy but for a vagina i always associated it with pus or pissy. ew. pus. another bad one. penal always bugged me too. :geek:

  24. junkman

    oh yeah. i don’t like the name barbara. is there barbara repellent? it really could have made a positive difference in the world if george herbert walker bush had some on hand back in the day.

  25. The effects seem to only work at 50% against Barbara the Librarian.

  26. Lake Effect

    [Comment ID #238394 will appear here]

    I used some Barbara Repellent on one of those Barbara thingys a long long time ago. She did indeed disappear. I’m guessing she must’ve been repelled in your direction??

    “Sir, the Barbaras are revolting!”

    “Well, they certainly are.”

  27. Anthrax

    “I’m coming to get you Barbara–ians.” πŸ˜€

  28. [Comment ID #237736 will appear here]

    Try whispering it in a husky voice in her ear in the dark.

    Worked for me!

  29. Chris S.

    Hey this stuff comes in pretty handy in the summer when the sun first goes down and the barbarians come out in full force. I used to live near a swampy area and everyone kept some of this repellant handy cuz you just never know when you’ll need it.

    What the heck is it with the word “moist” that women hate? I’ve heard that many times before. What if you are eating some really moist cookies? Do you get angry at the cookies? Oh and another word I heard some women hate is “glisten”. Using those two words together usually required you to use some Barbarian repellant and run like the wind…

    Personally I hate ‘orientated’. 😈 I think I mentioned that before though so I better not get into it again…

  30. Dragonhose

    [Comment ID #237902 will appear here]

    I forgot what was going to say. Dam the Godess got me horny! Can’t type with one hand, gotta go.

  31. julesOdeNile

    i like moist cookies. i went down on this one non-barb and her moist cookies turned me on to the activity for life. i am not ashamed to say I GO DOWN!

  32. Bullshipper

    [Comment ID #237786 will appear here]

    Ineffective against Politicians and the minions you must resort to industrial strength BS Repellent

  33. Dragonhose

    Must be why the Scandinavians have never attacked us.

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