Wait. Wut?



  1. rick

    story of my life’s path 😆

  2. DaPopster

    Finally, a non political neighborhood !

  3. Patrick

    So that means I get to plow straight into that house in the background and when the cops show up- “This is what you told me to do. Write yourself a ticket, assholes. And then contact my attorney cause I’m gonna get paid bitch!”

  4. nuilogad

    Where’s the no parking sign?

  5. Nickers

    Hipster wife hunting : 🙄

  6. junkman

    gosh if the photo included a bit more to the right we could see the line of cars with skeletons in them. indecision kills….slowly.
    p.s. forget hipsters, check out the potential boobsters on cute #9

  7. fruf

    of course thats why there is a car on the lawn
    turn green at the next light
    signs were put up by Bobby-lee and his “special” brother

  8. That leaves only one way to go: up. Now if only I’d taken the hover car to work today.

  9. Pffft! To think that some communities have to put up gates to keep the riff-raff (and the Magentas) out. All we did was put up a couple of signs.

  10. april

    So let me get this right I cant go left and I cant go right now what??? 😕

  11. Rosco

    You can’t get there from here! ➡

  12. Spud

    That can only be Australia. Bureaucracy gone mad…

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