Awesome vs. Not So Awesome

Awesome: Pulling a pair of jeans on, still hot from the dryer on a cold winter’s morning.
Not So Awesome: The metal button on the jeans is so hot, it sears your abdomen.

Awesome: Using TweetDeck to automate Twitter on multiple accounts.
Not So Awesome: Posting a highly personal tweet to your work account.

Awesome: Watching your cat sit upright like Buddha.
Not So Awesome: Realizing your cat just took a dump on your sofa and is sitting in it.

Awesome: Putting fake eyebrows on your dog.
Even More Awesome:Your fiancée taking pictures of it and posting it here.

Photo by ChocolateRazor

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  1. Craigaroonie

    Awesome: 2 new Daves in 3 days! woot
    Not so awesome: the whole mascot and cheerleader thing. It was either staged or assault.

  2. Faith

    Boris is coming to revenge you pug humiliation. Just send him a bus ticket to Michigan.

  3. Awesome: It’s Friday and I can look forward to spending a happy weekend playing with my 4-year old kid!

    Not So Awesome: Him coming into my bedroom at 7.14am tomorrow and joyfully jumping on my pancreas to wake me up because NOW is a good time to play.

    (BTW, your fiancées make-over dog is a dead ringer for Ernest Borgnine.)

  4. He sure is, Lung. With the fake eyebrows, he looks like a gibbon. :wtf:

  5. BTW kids, I am restructuring my schedule to blog more. As in, daily again. I’ve felt terrible that last year I blogged so little. I have three blogs to maintain now, but worked it out in my schedule again.

  6. fruf

    Thanks Dave
    My dog fell in lust with that pug…I don’t know what he’ll think of the augmentations
    Brand new silk shirt that your wife bought for you Awesome
    Your nipples show thru Not so awesome
    awesome…your dogs soft fine fur
    Not so awesome his wet cold nose

  7. Awesome: Putting on a cute outfit to go shopping.
    Not so awesome: Getting splashed by a passing car while waiting at the bus stop.

    Awesome: Taking a great photo of a cute newborn baby, sans diaper.
    Not so awesome: Realizing the little guy took a dump on the blanket after taking the photo. 😯

  8. Awesome: When the waitress flirts with you big time, even if it is just to ensure a big tip.

    Not so awesome: Having your wife remind you that the waitress is 20 years younger than you; that if you were 20 years younger, you still wouldn’t stand a chance; and that yes, the waitress is only doing it for the tip and not to be so gullible.

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