Amusing Duck

Amusing Duck

Lay Egg! Is True!


  1. @baznet

    Where do you find this stuff?! Better yet, keep it coming. I love your tags for this.

  2. fruf

    Reminds me of a menu at a chinese restaurant.
    From the color and style I would bet this is Japanese from the sixties
    Please keep them coming Dave
    Do we have a strong sense of playing?-

  3. No turn left!
    No turn right!
    You bump ‘n go make duck lay egg on lap.
    Only 20 bucks! You like!

  4. Cobe

    Bump’n go? Well, fuck a duck.

  5. Sexy Jamie

    Action…Music…Lights…and Bump’N Go Action Makes me lays eggs also 😉

  6. junkman

    LAY EGG IS TRUE…….no it’s not….i can clearly see 2 eggs…….LAY 2 EGGS IS TRUE……lying fuckers
    AMUSING DUCK…….there is no one else in this picture…….YOU AM NOT USING DUCK…lying fuckers
    LIGHT……you mean the mini supernova at the corner if the ducks mouth…..HE JUST ATE OUR SUN THERE WILL NEVER BE LIGHT AGAIN….lying fuckers

  7. DaPopster

    You must shop at the same 99 Cent store as Jay Leno does.

  8. Jessica

    I like bump and go action.

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