Unlikely candle scents

I bought a candle. The label said, “Fig-Olive”, which sounds like rather a revolting combination, but actually smells quite good. These, however, may not.

  1. “The Toronto” A tantalizing combination of raccoon musk and overturned garbage can
  2. Last Year’s Yogurt
  3. “CSI” Experience forensic science in 8 and 10 inch tapers
  4. Burnt broccoli-melting styrofoam
  5. Unwashed Mawashi
  6. $2 Whore
  7. Wet Dog fur. Nuff said
  8. “The Bender” Tom Waits’ breath after a two week drinking binge
  9. Campground outhouse
  10. State Fair Petting Zoo

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  • rust

    “Moosepants” — Musk and Butt meet to give a provocative odour only a Canadian could appreciate.

  • JFLY

    #1 Primate House
    #2 After the Game
    #3 Sauteed Garlic
    #4 Fisherman’s Wharf
    #5 Basement Musk
    #6 Grandma
    #7 Boiled Kidneys
    #8 Kitty Litter
    #9 Chicago Stockyards
    #10 Leftover Sauerkraut

  • CJ

    How about, “One Week Full Diaper Pail” for a lovely candle fragrance? As for the link, what kind of lame-ass kid is this that he even thought to do this?, and how the hell did he manage to find a prom date to go with him looking like he came out of the recycling bin? And the hair? FRO-NO-NO! BTW, Dave- I’ve been reading for about a week now, and have never laughed so hard at a site!

  • Spud

    odour de toilete
    scent duois puke


  • Bob Boyn

    Diaper filled with Indian food

  • Bob Boyn

    The guy with the coke cans is Screech,right?

  • Davezilla

    I rather thought him the love child of Yahoo Serious and Napoleon Dynamite. 😈

  • Nikki

    Duct tape would have been more comfortable.

  • Merth

    As big of a hit as Napoleon Dynamite was… this kid might have been prom queen… err king.

    Failed candle scents:
    1. Dirty Sanchez
    2. Chili Dog
    3. wet dog
    4. corporate office ambience
    5. cloride & amonia

  • Mikel

    The new Burbon Street during Mardi Gras scent!!

  • mikeB

    I just looked up #5 mawashi. Dude. No. No. No. :dead:

  • jindun

    Is that guys date Kelly Osbourne? Oh, what about Weed & Coors D-light

  • michel v

    And then there’s Slipknot incense. I wonder if it smells like the band backstage after a concert.

  • Anonymous

    How about “ass n’ Sack” That lovely odor eminating from the location in question that men generate after a hot sweaty day in breifs!

  • Anonymous

    “Baby Burp”

    If you have kids – you know what I’m talking about

  • rust

    also failed:
    “GREAT WHITE” — a mixture of styrofoam and burnt hair.

  • Anonymous

    “Levorotary Sweetness”

    That lovely smell that barroom urinals give off a 2:00 in the morning

  • Anonymous

    “Decomposing Passion”

    That ever so pleasant scent that dead animals in your attic give off after dying there 3 weeks ago in the middle of the summer…

  • Bob Boyn

    Spellcheck people! What the hell is a leveratory!

  • Anonymous

    “Neighboring flatulence”

    That wondrous oder that one cubical in every office building has – where the “old guy” sits.

  • MIKE

    The first fart in the morning after a night of beer on tap and pickeled eggs

  • rust

    “Kippers ‘n’ Kabbage” — a lustful fragrance based on English salted fish and German sauerkraut. YUMMY!

  • Themrdoug

    Eteu De….
    Fried Dog Poop ❗
    Hockey bag 😡
    Burnt Hair :dead:

    Coke can tux? Lame. What happened to the old days when you would go to prom for 15 min and spend the next 15 hours drinking to a near death experience?

  • Mumbles

    “Ann Coulter”

  • Dante

    Cum-scented candles?

  • Keith Burgin

    The new scent from Tommy Holefinger… “Urp”

    The scent of a dead man’s rotting nutsack combined with just a hint of jasmine.

  • pappy

    I’ve got one.

    Ode de band members who don’t wear deodorant after a full day of band camp..

    Sorry, personal experience. I had camp this week. Bleh. :dead:

  • Steppenwolf

    Dingleberry Delight

  • C-rolla

    Candle Scents:
    1. Trailer
    2. Fromunda
    3. Tijuana Nights

  • troidious

    :-?…..FOOT DE FUNGUS #5
    Acid Reflux & egg
    More than a memory-
    (onion & cilantro in goat cheese)

  • banda

    1. Upper Decker
    2. Bong Water
    3. Fraternity Carpet
    4. Bourbon Street
    5. Holding Cell
    6. H1B Contract Programmer
    7. Septic Tank
    8. Forgotten Tupperware
    9. Jock Itch
    10. City Garbage Strike

  • ramjet

    i say felching farm fields– meaning a piss infected cum bubble dripping from an anthrax infected sheeps asshole! sick sick sick

  • Natalie

    Cat Breath Scent would be pretty bad.

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