Things I never want to see happen on The Sims

  1. Nude clown orgies
  2. Goat oil-wrestling
  3. Snacktime with Michael Jackson
  4. Republican boner contest
  5. Goatse ability
  6. Jack Ozbourne-Paris Hilton lovefest
  7. Projectile Leprosy plague
  8. All Sims women become Ann Coulter
  9. My Albanian neighbors
  10. Yanni soundtrack


  1. That the “Ponderosa Nature Camp” (Freelton, Ontario) should become the “official” nudie colony. Far better the Four Seasons Strip Farm and Pervert Park (home to Nude Miss World).

    I fear encountering cybernetic recreations of my parents…

  2. 11. A debate of two moderate candidates for Mayor of Sioux City (I’d die of boredom).

    12. Cum-shooting contest

    13. “How to make gruel in 12 Seconds” with Steve Allen

    14. “What happens if you put a kitten in the microwave?”

    However, we can all agree that one thing I would want to see would be Nikki and Mandy wrestling! 🙂

  3. JFLY

    I love the Sims (still obsessed with Bustin’ Out)!!! Yes, I am a sicko addict…sigh…but I have a renewed interest thanks to the cheat codes my daughter found…LOL

    #1 More hideous decor…Queer Eye could really do this game some good.

    #2 An even uglier or more annoying mother who walks in on you while you use the toilet…I swear she IS my mother-in-law.

    #3 Even crappier cars…what about a nice Vette or a cool Jeep Wrangler…a Jaguar, maybe?

    #4 An even freakier choice of men to sleep with…OMG :limp:

    #5 A worse profession…why don’t they just make crack-whore an option?

    #6 More psychotic kids…hell, the killer clown child isn’t reason enough to practice abstinenece?

    #7 Even worse music…at least the Vice City series has actual songs and original artists.

    But I do have a blast re-creating infamous celebrities and torturing them…:evil:

  4. memer


  5. Simon

    …The Sims III


  6. Mikel

    Blow Job contests

  7. I have never played the game but, here goes…

    Things I do not want to see on the Sims:

    11. Televised Sims bowling tournament
    12. Sims Texas Hold’Em tournament

    13. Sims characters sitting in front of the computer playing Sim City for hours on end.

    14. Sims characters updating their blog…
    ie. “Today, I ate a digitized cheese sandwhich.”

  8. “How to give yourself a blowjob!”

  9. Anonymous


  10. MIKE

    Graphic pictures of the substance that makes panties stick to the wall

  11. The results of a NAMBLA patch. :dead:

  12. Spud

    Well I’d like to see the simms breakout into all out total war, from sticks and stones, all the way to nuking each other.

    yeah, I’d like that.


  13. Mandy

    I wouldn’t admit that too loudly around this crowd, Pedal Princess. :kiss:

  14. Mmmm… nude clowns…

    SHIT! Sorry, did I type that out loud?

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