Danger! Man with two penises approaching

Danger! Man with two penises approaching
Danger! Man with two penises approaching


  1. mikeB

    Looks more like he has udders :limp:

  2. mikeB

    Hear the one about the man with five :wang:s?

    His pants fit him like a glove. 😐

  3. Esther


    He could make a good living off of bachelorette parties.:wang::wang:

  4. smizzy

    Double the pleasure…. double the fun…..



    what..? you thought I was thinking about something else? 😈

  5. ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    Having two penises is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

    In fact I think I speak for all males in saying that it would only get most of us into twice the trouble.

    Buying underwear would be quite a challenge as well as knowing which one of the aforementioned penises wanted to pee at any given time.

    When drunk the prospect of controlling both jets would be daunting to say the least and I would pray to God that I wasn’t standing next to a big guy should loss of such control occur.

    The very alignment of such genitalia would almost certainly turn the unfortunate bearer into a spinning “Catherine wheel” of piss.

    I once knew a dog with five dicks………….

    They were called Lulu and Take That.


  6. ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    Dave, It appears “The Interested Party” is from Holland AND for anyone else out there. NEVER ask Stacy IF she is a writer!

    To “anon,” a.k.a. “An Interested Party,” whose IP address is, which traces to Amsterdam, NL … you obviously are a new reader here.

    Not only am I a writer, but I am a performance poet, a singer, a songwriter, a publicist … the list goes on. Yet I hesitate to be defined by what I do, nor what I write, for I have never fit into a single category, a single definition.

    Since you have not been reading for very long, I shall forgive you. However, those who know the unwritten rules of the blogosphere also know that it is only common courtesy to leave a valid e-mail address when leaving a comment, should anyone reading a comment care to contact you off the blog.

    So far, you have left nine comments on my blog, from 10/19 until 11/17, all by the same IP address, but none by a valid e-mail address. Should you continue in this manner, expect to be banned from commenting.

    — the management

    Posted by Stacy at November 17, 2004 06:55 PM

    You have been warned!


  7. Spud

    Verrrrrry interesting…

    ve haf vays off making you talk


  8. ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    The reponse inspiring…….

    Dearest Stacy (AKA “the management” – & don’t we know it!),

    An Interested Party is now extremely confused about where they are from. Davezilla said we were from the UK & you’re saying the IP address is from Amsterdam NL. The two are different countries aren’t they? Have to confess that the Interested Party unfortunately doesn’t reside in Annas land (would love to though as it is the only place been back to more than thrice. It’s a beautiful country. Not so keen on Amsterdam though. Prefer places like Rotterdam or even Arnhem).

    As for the question asked, “Is Stacy a writer?”, you have responded as predicted. This is a four worded question – one being one of your many professions, another being your name, and the other two Is & a, no swearing, just a clean question. In the UK (can only speak for here in the UK as this is home. Could be that it is the case elsewhere but having only one home / one IP address can only speak for here in the UK) a question put to you in this manner is classed as merely “cheeky” and you would expect to maybe get a witty comment back about what writing is, or maybe challenge them to writing (which would of been the best option as not writers), or at worst just ignore it. But once again you have chosen to take the question personally (you sensitive little flower you). Your response then being the aggressive approach of “This is MY website & people will write what I like”. What happened to freedom of speech? Ever thought of running for president?

    As for the “unwritten rules of the blogosphere”, it appears that it is only your site (that have come across) where it is compulsory to enter an email address. What if you don’t have access to email? It is possible to access the net without an email account. What if you don’t want to be contacted other than through the site you left your comment? The whole attraction of the internet is that you can say your piece (obviously not on this site) without anyone knowing more than you wish to tell them, isn’t it?. Well done for broadcasting the IP address. Why don’t you set your site up so you can scan all the comments before they are put onto the site? Then you’d have full control. Or you could just delete what you don’t like.

    Anyway this will sadly be the last comment left here by the Interested Party as it has been made VERY clear that the Interested Party will now be banned. Only plea is to the Rev to get his own site or write that book you spoke of as will now be unable to read your funny posts that keep us going at work. When do you get your column on Davezilla Rev?

    Posted by An Interested Party at November 18, 2004 05:26 AM

    I think we have a WAR on our hands folks!



    Are you a writer?


  9. If you guys are having a blog war, don’t include me. I’m like Switzerland, man. Keep me out of it. 😕

  10. Caution, Sex With Fences May Cause Chafing.

    P.S. Is this a message board or a comments page? 🙄

  11. mikeB

    Post about :wang: and people act like :wang:


  12. An Interested Party


    Not having blog war. Can’t be arsed. Just like reading the Revs stuff & if you’re told that you’re right to read it is going to be taken away due to a little tantrum then you wanna find an alternative way to read what you like. Apologies if you feel like you’ve been dragged into it. Was not the intension.

  13. Cheap Date

    HOLY MACKEREL!!! His peni (isn’t that PLURAL for penis?:roll:) are coming out of his LEG! And where is that one BEHIND him heading??? :wtf:

    On a side note: Dave, it appear the natives are restless, might I suggest some more boobie pictures to sooth the savage souls?

  14. Not every post has to show pictures / illustrations of genitals.

    Davezilla rules due to comedy of the absurd… not because we see a set of :boobs::boobs: covered by a bra – covered by a t-shirt.

    The dual peni fence lover from Fucking, Austria is looking for his cow car after drinking too much abstinate-tine-ire-stuff… 😮

  15. An Interested Party

    Cheap Date,
    Why don’t you just get a mag off the top shelf sold in any newsagent? This should suffice your needs. Or simply visit a website dedicated to that crap. I could recomend one but I wont.

  16. Cheap Date

    Merth, I KNOW that, “Not every post has to show pictures / illustrations of genitals” (by the way, there are no spaces before and after a slash. :roll:) HOWEVER comma…….the air was tense between a few already and a nice boobie is always a good distraction. 😛

  17. Cheap Date

    AIP, what seems to be your problem? I don’t recall addressing you when I wrote my side note, so why are you in such a huff??

    I was trying to change the air in here but it appears that I am a victim of your little playground.

    That’s fine, I hope you get reamed. You obviously can’t handle the “big boys” so, piss off.

  18. ReV.JeLLyBaBy

    A Tri-Catering comment to ease the tension:

    :boobs: = Distraction for Cheap Date

    :geek: = Well said Merth. Davezilla prides itself on humour and monkeyshines, not tits and asses (except for a treat)

    :kiss: = Hey chill out! I see no boobies before me.

    Let’s just talk about nice things eh? Like bunnies, kittens and double dicked individuals climbing fences.


  19. An Interested Party

    Cheap Date,

    Was just offering you an alternative. Didn’t feel any tension until comment 20 appeared.

    If you could give directions to the playground that’d be good

  20. Cheap Date

    hahahaha, the boobie wasn’t to distract ME! If I want to see boobies I stand topless in front of the mirror. I have nice boobies!

    Some (other) people are just BOOBS!!! oops, was that OUT LOUD???

    BTW, is the man with the peni dancing? Is that the danger??

  21. Cheap Date is correct as always. :boobs: make everyone calm.

  22. Esther

    Goodness! Here everybody, have a nice hot cup of cocoa (w/the little marshmallows):java:, and just sit back, and enjoy the little stick man with the two penii.:wang::boobs::smile:

  23. Spud

    I’ll have a Jack Daniels with ice thanks.

  24. re: Cheap Date:;,



    (No ‘spaces’ were harmed in the writing of this post.)

  25. Spud

    You seem to have got around the line breaking gnome there Merth.

    *clap clap clap*


  26. Esther

    /passes out apple cider, Jack Daniels, and cookies…:kiss:

  27. Spud

    /passes out

  28. Esther

    My cookies aren’t that bad! :wtf:

  29. I think all of us that saw your “cookies” enjoyed them.


  30. TinaMarie

    Oh, for Christ’s sake (I don’t know what he has to do with it, though) can we all stop snickering and bickering and deal with the poor dancing man with the two dicks.:wang::wang:
    Did you hear about the man from Mexico who had two penises?
    He named one Jose…
    And the other Hose B! :wtf:
    (Hose A, Hose B, get it??)
    Okay, so it’s a lame joke. But at least I’m sober (sex is better that way–when I’m drunk my ass gets numb, and that’s a fun-killer in a big, BIG way) and friendly. Very, very friendly. :boobs::wang::boobs: (My favorite way!)

  31. For crissakes, can we keep the kibbitzing to a minimum and stay on topic to the post at hand here?

    If you’ve got a problem with me, the website of mine that you know of, or anything else having to do with me — keep it out of Dave’s house and e-mail me directly. To bring matters that have nothing to do with Dave or Davezilla.com over to his site is just plain tacky and immature.

    I don’t really have time for shit like this, but I did respond to this so-called “Interested Party.” However, it was on my own site … for that is the place for it, not here.

    FYI: In short, yes, I am a writer.

    But anybody who says:

    “…if you’re told that you’re (sic) right to read it is going to be taken away…”

    … obviously is not a writer, nor are they an accurate reader, for look as they might, I never once claimed that the ReV’s posting privileges would be taken away, nor did I claim that anybody would be blocked from viewing that blog. Just commenting, that is all.

    Apologies to Dave for having to address this issue here, but little did I expect that matters in my house would somehow find their way into his.

    Now about that man with two :wang::wang: …

  32. h0h0h0

    are you sure it’s not just long lips? :wtf:

  33. mikeB

    (peeks up Nikki’s tapdancing skirt)

  34. Linds

    That’s from Niagara Falls… I have a picture of one of those signs because I thought it was amusing, but I’d never noticed that before!

  35. That’s where I took the photo too. Good call. But how did you miss the hemipened individual? :wang:

  36. Mandy

    If men had two penises, work would never get done. 😛

  37. mini-descriptos… (2)
    people throwing stones
    smart cars
    small spaces
    bad advertising
    train wreck
    danger sign
    living space

  38. mini-descriptos… (2)
    people throwing stones
    smart cars
    small spaces
    bad advertising
    train wreck
    danger sign
    living space

  39. mikeB

    I hear an echo.

  40. mikeB

    I’m still trying to figure out what the 39 is. Number of times he’s caught his units on the fence?

  41. Tassö

    620 comments? :dead:

  42. Anonymous


  43. Cookie

    :roll:never seen anything like your websitethanks 4 the inlitin’ cookie

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