Translation exercise

In all likelihood, the BMW-owning yuppie fucktard that ordered this plate meant it to imply SLEEP WITH ME. But is that really what he meant? I can think of a few other translations and I’m sure you can, too.


  1. SLeeP WiTh MainE
  2. SLaP WhiTe MicE
  3. ScaLloPs With TiME
  4. Sea Lions Pay Willingly To Mount Emus
  5. What are your suggestions?

Photo taken by the ever-vigilant Ken

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  1. Chris S

    Small Little Penis With Too Much Ego

  2. AnnieB


  3. junkman

    S.ome L.osers P.retend W.heels T.ranscend M.arital E.masculation :geek: :limp: :geek: :limp: :geek: :limp:

  4. AnnieB



  5. sledge

    Society of Losers,Pissants,With Time on their hands

  6. Spud


    – SLeeP With Tim-E (Timmy)
    – Sit on my lap with Timmy
    – Sheep Live Peacefully, While They Masturbate Everywhere

  8. StevieC

    No matter how you work it, it still translates to LOSER.

    Mr. Z, I’ll have to see about getting you a pic of my plate – CARGASM

  9. yankee04

    Super Little Pecker With Tiny Mites Everywhere

  10. The Natural EMP

    Slept with Mamie Eisenhower :wtf:

  11. rosebuddls

    Dave & Natalie, glad you liked the video. :boob: :boob:

  12. Bjorn Freeh

    Vanity plates are so silly. Who’d want one?

  13. StevieC

    [Comment ID #193482 will be quoted here]

    Me. It’s just another way of personalizing your vehicle and, in some cases, showing a sense of humour.

    Two of my favourites:
    Saw a sweet looking gal (early to mid-30’s) in a convertible. The plate was BDRMIIS (bedroom eyes)
    On a black Boxster – 6UL DV8 (sexual deviate)

  14. [Comment ID #193482 will be quoted here]

    My first car was a 1991 Ford Festiva I bought from a salvage lot for $500 in 2000…my baby :kiss: . $100 paint job changed it from turquoise to a custom metallic purple or blue, depending on who you ask, that looked black in the shade (mixed left over paints from my uncles shop), windows tinted for $15 (if you are close enough you can see the overlap from where we couldn’t figure out how to handle the curve of the glass), $7.99 blue flame borders on the windows, FUCKING LOUD ASS Muffler “fixed” with a Coca-Cola can is now only a loud ass muffler so you can only hear me coming from a half mile away instead of 2, and has a bumper sticker that says “Normal People Scare Me” and another that said “Don’t piss me off, I’m running out of places to hide the bodies”. Stickers are peeling, the speedometer and odometer don’t work but it still runs and serves as the “Just in case the new ones leaves me stranded” car. (…sad…) 🙄

    License Plate= MTYMOUS 😆

    I now have a Gold 2002 Buick Century Limited Edition with power everything and I can’t think of anything for the vanity plate! :wtf: When I see the MVD issued license plate (### PCM) I can’t help but think of Pac Man.

  15. SLaP WhiTe MEat
    Such Lazy Person With Too Much Effort
    Self Loving Punk, Mindless Egotist
    TRY OUR NEW: SLoP WiTh Meat
    Stop Lousy Pervert WiTh MotE

  16. Drusky

    You know you’re going to make SteveC moist with all that car talk. You know his ideal probably would be Female, Hot, sexy, and can quote from car manuals…
    Added bonus would be if she came with a ‘carfax’ report so he could see any ‘hidden damage’… 😈

  17. crash

    Single Lady prefers Women To Men

    Cool Video Take from me these things actually happen i have 9 chiwauhas 4 puppies 5 siamese kittens and three adult siamese cats. Everyone of them has a different personality, and do crazy things our bed is always full evry nite, so when I and my wife want to engage in marital bliss we have to keep the door closed
    if not there was this time where we were going at it and didnt notice the door being opened well we found out real quick when i felt a tongue licking my arse and it wasn’t my ass. needless to say well the dog is fine now. 😛 :puke: :wtf: 👿

  18. crash

    typoe it wasnt my wifes 😛 😳

  19. StevieC

    [Comment ID #193555 will be quoted here]

    My gf once asked me if I would ever leave her for another woman. I told her that it depended on what she was driving.

    She laughed and I reminded myself that it wouldn’t be in anyone’s best interest to let her know that I was serious.

    I’ve had women who have dated me because of my cars and women that I’ve dated because of theirs.

    After all, beauty is only tin deep.

  20. StevieC

    SLPWTME – SLeeP When TiME – translated means “once I’m done working two jobs and doing 20 hours of overtime each week to pay for this piece of crap that’s depreciating faster than I can pay it off, I’ll get some sleep”.

  21. Flash Gordon

    Stupid Little Prick :limp: Who Takes Messy Enemas. :puke: 👿 😈 :wtf:

  22. So I was
    Please don’t tell me you’re here
    Emerson, ‘cuz I heard he was a total jerk when he dumped Stacy.

    As for the video of the day, my pussy is fairly protective of Betty and Bertha too.

  23. Spirit. Thank you for direct-port nitrous injection, four-core intercoolers, ball-bearing turbos, and titanium valve springs. Amen. 😈

  24. Hmmm… I was thinking,”Sleep With Time”. So I had to think of another one,:idea:and came up with “Slap, Whip, Tie Me”.:wtf:

  25. Drusky

    [Comment ID #193597 will be quoted here]
    There you go… Now SteveC’s gonna have to change his shorts and take a cold shower… 😈

  26. boc

    😛 slpwtme
    1) SLeeP WiTh ME 💡

  27. StevieC

    [Comment ID #193625 will be quoted here]

    Nah, just gonna have to take Astryd for another cruise 😈

  28. Driver

    Slut Likes Pricks With Thier Meat Enlarged

    Meagan- If I feed your pussy some meat first then will it let me play with the girls 😀

  29. mikeB

    [Comment ID #193568 will be quoted here]

    9 Chihuahuas?!? :wtf:

  30. Chris S

    Salami Laced Potato Wedges Taste More Enjoyable

    Stupid License Plates Will Turn Mankind Evil

    Personalized plates are funny sometimes, but I just don’t like them overall. They are expensive and most people get lame ones. I saw a lady with one that read “MNILWFN”… It took me about 10 seconds to figure it out. Manilow Fan. :puke:
    Then I noticed there was a Barry Manilow bumpersticker as well so the plate was pure redundancy on top of it. Who the hell cares if you like Barry Manilow? You don’t need to broadcast that little nugget of information to everyone on the road. What if Barry Manilow ruined my life and now all my years of hatred for him come bubbling to the surface and I focus that hatred onto YOU MNILWFN by crashing into your car killing us both in a firey ball of twisted burning metal?? Not that I would do such a thing. Barry and I made up years ago but she doesn’t know that. Her plate could have killed her!

    What a waste of money. 👿

    I thought about getting my own plate to protest vanity plates but that would kind of defeat the purpose. Something like “UR DUMB” “3MTA3” (you have to see that one in your rearview mirror) “PLATE” “NOPHNZ” “JST DRV” “PRSNLPLT”… but I think the novelty would wear off after about a week and then I’d be stuck with a stupid plate. Oh well. At least there are people like this guy to make fun of out there.

  31. [Comment ID #193619 will be quoted here]

    Now that sounds like my kind of license plate. If only I HAD a car…

    [Comment ID #193653 will be quoted here]

    Maybe, but I think you’ll have to pet her for a little bit first. 😈

  32. [Comment ID #193642 will be quoted here]
    No cold shower necessary, I’ll cool him down… 😈

    **Baby let’s cruise
    Away from here
    Don’t be confused
    The way is clear
    And if you want it, you got it forever

    So, let the music take your mind
    Just release and you will find

    You’re gonna fly away
    Glad you’re goin’ my way
    I love it when we’re cruisin’ together

    Baby tonite
    Belongs to us
    Everything right
    Do what you must
    And inch by inch we grow closer and closer
    To every lil part of each other
    Oooh baby yeah
    Let the music take your mind
    Just release and you will find

    You’re gonna fly away
    Glad you’re goin’ my way
    I love it when we’re cruisin’ together** 😆

  33. Jay Laverdure

    “Slip It To Me”(Him).

  34. StevieC

    [Comment ID #193710 will be quoted here]

    Now see, this is the difference between a woman’s mind and a man’s …. 😈

    Sittin’ on the line
    Tryin’ to change her mind
    Red light, yellow light, green light time.
    You’re standing on it buddy
    But she’s chilly as a Tastee Freeze

    Ease it over, son
    I’ll show you how she runs
    Screamin’ like a Demon
    When the quarter mile comes
    Crankcase cookin’, that’s her manifold destiny
    Now she might run cold for you
    She runs hot for me.

    She runs hot for me
    She runs hot for me
    She runs hot for me
    Now she might run cold for you
    She runs hot for me

    She’s got a fire in her veins
    That’s high octane
    When her heart starts pumpin’
    Her cylinders are jumpin’
    Then I give it to her slow
    And she gives me back the low ET’s
    Burnin’ down the line
    Ten seconds time
    Half an hour later
    I can still accelerate her
    ’till we’re out of Hardin County
    And in another Galaxie …
    Now she might run cold for you
    She runs hot for me

    [repeat chorus]

    Now she might run cold for you
    She runs hot for me

    C’mon Astryd, let’s show ’em how it is done! 😈

    Oh, and the song is called “She Runs Hot” by Little Village

  35. officeratt


  36. officeratt


  37. Tater Salad

    Mkay heres wat I came up wif.

  38. Tater Salad

    ears a nother un

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