Caption Time #184

Caption Time #184

Image via Mandy. Proof that women are not as ladylike as they claim to be.

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  1. Driver

    Sadly Jane realized to late that she should have lit Marys ass blast from beside her and NOT in the line of fire, and though holding her nose saved her sence of smell unfortunatly her hair will never grow back.

  2. crash

    3,2,1, Blast off!

  3. It’s nice to see that Lindsay Lohan continues to be such an inspiring role model for so many young girls around the country.

  4. Chris S

    In what would later turn out to be a very profitable decision, the directors of “Girls Gone Wild” decide to move in a slightly different direction after what became known as “The Flatincident”…

  5. Ditzy blondes, Jill and Kate, were willing to do anything to win the Darwin Award because they were convinced that “Darwin” was actually a 6’4″ hunk and the award meant a date with him.

  6. Dr. Roxx

    Fire in the hole!

  7. sledge

    they call it the Blue Flame

  8. StevieC

    Not very impressive. When a Zillagirl does a blue flame, she holds her own lighter!

  9. mikeB

    [Comment ID #192996 will be quoted here]

    Now, that’s class. :puke:

  10. yankee04

    After the squrril incident NASA announces it’s new rocket and the improvements they have made.

    Can anyone say ACME!!

  11. Ditzy and blonde do seem to go together. One rarely hears of a ditzy redhead, for instance, although I suppose LUCY would qualify. Anyway, beware the back pressure!

    Regarding the pose on the floor…’nuff said, ‘eh? :wang:

    Are these Mandy’s chums? Did she take this herself?

  12. The video of the day hase some history. The electronic insturment being played is the same type used by on the Beach Boy’s Good Vibrations. It was developed in the 30’s or 40’s by (I believe) a German scientist. He took it all around the world giving demonstrations and was all the rage. He also happened to be a spy for the Germans and his invention gave him access to many people and areas not available to others at that time. I’m sure a there’s a zilla-geek out there who can fill in the name of the device, the inventor and some actual facts.

  13. chainstay

    Not fair, there should be a before, during, and after shot. Or perhaps they are celebrating the release of Paris. Quite apropos.

  14. OK, I couldn’t leave for work without getting the real poop…The original instrument was called a THEREMIN, and was invented by Leon Theremin, a Russian, in 1919. It’s an interesting story and you can get all the details at Wikipedia. Look up Theremin.

  15. Ronica

    Stand back – she’s gonna to blow!! Holding the nose helped the stench but she will never again be the sweet girl her folks remember :wtf:

    After years of hearing about this incredible experiance from her older brother and his friends, she had to try it when she thought no one was looking 💡

  16. I couldn’t help but comment on this….

    my best friend and I have tried this, and went so far as to try capturing her gas in a plastic container, lid it, and drop a match in.

    sadly, none of it worked. 🙁 :wtf:

  17. Vicki Hobbs

    So, Bigwavdave….are you a self-proclaimed “Zilla-geek”? 😆

  18. “Regarding the pose on the floor…’nuff said, ‘eh? :wang: ”
    This is how things get started…

  19. Alexa-Too many variables but… 😳 it works. :puke: 😆

    Do you thik it may have been all that beer that made them do this?

  20. AnnieB

    Gives new meaning to “blowing your brains out”. 🙄

  21. Drusky

    Still trying to decide which orifice will emit flame first… 😆

    “Zippo announces it’s new line of lighters for men. Called the ‘Crotch-Igniter’, It comes in brunette, redhead and blond. The new slogan: Why flick a Bic when you can flick this?” 😈

  22. “Post-op, Pat and Dawn do their best re-establish their manliness the only way they know…” :wtf:

  23. Mikeme

    This is how the Chicago fire got started. Bessie was not a cow! 💡

  24. Flash Gordon

    [Comment ID #193117 will be quoted here]

    Cute brains. AnnieB, how do you change your avatar
    so frequently? 😕 😕 :wtf: :wang: :wang:

  25. Bjorn Freeh

    Not able to afford a genuine Theremin, Jill and Kate opt for a cheaper sound (but still better than bagpipes)

  26. Randy

    CH4 + H2S + 2O2 → ass scorching blue flame :undies:

  27. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #193071 will be quoted here]

    [Comment ID #193183 will be quoted here]

    Just one side of my multi-faceted personality. Having been raised by a teacher, I’m always looking for the facts. This is how I know CH4 = methane, is a highly combustable gas. The hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is also combustable and highly toxic is large enough concentrations as well as adding that lovely aroma.

  28. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #193071 will be quoted here]

    [Comment ID #193183 will be quoted here]

    Just one side of my multi-faceted personality. Having been raised by a teacher, I’m always looking for the facts. This is how I know CH4 = methane, is a highly combustable gas. The hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is also combustable and highly toxic is large enough concentrations as well as adding that lovely aroma. :wtf:

  29. Bigwavdave

    Somebody STOP ME!

  30. Can anyone help?
    What does this mean?…anybody…anybody…
    “meraba wei gehstes ıhnen türkey”

    So far I got Hi…or Hello…the rest is bla… I’m also assuming türkey means Turkey… ❓

  31. Spud

    [Comment ID #193193 will be quoted here]
    Shut the fuck up then! eh?

  32. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #193197 will be quoted here]

    It’s kind of a Turkish/German blend that essentially means “Hello! What’s cracking (up) with you?” 🙂

  33. yankee04

    Norelco announces it’s new line of razors.

  34. bowler

    Janet decided that she’d ask her friend Anne to do a test run on this new “Brazillian Burn” hair removal technique before trying it for real at the clinic…

  35. BryGuy

    These are the kinds of parties Mandy attends?

    Count me in.

  36. Janet and Lynn were dying to find out. See, Eric claimed that when the school cafeteria served asparagus, 12 hours later his fart-flares burned green.

    After several days of testing, and one appallingly distinctive area of damage to an old pair of jeans, the girls determined that Lynn’s farts always flared green, while Janet’s gas only burned green on asparagus days (Mondays, this last couple of months).

    When the girls reported their findings to Eric, they were horrified to learn he was just out of the hospital. Seems fart flares in the locker room, without a protective layer of cloth, combined with a controlled, slow release of gas, could lead to problems. Trying for that haungting ‘Squee-e-e-‘ sound, Eric has crossed that magic threshold between entertaining and injury. The burnt smell of hair from his butt was annoying, but the 3rd degree burns on the lower 2 inches of rectum bid fair to complicate his life for the next three or four days. Do fart flare scorches peel after three days, like with sunburn?

    Lynn was happy Eric wasn’t hurt worse; Janet was pissed Eric talked them into their ‘research’. Janet’s living room would probably smell strange for weeks! Not to mention explaining Lynn’s everyday jeans and that interesting burn mark.

  37. Russ

    💡 💡


    Is this how the brazilian trick is done?

    It would be nice to get some feminine insight on this one.

  38. [Comment ID #193217 will be quoted here]

    Thanks, I needed that!

  39. [Comment ID #193070 will be quoted here]

    I want to go on record saying that I think you’ll fit here nicely…..and apparently at one Mandy’s Ass-Scorching, Hole-Drilling, Couch-Burning Parties…….

  40. Just should’ve said “fit in here nicely”…..I guess for my above comment and the caption for this edition……


    “The Beginning of a New Party Game, Ass-Lighter Twister….where the only one NOT engulfed in flames wins.”

  41. “Regular foreplay no longer makin you hot? Has your sex life hit a dead-end? Learn how to improvise after a 30 pack and a lost strap-on.”

    [Comment ID #193476 will be quoted here]

    I see from your avatar you’re the first one out! 😆

    Thanks AnnieB! At first I thought he was asking if I liked turkey… 😀 I couldn’t find a decent online translator that would help me with this one…
    Besides German OR Turkish I couldn’t figure out what it could be…
    I sense this one will be a very difficult and frustrating friendship… ❓

  42. Drusky

    [Comment ID #193474 will be quoted here]
    The same parties where they’re running around with their clothes around their heads… (see Village Idiots) 😆

  43. [Comment ID #193474 will be quoted here]

    Don’t forget the BDSM Retreats I hold every month. 😈

  44. OMG! Is this from the video from that new country song, ‘I Want To Check You For Ticks’!?

  45. Cynical Villain

    Ready the lighter…this is going to be a big one. White Castle will do it every time.

  46. mikeB

    The Bush twins demonstrate that alternative forms of energy ARE possible.

  47. Is it too late for a caption?

    “Maybe we can scare the gerbil out!”

  48. StevieC

    [Comment ID #193704 will be quoted here]


  49. “Fearing cancer in the lungs, throat, mouth, etc regular smokers have resorted to other measures in fulfilling their nicotine needs.”

  50. cha

    [Comment ID #193197 will be quoted here]

    I get something like: ‘we welcome guests to turkey’

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