This will not end well

This will not end well

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  1. Note to Self: Never again invite wild animals to nibble on my nuts.

  2. Da Popster

    Nothing like BEGGING for trouble, now is there? ❓

  3. You have to admire a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, his nuts on his shoulder and his ass between his ears.

  4. Mandy

    K, is it me, or is that guy not much bigger than the squirrel? :wtf:

  5. zinta

    That’s a squirrel? Looks like a huge pipe cleaner to me.

  6. Jack

    Out of ammo, got to get dinner some how.
    Dave, the wheelchair video is awesome!!!!

  7. Ravishing Rob

    Ok … I’ve heard of nuts in Brazil, nuts on a wall and even nuts on a chin, but nuts on a shoulder?!? :wtf:

  8. Chris

    screw the peanuts there is a much bigger nut holding them 😈

  9. junkman

    nice chair.

  10. Patrick

    Next up on Stupid ER Admits- “A squirrel raped my mustache!

    Hope he wasn’t too surprised when the squirrel went berserk. Squirrels like big goobers.

  11. Sher

    Are those nuts on your shoulder ? Or are you just happy to see me?

  12. Umm .. It’s a metaphor? ‘England, it’s nuts, and for the squirrels, too?’ But why would a soccer fan make fun of the England team?

    At least it isn’t that annoying, repetitious Badger, Badger, Badger stuff. ‘Mushroom, Mushroom’, eek!

  13. Mitch

    I’m not even sure the person in the picture is alive.
    Might this be some sort of “Weekend at Bernies” with an all-squirrel cast?

  14. sledge

    looks more like a giant caterpiller .

  15. Nunu

    Another hapless person falls victim to Donald Trump’s hair…

  16. Beaner

    I wonder if he could train the squirrel to wrap around his neck, it kind of resembles a shrug, or boa, or whatever the animal thing is that morons wear around their necks.

  17. Sher

    “Say hello to my leettle friend”

  18. scamper

    I guess that guy wants his nuts busted. I’m in a wheelchair but I think I’ll pass on the stunts, I spent my time in the hospital already.

  19. Spud

    Well that’s just plain nutty.

  20. Great. Just what the world needs. A giant nut-eating furry caterpillar.

  21. pablo

    After seeing Canteen Boy on Saturday Night Live just one time too often, Bruce decides to offer up his Schweaty nuts. (we’ll see who is a SNL fan here)

  22. [Comment ID #79412 will be quoted here]

    If only it really were his last.

  23. runnineric

    Whoah, thta wheelchair video was awesome, but it seems like that’s something Jackass would do, only with more falls!!

  24. Bigwavdave

    Mandy – Are you sure that’s not one of your pet ferrets? 😈

  25. brown suga

    👿 If that was on Jackass and the stunt was being done the way they do ti then it wouldn’t require more than one person or fall. What’s with all the nuts, there may not be any nuts on this one at all for all we know. 😮 :wtf:

  26. Timm

    I can’t get the video. It’s just as well I don’t learn any stunts because my wheelchair’s falling apart just from regular use.

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