This will not end well #3

This will not end well #3

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  1. Spud

    My money’s on that ladder being made of aluminium, creating the perfect conduit to the other half helping out.

    Slightly seared and charcoled can be the only outcome.


  2. chinabear

    sum fokes’ll nevah eata skunk but then agin sum fokes’ll – like cletus the slack jawed yokel.

  3. junkman

    sparky and buzz do their high wire act? how high are they to think this is a good idea? this truly could be the stairway to heaven.

  4. Cynical Villain

    Looks like a bad game of cat’s cradle.

  5. pablo

    Chuck & Bob , angry over the fact that their blow dryer didn’t work while they were in the bathtub, decided to climb on up abd see if the power was on.

  6. Russ

    So that’s how one steals cable and becomes a Darwin statistic? 💡 :wtf:

  7. Bjorn Freeh

    That had better be one hot neighbor sunbathing behind her privacy fence. Of course, the subtle approach they’ve taken to peek is amazing in its simplicity.

  8. pablo

    I like d the video. It looked like that goose was looking for a gander. Or is it the other way around?

  9. Mikeme

    Hillbilly high wire act. Way too much beer!

  10. Mandy

    Mac & Cheese is a 69 year old woman? :wtf:

  11. Drusky

    “Well, c’mon, Clem! Of course those wires are harmless. Lookit all those birds sitting on them and they’re o.k…” 😈
    “I’ll betcha 10 bucks and a beer that I can put my ear against the line and hear the phone call coming…”

  12. Chuck and Sal enjoyed today’s fine weather. Their supervisor, assistant manager at AutoZone, had somehow got the idea that Smurf season had just started.

    Well, the whole idea sounded nuts, like some kinda kiddie prank like a ‘snipe hunt’. But the weather was nice, and the boss said ‘go!’, so they went.

    And right where the boss said, the damn Cable TV wires were hung with Smurfs. From the ground they looked a but like oddly spaced bats hanging from the upper (Shield) wire, where you wouldn’t find bats out in the daylight. Sal held the ladder as Chuck climbed up and bagged one after another of the sleeping purple dudes and dudettes. Why, making rear view mirror dangly thingies would be really cheap, and sell well. With 2 dozen already bagged and locked in the truck, they kept collecting the silly, sleeping Smurfs.

    Privately, though, Chuck wondered. Even though the boss said ‘go! fetch!’, and claimed that Smurfs were in season, Chuck worried. See, here in Greece it is illegal, and quite right, too, to hang a real Smurf from your rear view mirror.

  13. Beauford McKenna, the best lightning rod thief in the county puts his young apprentice through some basic training.

  14. Flash Gordon

    Throw me up them wire cutters, Pablo. WE’ll soon
    have cable tv. Told you I could do it. 🙄 😕 :wtf: :dead:

  15. Cara

    Looks like some one didn’t graduate from elemeterary school

  16. pablo

    [Comment ID #85178 will be quoted here]

    Mind if I squirt you down with a little kerosine first?

  17. “ZZZZAAAAAPPPPP!!! Hey check this out! I gots me an afro, Billy Bob!”

  18. lucky

    Sure its safe you’ve seen those birds on that wire all the time.

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