The truth behind FUPA



Acronym for “Fat Upper Pubic Area”; common misinterpretations include “Fat Upper Pussy Area,” “Fat Upper Penile Area” and “Farting Under Pelicans Asses.” Also, often confused with FUBU, an overpriced brand of clothes that suburban caucasian adolescent males wear to impress suburban caucasian females who associate the clothing with large genitalia. From the Urban Dictionary

OK, we’ve all seen FUPA before. It’s not a new phenomenon. What is new to me is seeing skinny women with FUPA. How is that possible? I suspect, and follow me on this, that FUPA may not be a ring of fat, after all.

I believe it to be a transport device, a container, some type of subcutaneous satchel. The real question is, what the heck is in them? My guesses are:

  1. Drugs
  2. Illegal pets
  3. Spare cellphone batteries
  4. Colonies of super-intelligent ants
  5. Water supply (like a camel)
  6. The DaVinci Code
  7. Lipgloss
  8. Maps to the stars’ homes
  9. Celery sticks
  10. A homing device for the Mother Ship

What are your theories? Today’s image provided and modeled by the lovely Megan, who is actually quite beautiful and does not sport FUPA of any sort.

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  1. evlmister

    the pod people have moved up a step, dave, and have engineered a new form of mobile pods, able to blend in.

  2. It’s an evolutionary body part whose only purpose is to store shit (:thong:s and weed).

    Either that or a huge appendix.

  3. Anna

    Always thought you pronounced it as 4 (without the R)Pa (The French “Faux Pas”)as in “misstep” as in “preggers”.

  4. Spud

    hah, that was funny lung

  5. Mine holds what the rest of my fat does: remnants of sausage egg mcmuffins and Dr. Pepper.

  6. Standing on Soap box:
    FUPA is common everywhere these days. Most of today’s kids are FAT and soft/cheesy.

    We live in an obese society.


  7. Brad

    I’ve always heard it referred to as a pitcher’s mound as well.

  8. JFLY

    it’s an “outie”

  9. Frisko

    I have to agree that it is a collapsed colon, much like Elvis had, filled with….well….poop.
    See belly button pix posted long ago for more details.

    Running far away.


  10. That picture is of ME with a fake fupa!!! Oh my God! How did you find that picture? You came to my blog and didn’t even say hello after using my pic??

  11. Hair balls, spider webs, snips and snails & puppy dog tails.

  12. DK

    Way back in my misguided youth, I stole some very large glass ashtrays from a dance club by stuffing them down my pants. When I attempted to enter another club later that same night, the bouncer informed me I’d have to “check” the ashtrays I had stuffed in my shorts. True story.
    Long story short — they’re stolen ashtrays. 🙄

  13. Spud

    Nobody got the Tony Clifton look alike reference?



  14. I did. Tony Clifton was Andy’s most brilliant hoax. 😈

  15. Spud

    Yes he was/is …


  16. honey bunny

    you’ve been reading craig’s list too much, dave.:limp:

    -girl with a FUPA

  17. Pot

    It’s actually a “sperm sack”. All that sperm has to go somewhere, so it collects in that area.

  18. chuckywoodson

    It is not a FUPA. It is a FROP. Fat Roll Over Pussy.

  19. ohwiseone

    FUPAs are an artform. It takes years to develope such a comfy armrest while none are provided.

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