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  • eagleman

    👿 the frie’s here are to die for!

  • Bigwavdave

    Don’t do it Tweeter!

  • StevieC

    Where McNuggets come from.

  • AnnieB

    Dive Bomber!

  • Patrick

    “I thought his form was really good. He showed great extension. But his feet were a bit splayed on the takeoff. I give his dive an 8.5. That puts him in third place for the first round of the ten meter platform diving competition”.

  • fruf

    Don’t eat at Mickey D’s or you’ll be too fat to fly

  • Nicolette

    Perhaps he wasn’t invited to the “Chicken Party” as advertised on the sigh behind him??

  • Mandy Fish

    For a second I thought the words behind it read: “Chicken Parts” but then realized it reads: “Chicken Party.”

    Then again, that’s equally weird.

    Maybe the chickens have it out for sparrows?

  • Bec

    I think he has issues with the Chicken Party…he was on the edge anyway, and this set him off

  • StevieC

    To Kill A McMockingbird

  • Meagan

    He took a nose-dive straight into the deep-fryer. “My McNuggets are unusually crunchy today.” :wtf: :puke:

  • Drusky

    Finally, the employees aren’t the only peckers there… 🙄

  • peaches

    [quote comment=”630363″]To Kill A McMockingbird[/quote]

  • caity-j

    i think he was quite pissed he wasnt invited to the chicken party. lmao 8)

  • Jay Laverdure

    In the latest recipe against corporate madness- “The Sparrow Arrow”:
    Take one small bird, stuff with C-4 & a pressure-detonater and…

  • Jessica

    Talk about crashing a chicken party. 😛

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