Suicidal bird

suicide bird

Image by Ion Grosu


  1. eagleman

    👿 the frie’s here are to die for!

  2. Bigwavdave

    Don’t do it Tweeter!

  3. Patrick

    “I thought his form was really good. He showed great extension. But his feet were a bit splayed on the takeoff. I give his dive an 8.5. That puts him in third place for the first round of the ten meter platform diving competition”.

  4. fruf

    Don’t eat at Mickey D’s or you’ll be too fat to fly

  5. Perhaps he wasn’t invited to the “Chicken Party” as advertised on the sigh behind him??

  6. For a second I thought the words behind it read: “Chicken Parts” but then realized it reads: “Chicken Party.”

    Then again, that’s equally weird.

    Maybe the chickens have it out for sparrows?

  7. Bec

    I think he has issues with the Chicken Party…he was on the edge anyway, and this set him off

  8. He took a nose-dive straight into the deep-fryer. “My McNuggets are unusually crunchy today.” :wtf: :puke:

  9. Drusky

    Finally, the employees aren’t the only peckers there… 🙄

  10. peaches

    [quote comment=”630363″]To Kill A McMockingbird[/quote]

  11. caity-j

    i think he was quite pissed he wasnt invited to the chicken party. lmao 8)

  12. Jay Laverdure

    In the latest recipe against corporate madness- “The Sparrow Arrow”:
    Take one small bird, stuff with C-4 & a pressure-detonater and…

  13. Jessica

    Talk about crashing a chicken party. 😛

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