Stupid Tattoos No. 2

It’s been three years since I wrote Part 1 of Stupid Tattoos. I’ve thought of a few since then. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone
  2. The Coke vs. Pepsi Challenge
  3. Scabies
  4. The Louisiana Purchase
  5. The Polish Bicycle Team
  6. Kerry’s Health Plan
  7. Someone else’s nipple
  8. ReV.JeLLyBaBY and mikeB living naked in a cave
  9. Bill O’Reilly having phone sex with his female employees
  10. Toho’s attorneys


  1. Spud

    Num 1. Scary, be afraid, be very afraid

    Num 2. I like brand X

    Num 3. I can see that being effective

    Num 4. Only on my manhood (actually Louisiana Limp) the full thing in working order ๐Ÿ˜†

    Num 5. Those guys will never have childerens if they keep that up.

    Num 6. I don’t understand

    Num 7. Preferably someone you know

    Num 8. I spewed coffee laughing at that one

    Num 9. Bill O’Rielly is just plain scary

    Num 10. Yeah, on their collective arses


  2. Esther

    Thought of another one:

    The logo of that LostWorldsInc site.

    Time to wash my eyes out with lye.:dead:

  3. Lace Valentine

    Well as for those who get really tribal with all their piercings and tattoos, I think they should not be driving an auto. They need to be forced to walk or ride a horse like normal indigenous people.

  4. Margaret

    What about those who think they are getting real Japanese characters, but when translated by someone who knows Japanese, they are told the characters means nothing.

    This weekend in the Netherlands I saw a GROWN LADY with a Hello Kitty tatoo on her back.

  5. My brother and his friends have never claimed to be geniuses. But once upon a time, about 6 or 7 years ago, my bro’s friend Jeremy (a.k.a. “the weird one” … whom I always thought was the most “normal” of them all, but I digress) decided that he wanted to get yet another tattoo.

    You see, Jeremy was the one guy out of the group of good ol’ midwestern boys who opted not to wear the Carhardt jacket, Dickies, same haircut as all the other guys, and trademark goatee. Nope, Jeremy was the guy I had the crush on … for a while. Jeremy shaved his head, sometimes had a goatee, but not always, worked out a lot, had a nice body, drove a Jeep rather than a Chevy truck, and had lots and lots of tattoos. He also had great taste in music. While the rest of the guys were listening to whatever was on CK 105.5, the local cheesy pop Top 40 station, Jeremy was blasting classic rock like AC/DC or Led Zeppelin out of his Jeep. I. was. in. love. :kiss:

    Then … his true intellect started to show.

    … along with the collective intellect of the rest of his buddies, including my older brother.

    Jeremy wanted another tattoo. He wanted a tattoo on his arm that said “WAR CHILD.” Why? I’m not sure if he even had a reason or a meaning behind it. But, his body, his prerogative. So he, my brother, my brother’s best friend Eric, and one of the other guys all went to the local ink shop with Jeremy.

    Between the four of them, plus the tattoo artist, nobody could figure out whether “WAR CHILD” was one word, two words, or hyphenated.

    To this day, Jeremy has a tattoo on his right arm that says WARCHILD.


    Needless to say … after I saw that tat, and found out the story (as he proudly was trying to tell it to me and show it off) … I quickly decided to move on. ๐Ÿ’ก

    I know that somewhere out there, there is a hot, baldheaded, muscular, tattooed man … with good taste in music, and … at least half a brain.

    I don’t ask for a lot. Really. :wang:

    This study break true story has been brought to you by a caffeinated bad kitty. Time for another cup of coffee. :java:

  6. If you want some Chinese or Japanese tattoos, I have got tons for you:

    Hanzi Smatter

    so, what did I win?

  7. By the way … for those here who are loyal members of the good Rev. JeLLYBaBY’s congregation, I have given him posting privileges at my litterbox for a while.

    I decided to take a hiatus. I picked a handful of my favorite people to keep my readers entertained while I’m gone from that site. I think this hiatus is going to be a longer one than a shorter one this time.

    So hey … if you can get enough of that zany Brit (and I know I can’t) … go check it out! He’s made a couple posts already.

    My other guest posters are totally worth checking out, too … there’s another kitty that will be posting soon, and boy is she PISSED! (

    I’ll be around the Internets, though … just not in my litterbox. :kiss:

  8. Anna

    HEY, what’s wrong with a seahorse tattoo? I got one on my :boobs:. Come and check it out and you’ll see that both are really nice.

  9. actually Anna … the policy around here, is that YOU have to show US. Click the “Gratuitous Fan Pics” link at the left, and you’ll see what we mean. :boobs::boobs:

    … think of it as sort of a … um … hazing ritual bat mitzvah.


    *raises glass* :java:



  10. Spud

    Quite correct dear Stacy ๐Ÿ˜†

  11. Anna

    Sorry, can’t go showing of my beautiful and bountiful :boobs::boobs: on the net. This has to be ‘in person’.

  12. Anna

    Oy Dave, yours is nice. Still, I won’t show mine.
    Ciao bambini …. weekend!!

  13. Margaret

    I should have taken a picture of Hello Kitty girl, but I was distracted by the lady in 3 inch heals, riding her bike, making a left turn at one of the suicide corners while talking on her cell phone.

  14. mikeB

    I’m too distracted thinking about Anna’s :boobs::boobs:.

  15. Spud

    seconded ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Kewl tattoo here in dictator-ravaged Chile is the “PIN-8” which is pronounced “peen oh choh”, also known as the “tatu tata” (gramps tatoo). Especially favoured by women who usually have it placed over the left :boobs: as homage to the old murderer.
    There’s nothing like watching the bastard as you… :boobs::wang::boobs:

  17. Dave, it looks as though you might have #3 already on your arm ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. 3a. chicken pox

    The link of the day should be labeled “design hazardous to men’s (and women’s) health”. I didn’t even stay long enough to see what kind of site it was, it was just too painful to look at.

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