At some point, you’ve surely heard a friend or coworker say something like, “That person should not be allowed to breed.” Well, those people did breed and their spawn all migrated to my city. As you can see from these two photographs, our freaks are not your ordinary tinfoil-hat-wearing, no-sock-having, nine-coat-sporting hobos that you might see in cities like New York or Los Angeles. Ours are a special kind of wrong.

Spot the freak

The closeup view is even more confusing:
Spot the freak, close up

32 thoughts on “How to spot a freak

  1. double low fat soy latte on the rocks shaken not stirred please? :puke: wow these folks have GOT to cum to reality some time. EW.

  2. DaveZ, regrettably I live in a rather ‘normal’ place. I wish I could follow you around on your daily adventures just once so I could see all the oddities, curiosities and abnormalities of this alleged ‘Royal Oak’ place. Can such an incomprehensible place truly exist? How do you sleep at night knowing that, in just a few hours, you are going to venture out into the bizarre, otherworldly streets of this legendary Michigan to gaze in open-mouthed awe at the circus-like population of your ‘royal’ kingdom? If only I could find such exquisite entertainment so easily.

    Here in simple Ohio I have to pay for thrills like that. :limp:

  3. [Comment ID #266682 will appear here]

    It all depends on who’s penis you’ve been looking at?

    I can honestly say it doesn’t look like mine.

  4. This looks like a screen shot from a video game.

    I’ll go first and keep shooting until I miss, then you can have a go.


  5. Props to you, Dave. Normally one would have to spend $10-$50 to get buzzed enough to see that. Here, it’s free… :wtf:

  6. It’s amazing how Mandy always bring us pictures and videos showing guys at their best… πŸ˜›

  7. [Comment ID #266682 will appear here]

    Any self-respecting man knows you need to ditch the ribbons and trim your penis eyebrows a bit more before you go out in public.

  8. [Comment ID #266638 will appear here]

    Ah, a man after my own heart… you think faster than you can type. πŸ˜› :kiss: :wang:

  9. Another sure fire way to spot a freak:

    Find Dave. Search the area around Dave. A 20-foot radius will normally suffice (10-foot radius if Dave happens to be in his local Starbucks). This method will result in freak spotage approximately 90-95% of the time.

  10. Claymation gone wrong.
    [Comment ID #266682 will appear here]
    I hope to never see a penis with two nub on the tip…I take it’s supposed to be like horns or ears or something……wrong I tell ya, just wrong……

  11. dave are you sure this wasn’t a farrah fawcett flash back? isn’t that lee majors with her or kate jackson’s borrowed dildo? she may be a crazy farrah offspring but she looks do-able. am i wrong men o’ zilla ?????????? πŸ˜•

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    It’s very much like shooting fish in a barrel only that it’s easier to feel sorry for the fish…

    [Comment ID #267383 will appear here]

    Glad you’re still around, Master S. Don’t be such a stranger…

  13. [Comment ID #267617 will appear here]

    Sorry….I’ve been around the whole damn time, but I’ve been really sick as of late….yes, Dave, sick again…… kinda goes with the territory…..

    But I’m back now….as much as I can be…..

  14. I found an outfit just like it in the back of my mom’s closet under the parachute pants. I have the urge to catch some day-glow fish.

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