Separated at birth

Separated at birth

I am so sorry for hardly posting lately. I have been traveling a lot for work (since November actually). A lot being every single week. Not all hotels have reliable Wifi or even Ethernet cables. Amazingly, the cheaper the hotel, the better the Internet connection and easier to sign on. Stay in a pricey hotel and the connections are as stable as Gary Busey on a bender.

Image on right via Raymi the Minx. Left image via TSG


  1. Lake Effect

    Dad? :wtf:

    Grampa? ❗

  2. Lake Effect

    BTW…being “busy” with “work” seems like a very lame excuse. I never heard Mr. Google or Mr. Yahoo or Mr. Amazon even attemptto use that one.

  3. donnhw

    :wtf: Are we SURE that both of those aren’t the same person?! 😈

  4. DaPopster

    Before and after photos ……… just what of before and what of after we aren’t sure and perhaps better left unexplored. The uncle we never admit to? :wtf:

  5. Drusky

    I can see the simularities really well..

    1) Both have hairstyles having something to do with sticking one’s privates in a wall outlet.

    2) Both have that ‘full of happy thoughts about life’ look.

    3) Both have shirts cut from the same Salvation Army rejected sofa.

  6. donnhw

    Ah, drugs are bad, M’kay? 😆 😛

  7. Amanda B.

    Re: video o’ the day; :wtf:

  8. Patrick

    The photo on the left is the “after photo, specifically, after Mssr. Busey has had his daily tumble in the clothes dryer! See how alert and revived he appears, ready to carpe the ol’ diem, so to speak. And it even knocked off his days growth of whiskers and restored his hair color. Such a deal!
    Dave, no apologies necessary. What others might think you lack in quantity, you make up for with quality. We are flexible, we will adapt.

  9. Chris S.

    lolcatz must die. (I can hears thems now….”i iz ded!”)

    I wonder if Gary’s son will end up looking as crazy as his old man… oh wait a minute… nevermind.

  10. Nick Nolte is no Gary Busey, but he looks like good ol’ Gary after he had his skull cleaved!
    The guy on the right looks like the caddy in “Happy Gilmore” after a big bender! :puke:

  11. Nolte was bad, but the other guy looks like Gandalf with a $500 dollar a day hobbit, er habit.

  12. Remember kids, don’t drink and dye… or tattoo for that matter. And then let someone take a picture of you in that state. Seriously, you’ll never live that one down. 😳

  13. Flash Gordon

    AnnieB’s Uncle Clovis on the left an d her loving Granddad on the right, just after
    they had escaped from the Oklahoma Home for the Incurably Silly Probably someday
    AnnieB will run out of relatives. Meanwhile here’s looking at you, Kid. :kiss: :boobs: :thong: :wang:

  14. Spud

    Nick Nolte has the ‘after’ look going, yeah, after a 3 day binge, being locked up and just standing outside the lockup on the morning after. 😕

    The other guy just looks kinda dazed and confused. :wtf:

  15. J

    i like panties-can we see some hot chicks again?

  16. Chris S.

    😳 😕

    I can’t believe I didn’t catch that mix up between Busey and Nolte… for shame for shame… although they could be related. That would be one heck of a family reunion…

  17. :wtf: The video of the day reminds me of a place I used to work at. Everyone there was mindless sheep, and if there ever was a REAL emergency, don’t bother with the EMS, just call the morgue. Fuckin’ morons! 👿

  18. Flash Gordon

    I believe Nolte and Glen Campbell were separated at birth. Check it out at
    the Smoking 😕 :wtf: :limp:

  19. Jack

    Dave, re your being slow to post, I think that nothing should get in the way of your providing us lay-abouts with entertainment. Thus, you should QUIT YOUR JOB!!!! and continue to post. After all your family can always live on welfare but we need entertainment!!!

  20. oh i didn’t even know that was busey damn i love him.

  21. junkman

    for lack of something better to discuss i thought i should tell you it was my birthday yesterday and now both moses and jesus have died on that blessed day. :dead:

  22. Well, at least their shirts are bright.

    HFB Junkman. May you be blessed with images of naked zillagirls for the rest of your days!

  23. Nolte – Busey…more like cloned…..or I’m just too drunk to tell the difference

  24. HFB Junkman. May you be blessed with images of naked zillagirls for the rest of your days!

  25. Not only has the crazy bastard on the right been “drinkin’ da Kool Aid,” he’s also shampooin’ with it!

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