34 thoughts on “Captiontime #228

  1. The cougar likes ’em young and talented… 😈

    Seriously, this kid is a up and coming star:

    Shirtless – check.

    Guitar in hand – check.

    Picture taken in the middle of a really satisfying multi-beer belch – check.

    Band member in the background dropping his pants in front of the ladies – CHECK!

    Hey, Flash, was this picture taken at your in-laws house? 😛

  2. As young Tommy breaks out with his rendition of “Helter Skelter” his Mom does the Tango, his Dad pees his pants and his Aunt Cheryl turns toward the door and yells “Someone call 9-11!”

  3. Chris Farley, the early years. His family was very influential on his career development.

    RIP Chris

  4. Pa drops his dacks, just like he did last year and the year before that and the year before that….

  5. Gary Busey, the impressionable child.
    “When do i get my motorcycle, Mom?”
    (so i can gtf out of here)


  7. hotel detective work…….from the bottom right corner notice the way the guitar points to buck owens’ crotch. then meryll streeps elbow picks up the movement transferring it through the breast and down her right arm which curls in towards the erect napkin. the solid block of white moves the eye from the napkin through the table back to timmy the dunce completing the circle. if you look at timmy’s face (the focal point) and then follow the line of his body you hit gramma’s go go hands. her right hand is upturned directing the eye toward bucks reflected image in the mirror. the curve of his spine takes us down the line of his left arm (shape like an arrow leader) pointing directly to the arm of the guitar leading us back to timmy to complete the circle on the right side of the photo. in essence our minds/eyes are tricked into following two infinite loops. it’s not a far stretch to deduce that the person taking the picture may be an inbred, cross-eyed, compositional, fucking genius at a republican party convention.

  8. Uh, Junkman, how many times did you watch “The DaVinci Code”? How about, too many. LOL

    I spy with my own two eyes- linen napkins placed in the glasses, indicating “none for me thanks”; a half empty bottle of Crown Royal on the table and a bottle of Chivas Regal on the sideboard. I think the family that lives there accidentally left the back door unlocked and the gypsies snuck in. Once the drunken revelry began the family vacated and prayed that at least the frame of the house would still be left standing when the gypsies rode off into the morning light.

  9. [Comment ID #268928 will appear here]

    No, no, no, Drusky! You’re confusing this with AnnieB’s annual baccanal and
    fish fry. :wang: :thong: :boobs: 😕

  10. I feel sorry for this kid’s music career…..I think he may be attracting the wrong kind of groupies……..

    And see Drusky, I may be a little slower now, but I’m back…….my apologizes for making you miss me………so who else missed me? 😈

  11. And what the the hell….is that…..is that a full bottle of whiskey on that back table……now there’s a crime being committed………..

    Oh…almost forgot…caption…….

    “It just ain’t a family sing-a-long without somebody losing some clothing.”


    “Hell yeah Dad, what was that shit? It shore didn’t TASTE like apple juice.”

  12. Ooooooh, it’s looks like everyones’ messed up relatives go together for a group photo. :puke: :wtf: Things you see when you ain’t gotta gun ……….. 😀

  13. No question this kid rocks, he has people taking off their clothes already

    Then again it could be a group of those super delegates we hear about doing that Cacuas thing…

  14. [Comment ID #268928 will appear here]

    Gramps!!! Stop encouraging him!! We don’t want him playing ‘The Stripper’ at kindergarten graduation!

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