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  • Nickers

    Santa only has a Naughty List. :boob: :boob: 😈

  • Bigwavdave

    Will drive a sleigh for SEX! :wtf:

  • fruf

    Santa Pit Bull
    No reindeer just a Harley
    His nickname is “Spike”

  • StevieC

    Popeye lost his boat when the fish market crashed. He finally summoned up the courage to tell Olive Oyl “I yam what I yam” and that he was leaving her for Wimpy. Seldom seen these days, you might still catch a glimpse of him fishing bottles out of garbage cans in order to support his ongoing spinach habit.

  • junkman

    note to self…..plug chimblee…..leave tree in forest……leave sock in drawer….slather roof in ky…..

  • nuilogad

    Santa isn’t so jolly in the off season

  • Cobe

    Papa Smurf gone bad.

  • rust

    Didn’t Santa recently do time for breaking and enter?


    THEN, will I get that new X-box for Christmas? 💡

  • CornBot

    I did not realize Santa was of Pekinese descent.

  • DaPopster

    Santa finally breaks, enter rehab and then goes back out after countless years of cookies and milk ……….

  • Patrick

    This week on “Intervention”,-Santa, the Frisco years.

  • Lung the Younger

    By the expression on his face, it looks like Gandalf’s One True Ring is a bit sore after last night.

  • Timm

    Santa Claus’s secret shame, his evil twin, Stanas Claus.

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