Santa decides to man up his image


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  1. Nickers

    Santa only has a Naughty List. :boob: :boob: 😈

  2. Bigwavdave

    Will drive a sleigh for SEX! :wtf:

  3. fruf

    Santa Pit Bull
    No reindeer just a Harley
    His nickname is “Spike”

  4. Popeye lost his boat when the fish market crashed. He finally summoned up the courage to tell Olive Oyl “I yam what I yam” and that he was leaving her for Wimpy. Seldom seen these days, you might still catch a glimpse of him fishing bottles out of garbage cans in order to support his ongoing spinach habit.

  5. junkman

    note to self…..plug chimblee…..leave tree in forest……leave sock in drawer….slather roof in ky…..

  6. nuilogad

    Santa isn’t so jolly in the off season

  7. Cobe

    Papa Smurf gone bad.

  8. Didn’t Santa recently do time for breaking and enter?

  9. GUPPY

    THEN, will I get that new X-box for Christmas? 💡

  10. CornBot

    I did not realize Santa was of Pekinese descent.

  11. DaPopster

    Santa finally breaks, enter rehab and then goes back out after countless years of cookies and milk ……….

  12. Patrick

    This week on “Intervention”,-Santa, the Frisco years.

  13. By the expression on his face, it looks like Gandalf’s One True Ring is a bit sore after last night.

  14. Timm

    Santa Claus’s secret shame, his evil twin, Stanas Claus.

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