32 thoughts on “Caption Time #302

  1. I’ve been wondering where DUCT TAPE MAN was, I haven’t seen him since he got into that sticky situation.

  2. Before we snicker, just remember;

    This suit is taser proof, (for that wild night on the town) and snake-bite resistant….maybe. It’ll hold you together during those tough times and it beats being wraped up in red tape.

  3. wrap the head and eons later seinfeld zealots will be debating whether or not they’ve discovered the shroud of costanza.

  4. All I have to say is “Does anyone have a can opener” as he looks for an escape route….. 🙄

  5. three things are true about this guy
    1. he is single
    2. his friends hate him
    3. one of those friends is named jerry

    ‘heeeeelllloooo laaaadddies, no need for a condom when you can’t get it out anyway.’

    jason alexander in his new role of spokesman for a new line of trojan condoms, ‘the heavylifter’… for those who cant KEEP it up, let trojan help…

    duck tape fixes ‘almost’ everything

    and remember george costanza says, ‘be safe, wrap it up’

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