Reminds me. I need to get my leather jacket cleaned.


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  1. She’s wearing a bikini! Saints preserve us! Her boobs are hanging over her belly button!

    Wait a minute … that’s my third ex-mother-in-law.

  2. Simon

    The kid’s face says it all…


  3. tinamarie

    What ethnicity is that woman? My God, she can’t be caucasian…no caucasian comes in that color. She actually looks like tanned leather.

    And that little boy…is he showing how he looks when he’s puking, because that would be an appropriate response to her skin.

    Damn. That’s wrong. So very wrong. :wtf:

  4. Cherish

    I want to legally change her name to Mela Noma.

  5. James

    :wtf: Some biker chicks don’t just wear leather… they are leather.

  6. Spud

    Farking hell, now that’s a tan!


  7. Deb

    😳 Great advertising for sunscreen!

  8. Awww, the Coppertone girl is all growed up.

  9. JFLY

    WHY is this woman still working on her tan?

    WHY is she not dead from skin cancer?

    WHY does her family allow her out in public half naked?

    WHY, Dave, WHY?

    Kill me now :dead:

  10. Dave, thou art guilty of Bonercide!! :boxers:

  11. Spud

    Ha! Bonercide a new word enters the world…

  12. jl

    hell, she’s probably only 35!
    Look at it this way, think of the money her family will save on either embalming or cremation, she’s already cooked and dried out!

  13. jl

    And lets not forget…………..

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek::wtf:

  14. Anna

    You know, I think it has a certain beauty …. that wrinkled skin. It speaks of a life well lived, of a devil-may-care attitude. I’m old, bold and beautiful. And if you don’t like it … you can kiss my wrinkly ass.

  15. Mandy

    Is that the Thanksgiving turkey you mentioned a few weeks ago? :dead:

  16. evlmister

    oh … my … god
    i was eating BREAKFAST.:wtf:

  17. Nicholle

    I just lost my breakfast

    really :dead:

  18. MIKE


  19. MIKE


  20. Suddenly I’m hungry for a baked potato.

  21. Pinky

    Ladies and gentleman:

    The “poster-woman” for sun-dried…everything!

  22. Pinky

    You know, maybe she doesn’t know…
    Well, notice how the front of her legs are just tan and shiney? maybe she just never notices the wrinkly parts…maybe she just always sun-bathed on her stomach…maybe she’s started a new fashion trend…maybe…

    Maybe she’s thinking if she can make herself look bad enough, she can get free cosmetic surgery through some reality TV show…

  23. simoon

    Please, please, please tell me that the photo was Photoshop’d.


  24. tander


  25. guh-ROSS! Everytime I try to think of something witty, grossness overwhelms my humor.

    That boy says it all for me.

  26. Makes me think of my 9 year old daughter who thought she needed to use shoe polish to clean the brown leather office chair in her room.

  27. Frisko5

    That lovlie has foil in her hair to deflect the aliens.

    Scottie is dead and can no longer beam us up.

  28. evlmister

    it looks like she is wearing PANTS for frig’s sake, until you … look … closer … :dead:

  29. DK

    I’m pushover for a woman with a nice tan. Do you think she has nice eyes too? πŸ™„

  30. pappy

    1. (If it is an outfit) How many cows did she kill to make it?
    2. (if it is an outfit) How the hell did she squeeze into it?!
    3. (if its an outfit) How much did she pay for it cuz omg its worth nothing..
    4. guess she doesn’t like that new spray on sunscreen :wtf:

    god thats messed up

  31. Starla

    She is seriously ready for mummification.

    Oh god, I’ll never look at a raisin the same way again. πŸ˜•

  32. wayne


  33. CynBen

    I think this is a young woman who used to be obese but who had stomach stapling surgery. She is so thrilled to be “thin” and able to wear a bikini at the beach that she does not care that she has all this extra skin and she is going to be tan, by God! Think of the ovaries it takes to go out in public like that!

  34. Yeah, but think about sex with her. It would sound like you’re running in a pair of courderoy pants.

  35. evil stepdaddy

    She look like an armordildo wit two legs:dead:

  36. Mollie

    That’s Just Wrong, That’s all I can say!!!:wtf:

  37. bill r

    oh look …it the orginal coppertone girl

  38. Anonymous


  39. this is fake, right? i mean, there’s no way someone would do that to themselves.

    is there?


    …hold me…

  40. jindun

    I’ve heard of catsuits, but skinsuits?

  41. mikeB

    This picture is wrong for so many reasons. I wish I knew where to begin. The song, “Crocodile Rock” keeps coming to mind…… :wtf:

  42. freddy

    :mad:she is sick and she will get skin cancer,
    and she will look as 105 years very soon
    she is stupid and destroy her skin and body
    i knowx as i stay in africa for 23 years
    skin doctor and cancer are waiting for you

  43. Imptress

    It puts the lotion on its skin, or it gets the hose again!

  44. Gott

    Wow, she must be every leather-fetishist’s dream :wtf:

  45. Carlo 


  46. echinuts

    I think the guy that came up with Bonercide hit it right on the money!

  47. echinuts

    i think the guy that said Bonercide called it right


  48. Anonymous

    :mrgreen::thong:I’m going to throw up. S

  49. What did she kill to make it?!

    Hey, her boobs grew in the wrong place!

  50. MRME

    The real Copa Cabana girl!!!!

  51. Anonymous


  52. Sellitman

    Proof positive of Global warming!!!

  53. arnie

    Now I know where pork rinds realy come from! πŸ˜•

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