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What’s more annoying? The soundtracks in softcore porn, or the soundtracks on the Weather Channel, and why?

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  1. Spud

    The weather channel by far away…


  2. Anonymous

    oh for fuck’s sake! spunky just trashed my comment!

    damn, it was one of my best yet.

  3. The music is just as bad. It’s a tie.

    The difference comes when you consider the time at which the music is heard. In the morning, the Weather Channel is the better of the two, because it is accompanied by information which could be vital to your day. In the evening, the porn is better, because it is accompanied by information which could be vital to your :wang:.

    That was far too insightful for me to still be awake.

  4. Spud

    Sorry but the total effect of your comment’s actions and conduct during the successive phases of its existence, did not justify giving it a second chance in this world of pain and misery…

    In other words: it got trashed.
    Bad Karma, man, bad karma…

    maybe I should try that again…


  5. I’ve gotta say the Weather Channel music. I can’t bear to listen to it for an extended period of time.

  6. So, would it be “weird” to record the muzak from the weather channel and have it playing in the background while watching pr0n?

    That said, I usually have the sound turned down on both.

  7. Anna

    In Holland we have luckily been spared a weather channel (at least so far). Soft porn … who hears the music over those fake sighs and orgasmic screams?
    I am extremely allergic to elevator music of the “tie a yellow ribbon …”-kind.

  8. r

    The music you hear when put on hold on the telephone is far, far more insidious and part of a conspiracy to turn the brains of the world’s population into cheese. The only good question is: what kind of cheese?

    @Anna: I think Talpa will probably qualify as a weather channel equivalent, at least in the context of mindnumbingly boring tv 🙂

  9. Anna

    @R: hey, that won’t be TV, that will be wallpaper. Although I’ll bet you anything that the advertisers will flock to it like crazy.

  10. Mandy

    having Dave’s server down for four hours is more annoying. :dead:

  11. Yay, he’s back up!, you know what I mean.

    I’m a Weather Channel fan, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard the music in a soft porn flick, so I’d have to vote for my local radio station.

  12. I am disgusted by this topic.

    I cannot believe todays society is so readily agreeable to acknowledging such pervertions.

    I shocked people admit this kind of stuff openly.

    I mean seriously… who is so lame that they watch/listen to the weather channel?

    You people frighten me.


  13. akshully, SPUNKY’s more annoying than any of them. That and the EVIL graphic that stopped me from putting in my motht pithical pithineth latht night.

    gotta get that pubic hair out from between my teeth.

  14. By far pr0n soundtracks are the most annoying: raucous music punctuated by out-of-synch mutterings: high-pitched ooooooh’s and aaaaaaahhh’s emitted by hirsute homos, while gutteral noises best kept on the tennis court are grunted by superstructured sluts who have absolutely nothing to do with Venus Williams…

    Oh wait a sec… that’s the WEATHER CHANNEL.

  15. Spud

    I bet Merth has the weather channel music playing when he’s in his private gym lifting those weights and sweating and stuff…


  16. Raina

    I found myself enjoying a weather channel song the other day and have been feeling weird about it since. Now I feel like a freak of nature. Thanks!

  17. Weather channel, bc it always sounds muffled, yet the picture is clear. However with porn, the picture is muffled, but the music is clear. At least that’s how I watched porn growing up.

  18. Spud – the sounds coming from my gym are none of your business. I refuse to admit to watching or listening to the weather channel!

  19. Spud

    There is in the house of Merth…


  20. I don’t watch pr0n so I can’t say. 🙄

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