Sorry for the quiet and the no posting today. Working on the annual redesign. Back soon with a new look and new features!


  1. Lake Effect

    NEW always means WORSE…Be careful Dave…Be veeewwwwy careful….

  2. Not in this case. Actually have beta testers on this. :geek:

  3. pablo

    Get on down with your bad self Mr Zilla. Just waitn’ for some new funky fresh webzilla extravaganza

  4. Lake Effect

    OK…Thanks for the sneakpeek…I LOVE IT! It looks happy and clean (Oops, sorry – I meant ‘clean’ only in the ‘tidy’ sense) Your beta testes did a nice job! Hey look! I’m spitting glitter a little bit in my mouth! I LOVE THIS PLACEZILLA!

  5. Does the new and improved Zillaland feature downloadable wallpaper-sized hi-res versions of the zillagirls’ avatars? 😈 :wang:

  6. [Comment ID #222069 will be quoted here]

    Good idea! Mandy?

  7. J

    Italian spiderman=hilarious

  8. Annual redesign? I’m so excited!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Spud

    What? again, geezez Mavis we just get the colours right and you want to go and redecorate already… 🙄 :geek: 😛

  10. Nicolette

    Does it include automatic vaporization of spammers? I’d really like to see that! 😈

  11. So in terms of political science, does this make China a Buddhocracy or a Souligarchy?

  12. I can only imagine that the Chinese government will soon be sending Tibetan monasteries an electricity bill for the amount of enlightenment achieved on the premises.

  13. brad s.

    reincarnation eh? i would like to come back as a nice pair of zillagirlz boot’s. doe’s it work on co-worker’s? oh well,back to the lab!

  14. Bigwavdave

    Dave – I’m with you and StevieC

  15. Took a little peek at the sneakpeek redesign and I gotta say I’m not too crazy about the grey tiki background. You should make it a sexier colour, like red. That’ll get my whips excited! 😈

  16. [Comment ID #222087 will be quoted here]

    Sounds like we need a back door , I mean, stage pass. 😈 :wang:

  17. Looking forward to the revamped Zillaganza!!

  18. Driver

    I to vote for wallpaper sized Zillagirl avaters.

    Mistress Darla are those your hands or some lucky SOB standing behind you :wang:?

    Government approval for reincarnation… how the fuck do they propose to enforce that law :wtf:

  19. [Comment ID #222095 will be quoted here]

    I like to grab my own boobs from time to time. What can I say? It’s good to be a woman. 😈

    And I guess I’m up for Zillagirl avatar wallpaper too, if you guys are. :wang:

  20. Spud

    [Comment ID #222065 will be quoted here]
    [Comment ID #222066 will be quoted here]
    You always say that, and yet something always happens… 🙄 😛
    [Comment ID #222081 will be quoted here]
    … or an atonement tax.

  21. …2008!!! …YEAH!!!!
    …am I supposed to feel anything cuz I don’t… ❗

  22. [Comment ID #222177 will be quoted here]

    Is what broken?

  23. TimM

    [Comment ID #222140 will be quoted here]

    If your hands get tired give me a call.
    Is your place wheelchair accessible?

  24. [Comment ID #222180 will be quoted here]

    I was wondering why you couldn’t post a little something here to keep us amused until you finished your new creation.

    Just a TINY little kick in the butt. 😆 :kiss:

  25. I noticed this the other day on my comment. It’s not showing your comment between mine and TimM above on the Latest Comments. I didn’t mention it because well, who cares really when I say something 😆 but when you speak we want to know!

    I’m just a fountain of helpfulness, aren’t I? I’ll STFU now. 😈

  26. [Comment ID #222177 will be quoted here]

    The ability to enlarge sexy avatars? Yes, it is broken and the reason Dave hasn’t posted anything of late is because he’s working on that very important issue. Aren’t you, Dave? 😈

  27. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #222146 will be quoted here]

    Astryd – I’ve got something you can feel :wang:

  28. Wolfy~*

    Wow…Two cocks and one ball-More fun for the women! :wang: :wang:

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