39 thoughts on “Please remove shoes and thongs at the door

  1. Dave,

    Is one of your neighbours a 7 legged transvestite with crabs?

    That could explain it…….


  2. That would be so true Nikki……..

    Except for the fact, that the thong WAS white earlier on……


  3. Do these any of neighbors try to interact with you? If so, RUN HOME. At least your neighbors provide a solid source for our entertainment.

  4. Maybe you should accidentally fall over it and sue for whiplash.

    I’m sure she would like to settle out of court…….rather than her husband finding out about her 3 man “thong-a-thon”.


  5. The most disturbing thought… the only shoes in the entryway are male shoes. So either that one of the guy’s thong, or the tramp forgot to take her shoes off.

  6. I do remember some folk lures about female undergarment’s potent effect on warding off evil spirits and zombies. Could it be your neighbor’s subtle way of telling people in the building to f_ck off?

  7. Dave if you ever move can within RO can you tell me where because perhaps if a few of all of our favorite people move to the same street we won’t have to say, “Not that annoying neighbor, the other annoying neighbor.” or “No, no… not that insane asshole neighbor, the other insane asshole neighbor.” or….I’ll stop.

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