Perfeshunal Deckorateing

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50 thoughts on “Perfeshunal Deckorateing

  1. It’s understandable. You see, this is a Harvey Wallbanger Cake.

    And if you are old enough to remember those…um…you’re, uh…at least as old as me. πŸ™„

  2. “It seems that not only is Little Billy of Family Circus taking over his father’s cartoon for the day. He has apparently taken over the baker’s catering as well.”

  3. Bill decided a cake was in order to congratulate Jim on his excellent ability to plan his layouts.

  4. I’m with Tina on this one, the excellent edging speaks volumes of how well they were performing icing the cake early on, a couple of Harvey Wallbangers to celebrate nearing the end of the project, one more because it was a grand day, another because they could and then they decided to finish the deckorateing…

  5. [Comment ID #65381 will be quoted here]

    I’m only 33, and that’s not THAT old. Mmm, Harvey Wallbangers. Finally, a use for all that Galliano you have sitting up against the wall. (That, or the Sloe Comfortable Screw Up Against The Wall.)

  6. geez. i’m glad they covered the cake with plastic. when they throw up from the wallbangers they can’t mess it up for jim’s perfect day.

    dildo creche? thy rod and thy staff they comfort me? if you’re going to stick something up there i can’t think of anything better than baby jesus.

    check out god’s immaculate rod in the products. it’s so “ice cream soda-y”

  7. Just when I thought I had seen it all- along comes the Baby Jesus b-plug. I wonder if thats what Jim got for his birthday?? :wtf:

  8. When the stripper popped out, were her bra and panties off kilter, too? :boob: :boob: :thong: :limp:

  9. Did it actually come decorated from the store? Or was this an attempt to shift blame? I’d have gone with “Yay, Jim!” as it’s shorter, easier to center, and means the same. πŸ˜†

    Next time, EAT THE EVIDENCE!

  10. [Comment ID #65606 will be quoted here]

    Not really, although I was raised Baptist. Now I’m a priest of a West African religion. Xtians are just such easy targets. Like fish in a barrel. Trust me, I pick on all faiths and lack of faiths. Each one is just a different kind of stupid.

  11. What’s on the cake doesn’t matter, anyway. You know what’s going to happen on the way to the party. Too sharp of a turn, Sudden Stop, Pothole, The presents set on top. No matter how you look at it, The icings gonna end up mashed against the inside of the lid. It’d be a mercy killing… πŸ˜†

  12. [Comment ID #65692 will be quoted here]

    Keeping that in mind, would Clinton’s cake have cigars and panties inside the cake as party favors… πŸ˜†

  13. [Comment ID #65724 will be quoted here]

    No shit! I thought Jebus was supposed to be your heart, not your ass. :wtf:

  14. Are we really complaining about penmanship or spacing? I mean, it’s cake. You get to eat cake, free cake. Who cares what it says or who it’s for? You get to eat cake! How bad can that be? Although, it is black icing on white cake and that’s kinda gothic. Aaaaah, on second thought, maybe I’ll pass. Nevermind. πŸ˜€

  15. No shit! I thought Jebus was supposed to be your heart, not your ass. :wtf:


    Good one Mandy!

    ..And Dave, right on with the religious note. If someone needs that in their life to keep them going, or give them solace, more power to them. It is all based on what the historians wanted the people to believe to control them and force them to the “will of God” . I am sure the “stories” or historical recounting passed through many hands with many agendas, to even begin to know what actually might occurred at that particular time in history. End of rant.. πŸ˜›

  16. [Comment ID #66053 will be quoted here]

    That’s true within the confines of Judeo-Christian traditions. You tend not to see that type of control with indigenous and tribal religions, or with religions from larger civilizations such as Africa, Asia or Pre-Christian Europe.

    And yes, I really am an African priest. As much as I tease, I have deep respect for all faiths. Maybe not for the adherents, but certainly for the faiths. πŸ˜›

  17. [Comment ID #66053 will be quoted here]

    I just wanted to point out the word ‘solace’ here……..

    Why?!!!? I think that should be apparent…… :P…….

    Seriously, I just wanted to….. 😈

  18. The word is fuckin spelled right…I don’t understand its title. Its only funny because it looks like a retard wrote it.

  19. [Comment ID #66690 will be quoted here]

    I was making fun of the decorating job. As there is no way for me to have the title smush together, that seemed to be the next best way to make fun of it. By the way, you misspelled “fucking” and missed an apostrophe in It’s. πŸ™„

  20. Figures I’m the last to even read this. I thought it was a work of art, must have been a very rare typeface!

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