Overused Movie Clichés #5

  1. “There’s worse things out tonight then those creatures.”
    “Like what?”
    “Like me.”
  2. “We got something special, babe. Real special. Now ditch the bra and get back onstage.”
  3. “Don’t go out there. You’ll only get killed. Ben needs you. I need you.”
  4. “This knife belonged to my great granddaddy. Killed a lot of Indians with it. Now it’s my turn.”
  5. “You think I’m nothing cause I come from the streets, huh? You think you’re better than me? Cause you went to school and learnt things? Is that what you think?”
  6. “A girl’s gotta use what she’s got. I mean, whatever it takes, right? All’s fair in love and war.”
  7. “I ain’t afraid of him. I’ll toss him around like yesterday’s news.”
  8. “You better slow down, pal.”
    “Just keep ’em coming. In fact, give me the whole bottle.”
  9. “He’s an android, kid. He can’t feel.”
  10. Which clichés have I missed?
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  1. AnnieB

    “You talking to me?”

    “Yeah, I guess I swear a lot. You got a problem wid dat?”

  2. patrick

    Hey guys! Hey guys? Where are you guys? C’mon, come on out. Okay, I’m gonna take a shower. What was that noise? Oh well, I guess I’ll get naked and take an inordinate amount of time soaping up my nubile, perky breasts.

  3. “Oh it’s nothing, I just thought I saw something move out there. But that’s impossible, right?”

    “You’ve got to be strong, Maggie. Josh needs you right now.”

    “The explosives are rigged to blow with the slightest movement.”

    “No Sarge, Don was my partner. She should hear it from me.”

    “..three down here and two more in the bedroom. Who could have done this?”

    “My God, she’s just a kid.”

    “You’re going away for a very long time.”

    “OK everybody put down your pens and close your books. I have something very important to tell you.”

    “This can’t happen here. This is America!”

  4. “Oh it’s nothing, I just thought I saw something move out there. But that’s impossible, right?”

    “You’ve got to be strong, Maggie. Josh needs you right now.”

    “The explosives are rigged to blow with the slightest movement.”

    “No Sarge, Don was my partner. She should hear it from me.”

    “..three down here and two more in the bedroom. Who could have done this?”

    “My God, she’s just a kid.”

    “You’re going away for a very long time.”

    “OK everybody put down your pens and close your books. I have something very important to say to you.”

    “This can’t happen here. This is America!”

  5. Aaagh! A double comment after so many years with a clean record. Oh the shame, the shame.

  6. AnnieB

    [Comment ID #182637 will be quoted here]

    It was so good you had to say it twice! Welcome to the club! lol 😈

  7. Bigwavdave

    “It’s fool proof, nothing can go wrong.”

    “You wait here.”

    “No, I’m coming with you”

    And the all-time classic, “Let’s get outta here!”

  8. sledge

    Go ahead make my day I didn’t know it was loaded eat my shorts who is that masked man Fat bastard

  9. Bigwavdave

    “It’s fool proof, nothing can go wrong.”

  10. Bigwavdave

    “It’s fool proof, nothing can go wrong.”

  11. Jinx

    “but I don’t believe in God.”
    “That’s all right, he believes in you.”

  12. Spud

    This is gonna hurt me more than you.

    Right, pull over there in front of the train station.

    Marsha marsha marsha.

  13. jeffro

    (1) 29 yr. old woman in pigtales & school girl outfit: “gee mr. teacher, isn’t there ANYthing I can do to fix my grade?” Hairy middle age man: ” Well… come over here and lets see! “-cheesy music starts.
    (2) -a knock on the door- “Pizza man” – scantily clad woman answers- “Gee… I don’t have any money to pay for the pizza, is there some other way I can pay you?”- Middle age hairy man looks her up and down and says- “I think we can work something out.”-Cheesy music starts.
    (3) -beautiful woman stands on the side of the road looking at her flat tire. tow truck driven by mid… ron jeremy … approches. …..
    well… you get the point. I guess I watch different movies than you guys.

  14. Wayne

    “I reckin I want some french fried taters, UM-HMM!” 😛

  15. Wayne

    [Comment ID #182634 will be quoted here]

    which one of the zillion movies are you refering to?

  16. patrick

    Does it matter? Our featured presentation is “Insert Name of Schlockfest Here”, we hope you enjoy. We, the Davezilla minions, could write a script worthy of being shot by some crap-o-rama studio.

  17. junkman

    lethal weapon 1: “riggs! riggs! hey riggs!”
    lethal weapon 2: “riggs! riggs! hey riggs!”
    lethal weapon 3: “riggs! riggs! hey riggs!”

    p.s. regarding the day…..i would but my uncle would kill me.

  18. Hasta La Vista, Baby!

    I’ll Be Back.

    I read it in the (Weekly World) News!

    You and what army?

  19. Myra

    I’m getting too old for this shit.

    I’ll be back.

    Bueller, Bueller

    When I want your opinion I’ll knock it out of you.

    Who am I?

    Run! Save yourself!

  20. StevieC

    “You can’t kill me! I’m already dead.”
    “Do you think I killed it?”

  21. pablo

    The line used by every girl to be dumped at the end of a movie.

    Your friend is such a loser. I don’t know why you even hang out with him!

  22. chainstay

    “Oh my, the power must have went out!”
    Yes it did and all of us teenagers were having such a good time!”
    “Did you hear a strange noise in the basement?”
    “Yes I did; I will go down and check it out while the rest of you split up and wander around this big dark house.”
    “Golly, all of the big huge butcher knifes seem to be missing?”

  23. poodle

    “Why, look up in the sky! There’s a sudden giant cloud and generalized darkening of the sky! And I think the cloud is full of space aliens coming to either attack us or be our very best friends!” (” ‘To Serve Man’ is a COOKBOOK!”)

  24. StevieC

    Guaranteed death sentence in any movie:
    “This is my last shift before I retire”

  25. “That’s not a threat. It’s a promise.”

    “I’m getting too old for this shit.”

    “It’s quiet. TOO quiet.”


  26. “I don’t care”

    All phone numbers begin with 555…

    When a phone line is broken or someone hangs up unexpectedly, communication channels can be restored by frantically beating the cradle and saying “Hello? Hello?”.

    A kid always knows more than an adult.

  27. The Natural EMP

    I’m here for the woman and your head, but I’ll stay for the pie!

  28. Sweet T

    ” Oh be-have”

    ” As if”


    ” Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna to get.”

    ” Show me the money”

    ” The Truth, you can’t handle the Truth”

    “ET, Phone home.”

    ” Say Hello to my little friend.”

  29. djemm

    I didn’t do it. I’ve tolded you a hundred times!! Why won’t you belive me?? I did not sleep with Ms HILTON!! Got ya!!!

  30. melissa

    Why can’t we all just get along!?


    Its Friday ,You aint got no job you got shit to do Im gonna get you high!

    Me so Horny Me love you long time.

    You buncha cocka roaches

    I’d be on you like white on rice

  31. Flash Gordon

    “Ya ever seen anything as big as this country?”
    “Ya have? Whut?”
    “A couple of oceans.”
    “Huh.” 🙄 😕 😈 :wtf: 🙁

  32. Drusky

    [Comment ID #182649 will be quoted here]

    No, we watch the same movies, too. We just don’t go on about them because we thought it was assumed everybody else knew…

  33. Driver

    The little girls, the women, how much for the women?

    You gonna eat that?

  34. Drusky

    ‘Aieee! Godzilla!’

    *used in just about every Bond flick*
    ‘Oh, James. What’s going to happen to us?’

    ‘Beware the Dwarf…’

    Jeffro, you forgot one:
    Young, hairy plumber under sink:”Well, Miss, you have a clog in one of your pipes.” Young woman in tight shorts and loose, partly unbuttoned blouse bends over to look under sink causing herself to start falling out of blouse: “Well, I hope you have a snake long and flexable enough to work it out…” Cheesy music starts… 😈

  35. woodywheel

    Im scarred where is everyone.Where is bob, jane, and sally? Why is blood everywhere.
    I got an idea. We should split up and look
    for them.

  36. Bjorn Freeh

    10 seconds… “Red wire or the blue wire?”
    8 seconds… “I don’t know! You choose!”
    6 seconds… “Red or blue!?!”
    4 seconds… “I don’t know! Blue! Blue!”
    2 seconds…
    .03 seconds… the I-don’t-know guy grimmaces
    -2 seconds… Chuck Norris appears holding the red wire
    -5 seconds… audience exhales

  37. -Come with me if you want to live.
    -Aah, Save me, Save me, Someone Save me!
    -Here I come to save the day!
    -My Hero!
    -Why do I get the girl gun!?!?
    -A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.
    -Never send a _____ to do a _____’s job.
    -Sleep with the fishes.
    -It’s you or the girl!
    -I swear officer! She told me she was eighteen!
    -Go! I won’t go! Go, save yourself! I can’t leave you! Dammit, I said get outta here!
    -(big tittied girl alone at home comes out to front porch half naked) Hello, is someone there? (Stab, Stab, Stab!!) He he he… 😈

  38. “Trust me”
    “Don’t you believe me”
    “Have I ever lied to you”
    “I wouldn’t hurt you”
    “He wouldn’t hurt a fly”
    “Now that’s a horse of a different color”
    “To get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”
    “Your way?!? There’s no way but my way!”
    “Where are the kids?” “Kids! What kids?”

  39. Sweet T

    Here’s one more

    ” Luke, Iam your father.”

  40. “Is it over?”
    “Yeah, it’s finally over. We’re safe now.”

    “But I can’t live without you!”

    “Let’s go kill us some bad guys.”

    “I know it sounds crazy, but I think I just saw a ghost!”

    “I can’t go back to jail! We do this the way we planned it and we won’t get caught!”

    “Oh my god! This is just like that dream I had last night!”

    “I don’t care what the prophecy says, I gotta save her!”

    “RUN! HE’S GOT A GUN!!!”

    “You can do it!”

    “Don’t let the past hold you back.”

    “Ever since Sally died, I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

    “Wait! I forgot my grandma’s locket in there!”
    “There’s no time! The storm is coming! We gotta get outta here!”

    “But that’s impossible! He died three years ago!”

    “My god, Jessica, you changed!”
    “No, you changed, bitch!”

    “Bring it on!”
    “Oh, I already brought it!”

    “My parents are going away for the weekend.”

    “Bring the money back here by midnight or your family dies!”

  41. “I’ll get my shotgun. This bastard’s going down!”

    “Y’all ain’t from around here, are ya?”

    “That’s the biggest shark I’ve ever seen!”

    “On the count of three, I’ll break down the door and take out the two gunmen while you get the girl.”

    “That’s the same man that my killed my father!”

    “If I go down, I’m taking you with me!”

    “But I can’t go to the prom looking like this!”

    “The whole city is in a panic over this serial killer.”

    “I never thought I could love again. Until I met you.”

    “How are we gonna put together a wedding in two days?”

    “The only way we can stop this thing is by sending it back to the hell it came from!”


    “I can’t believe it! I got the job? Wow, hard work really does pay off!”

    “Boy, you’re going to college and that’s that.”

    “But Mom, all my friends are gonna be there! Can’t Timmy look after himself?”

    “Who said a robot can’t love?”

    “This is harder than I thought.”

    “But what can I do? I’m just one person!”

    “No! Don’t die on me! I love you!”
    “And I love you too, baby. Take care of that boy of ours. Make sure he knows who his father was…”

  42. Nick Britton

    You Forgot the most overused two words, or cliches used in the movie or TV industry, and they are (Hong On )

  43. ducatisti

    Why is it that every time the good guys go into a bad situation, no one thinks to TURN ON THE LIGHTS?

    ‘Oh, yea, I’m going into a house I don’t know, and the guy I’m looking for has lived here all his life. I’m gonna be much safer in the dark holding this FLASHLIGHT TARGET hoping to see him before he sees me.’

    ‘That’s okay, I’ve got a 10-round clip with 250 bullets in it’

  44. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #182811 will be quoted here]

    Who’s Hong?

  45. Bigwavdave

    Doesn’t he own Hong On’s All You Can Eat Mongolian BBQ? The last thing I remember him saying was “You eating too much. You go now.”

  46. StevieC

    [Comment ID #182852 will be quoted here]

    I’ve never eaten a Mongolian before. Do they BBQ up nicely?

  47. I’ve not BBQ’d them but I have eaten them with some garnish and glaze! 😈 Yum…

    Like with any selection, you need to find one pleasing to the eye and then decide if you want sweet or spicy, tender or tough, etc…
    (from the first link [hope they work] I liked the one in the background more)
    Personally I prefer more meat from the thigh and rump area but when it is scarce improvise and grab a second helping… 😈






  48. Chris

    I am your father

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this

    Knock da momma!


    I’ll pretend I’M jamacan man!

  49. Bigwavdave

    [Comment ID #182856 will be quoted here]

    Nicely Done Astryd – I suppose if I had to choose, I’d pick the the reclining, sepia-toned beauty.

    I don’t suppose you have any shots of yourself like that one?

    Been to your site. Mmmm

  50. [Comment ID #182853 will be quoted here]

    Never eaten a Mongolian before, eh? Well, I do believe I’m 1/48 Mongolian.

  51. Drusky

    [Comment ID #182856 will be quoted here]

    I’d prefer raw steeped in their own juices… 😛

    [Comment ID #182852 will be quoted here]

    Is he related to the pporn star, Wan Hong Lo?

  52. Drusky

    [Comment ID #182856 will be quoted here]

    I’d prefer raw steeped in their own juices… 😛

    [Comment ID #182852 will be quoted here]

    Is he related to the porn star, Wan Hong Lo?

  53. Drusky

    Damn double post… wish I knew why it was doing it…

  54. StevieC

    [Comment ID #182887 will be quoted here]

    Well, guess who’s cumming to dinner? :wang: 😛

  55. [Comment ID #182883 will be quoted here]

    Those I keep in my private collection in my secret vault…in the Sandia Mts…code phrase: Cherrie Pie…*wink* *wink*
    I’ll be posting a new album soon of a Las Vegas trip-Hi I’m Candy! 😈
    j/k Nothing racy (mostly wax museum and buildings…naked lady statues) but I walked around a lot in a wet bathing suit and shorts! 😆

  56. [Comment ID #182899 will be quoted here]

    Then I guess I’ll set a spot for you at the dinner table.

  57. StevieC

    Don’t you mean ‘under’ the table? 😈

  58. No. That’s not where the main course is being served. *wink wink* :kiss:

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