Overheard: People are fuh-reaks edition

GIRL 1: “Um, I got him a tie, a video game and his-and-hers buttplugs.”
GIRL 2: ‘OMG! I bought Mike the same things!”

[From Natalie, overheard on the subway:] MAN: “Don’t those blow-up dolls come with orifices and shit?”

PERSON IN DELI: “Is this milk? It says it is. Is it?”

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  1. Hey, I got a pair of those his-and-hers buttplugs too! 😈

  2. Girl 1: Does yours vibrate?
    Girl 2: Umm, do you mean the video game? I think so.

    Answer to man on subway: Of course there are orifices. How else do you expect to blow them up? And the shit you have to provide yourself, but it only works with the 2 girls, 1 cup special edition dolls.

    Answer to deli person: No, I drank the milk and jerked off in the container. If you don’t tell anyone, I’ll let you have it for the same price.

  3. [Comment ID #224510 will appear here]

    remind me never to accept a dinner invite from steviec :puke:

  4. Lake Effect

    [Comment ID #224506 will appear here]

    And I have a tie and video games!!

    What does this mean???

  5. I like his and hers vibrating dildo attachments for the strap on. Oh baby…. :wang:

  6. Flash Gordon

    Yesterday, AnnieB asked if I had a dick head. No hon, I’ve been told my head
    resembles a testicle. At least no one’s called me penis-breath yet. And better not.
    :thong: :boobs: :kiss: 😀

  7. Flash Gordon

    Gee, I thought it was moderate. 🙄 😕 :wtf:

  8. [Comment ID #224520 will appear here]

    Sexy party? 😈

  9. Lake Effect

    [Comment ID #224532 will appear here]

    😎 😆 :wang: 😈 :boobs: :boobs: :wtf: :wang:

  10. [Comment ID #224520 will appear here]

    The tie is for your hands and ankles on the bedposts… the video games are for after. 😈

  11. [Comment ID #224525 will appear here]

    Flash, I meant dick “head” as in the nautical term for toilet. If you try visualizing that it’s even more stupid and ridiculous than a vagina couch.

    Even though I was ALSO inferring you were a dickhead, that expression has nothing to do with your dick or your (wow, sorry to hear that) head. It means you are an inept, foolish or contemptible person.

    I meant that only in regard to that particular comment. I don’t think you’re terminally affected by dickheadedness. As you well (should) know, I am quite fond of you but … I am also a smartass who doesn’t pull any punches when I’m ticked off.

    You can (try to) jerk my chain all you want, I’m game. USUALLY I get a good laugh out of it. If I don’t, I let you know. 😛 :kiss:

  12. Lake Effect

    [Comment ID #224532 will appear here]

    [Comment ID #224550 will appear here]

    If you have the vagina couch, I’ll bring my penis coffee table…

  13. Jeez, I should proofread first … (yes, I’m that anal) 😆 “I’ll let you know.”

  14. Flash Gordon

    AnnieB, there is absolutely no question about that “I’ll let you know,” as you
    frequently demonstrate . That’s what I appreciate about you. ❗ 😎 :kiss:

  15. [Comment ID #224556 will appear here]

    I like your attitude … and that you have no fear to tread. 😛 😎 :kiss:

  16. Flash Gordon

    I’m no angel, either. 👿 :kiss: 😛

    But what a good boy am I!

  17. Hey! I thought THIS was what you appreciated about me …

    My lucious moist lips all over you, my silky skin next to yours, my firm breasts with nipples begging for attention, hungering for your mouth to be nibbling, sucking them. My sensuous hips undulanting as you watch me slowly caress myself.

    Now my body feels like it’s on fire. Oh, how I long for your embrace. I want your hands and mouth everywhere. At this moment, it seems impossible I will ever get enough of you to sastisfy this thirst. You’re in a teasing mood … I like that. The anticipation has me quivering …

    Finally (has it been hours? no, only minutes) you reach for me, enclose me in your big, strong arms and we begin the long, slow, passionate journey to explore every inch of our bodies until we become almost weak from desire. The ache inside to come together is becoming almost unbearable. We can wait no more.

    As I wrap my long, slender legs around you and pull you inside I softly whisper … Flash, I’m going to f**k your brains out.

    No? Really? That’s odd, most men appreciate that part more so than the other one.

  18. i need to change my :undies: after that comment, annieb. is it hot in here or is just annie? :kiss:

  19. Spud

    What was the question again? 😳

  20. Driver

    damn it now my keyboards all sticky and I gotta go to work .

  21. [Comment ID #224583 will appear here]

    I think AnnieB got to us all.
    drool :wang: pant 😛 😈 …

  22. Flash Gordon

    [Comment ID #224652 will appear here]

    OMG, what sensuous torrent I have unleashed! It has taken me this long to
    recover my ability to function. Lord, have mercy! :kiss: :wang: :thong: ❗ 👿

  23. Lake Effect

    :wang: :wang: :wang:


    :wtf: :wang: 😳 :wang: :wang: 😀 :wang: :wang: :wang: ❗ :wang: :wang: :wang: :wang: 😕 :limp: :limp: 🙁 :limp: 🙁 :limp: :limp: :limp:

  25. Bruce

    It appears I have stumbled on a site of of sexual deviate freaks, cool!

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