Ooh. Great likeness.

Ooh. Great likeness.

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  1. Looks kinda like a mosaic.
    Let me guess, the brown haired dude on the left is Perseus and the blond scary-eyed chick on the right is the gorgon.

    VotD: Doesn’t the athiest nightmare make us look closer to the monkeys?

  2. fruf

    I wouldn’t do either oone of them

  3. Spud

    It’s one of those paint by numbers things isn’t it?

  4. Re: Link Of The Day. A lot of work went in to the Mars link. I want to stay at the Colbert Casino and go on a Mars Rover ride!

  5. Rather funny that in the video of the day it starts with “Behold the athiest’s nightmare” and then cuts to a shot of the speaker. Can’t argue that one.

  6. Patrick

    So, they’re lesbos AND they chose to be immortalized in latch hook? Bad choices, bad choices.
    We have one thing in common: we three like having sex with WOMEN! LOL! Happy Fool’s Day Zillafreaks.

  7. junkman

    hmmm……looks like a carpet……..and it’s sitting on a dinner table where people eat…….hmmm…….i’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere.

  8. Man, that right blue eye is scary as hell.

    :wtf: I don’t know how the person that did this had the nerve to let it see the light of day. I mean they’re not much to look at to begin with, but now they’re like the stuff nightmares are made of…

  9. Bigwavdave

    I think the question here is WHY?

  10. This isn’t what I meant when I said we should make the carpet match the drapes. :wtf:

  11. junkman

    this has nothing to do with my avatar but……..unfortunately monkeys open bananas from the bottom and we came from monkeys so his theory is flawed. it would have been more believable if he had made it more personal by substituting the banana with a cock. 😉

  12. Is that a latch hook rug? I haven’t seen one of those since I completed about a third of a Oscar The Grouch rug in 1979.

  13. Timm

    Gee, I never thought that there could be something that would make me laugh and throw up at the same time.

  14. I have a question! Why would these two women pose just like this horrible rug?

  15. Hey, maybe they’re gonna use it as a doormat to keep people away… 😛

  16. Bigwavdave

    I dunno – The redhead look an awful like Monica Lewinsky. :wtf:

  17. Spud

    By the look on her face, she definitely knows something.

  18. Flash Gordon

    Cut it up and make cute potholders. Would also make an excellent terlet tank cover.
    ❓ 😈 👿 😉

  19. I need to have one made up with my X on it. It’s about time I had a chance to treat her like a doormat! 😉

  20. Timm

    If the photo wasn’t there I would say it looks like Ruth Buzzi married Bea Arthur.

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